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If Ever a Time

Posted on Thu Sep 23rd, 2010 @ 10:14pm by Alice DeVain(PhD)

"Begin Log."

"The last few weeks have been............. odd, strange, terrifying, anyone of those works. The Borg nearly blew the station apart, and I was face to face with death for a few hours. Harlan and I have a new promising lead on a new artifact somewhere in the sector, I'm meeting the informant tomorrow on the promenade. Other then that I have nothing else pressing in my life, Lieutenant Agara hasn't been heard from in two weeks and the embassy say's she's on assignment."

"I worry about her sometimes, she was to join the crew on Roark Nor but she was reassigned to Romulus at the last minute. Admiral DeVour fights with command every week to get her back, and I would asume get rid of me."

"In other news, the recently promoted Captain Lara Acurea, the Academy Senior Commander, has opened up shop on DS-seven for a new academy campus, might be nice to see some Cadet's asking questions around here. I've been selected along with Admiral DeVour to give the opening adress,"

"I've noticed several new developments in the day to day life of the station, new shops are opening left and right, even in spite of the recent Borg threat the frontier still continues to capture the imagination. If ever a place to be and a time to be alive I think twenty-three-eighty-four and Roark Nor are the time and place to be. It's a scientist's gold mine, a cadet's dream, and even those happy go luck marines get something to shoot at every now and then."

"In short, Roark Nor, while may look like nothing on the map, a frontier station on the verge of known space, it's only attribute is a transwarp corridor and a waypoint to the delta quadrant. But still I find this place interesting and quite frankly......... there is no where I'd rather be, no people I'd rather be with, then the officers and crew of Roark Nor....."


Alice DeVain
Vault Senior Officer
Roark Nor


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