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Flight Officer Log: Supplemental

Posted on Tue Jun 22nd, 2010 @ 10:58pm by

Lt. Commander Lam writing as Lieutenant Lo'Val Gren (PNPC)

The Anubis is certainly an interesting place, its unusual to have civilians aboard such a small ship let alone the fact that many of the crew members were more familiar with starbase rather than starship operations in their recent service history. While I may be a junior officer it seems that my knowledge of starship operations will be pulled upon while many crew members find their feet especially as Executive Officer is to miss the mission.

As for the mission itself, I must say I'm not entirely filled confident that we will be successful, the as yet unidentified warships blockading this colony seem to have a strangle hold on them and while the Anubis is fast shes not a warship, I really do hope we can find a peaceful resolution, that said I have been brushing up on my small starship evasive maneuvers just in case.

Well its time for me to drop off the flight plan, have to say getting out of this spartan quarters will be good, perhaps the small crew lounge at the aft of the ship may be a quiet distraction.


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