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Ambassador's Log, day 2.

Posted on Sat Jul 10th, 2010 @ 7:15pm by Ramol Lussot

Had a very interesting encounter today on the promenade. A small, rat-like individual who claimed to be thousands of years old, if not older. He was singing a song about Cardassia, and when I quizzed him on the subject, he seemed quite absent-minded, and spoke of people long dead as if they were still in living memory. If I could obtain some examples of his species, then the scientific institutes may be able to reverse-engineer their longeivity. One more step to making Cardassia great again.

On another note, it mentioned a Klingon ambassador on the station. It may be prudent for me to approach this ambassador and perhaps create furthur ties between the Empire and the Union. One can never have too many strong friends. Unfortunatly, he neglested to mention a name, so I will just have to try the local Klingon eating establishment that seem to prove so popular with Federation citizens


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