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Glin Lussot, personal log, entry 37

Posted on Fri Jun 4th, 2010 @ 7:02pm by Ramol Lussot

I recieved encrypted orders from the new Detapa Council. Evidently they are still concerned about Founders going back on their word, and replacing key personnel. I don't blame them. I trust the Dominion less than I do a Klingon to remain civilised for more than a week.

I have been handed diplomatic duties for a small subsector of space which intersects with the Bajoran sector. I can't say I am looking foward to re-establishing contact with those terrorists, even if their government claims to be persuing peaceful goals. However, the needs of the Council come first, and I will do my duty.

My area of control includes a small Irridium mining facility, currently unaffiliated with any major power, and the Rayton system in which, interstingly, is the old Roark Nor station. The details I have say that it was handed over to the Federation some time ago.

I have ordered my helmsman to set a course for the station. Only once I have visited it can I truly decide how to procede


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