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First Officers Personal Log- USS Anubis Stardate 63191.1

Posted on Mon May 31st, 2010 @ 12:12pm by

"Well its taken us nearly two weeks at high warp to reach Roark Nor but finally we've made it, she's in pretty bad shape and while the pathfinder teams have done a good job there is much still to be done, Anubis' scans confirm the extent of the damage and I can now see why the Cardassians have left it abandoned for so long, part of me thinks it would be simpler to build a new station from scratch.

With the docking ring mostly inoperable and only one functioning pylon I think it may be a while before the station becomes a centre for commerce and a hive of activity. On top of that only one of the six fusion reactors is functioning so power will be minimal for the time being, I've already begun handing out assignments to a number of crew members, including those permanently assigned to the Anubis, in order to quickly restore the key systems.

For now though I'm going to put my feet up, read a book and enjoy the quiet and clean surroundings of the Anubis as if the reports are anything to go by the next few days are going to be rather long and stressful."


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