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Chief Security/Tactical Personal Log Stardate 61731.34

Posted on Sun Feb 15th, 2009 @ 10:02pm by

My first thoughts about how tiresome and perhaps easy the current mission appeared were I can see now were grossly incorrect.
The initial hunt for the West Ridge had been relatively straightforward until we attempted to scan the planet. The scans failed to penetrate with any depth due a high energy bio-genic field surrounding the planet. The away team couldn't turn up many more answers either, but they did however find a survivor by the name of Henk O'Brien.

I ran his name through the data bank, it revealed that O'Brien is a competent Starfleet helmsman requested to pilot the West Ridge transporting the colonists to their new home. His tale he described of shadows kidnapping the crew were in my eyes unbelievable.
I don't believe in ghost stories.

Although neither Beverly or Vos shared my thoughts with the same energy I can see no other explanation for the absence of the population other then O'Brien killed them. He is clearly delusional from his length of solitude on the planet, but that does not protect him if he were to be found guilty of murder.
Beverly made her intentions very clear afterward giving me a scolding. I guess that's what happens when you mix friendship and duties, everyone gets burned.

I was however, surprised by what followed. As I left sickbay chewing over what Bev had said Commander Lorran stopped me. Bracing myself for another onslaught I waited for him to continue, instead however we went to Ten Forward and talked over a cup of coffee!
If I had to chose between a grilling from Bev or coffee with the First Officer I don't know which on I'd pick. His heart was in the right place, understanding when his colleagues were fighting against the tide but I had not expected his gesture to feel so genuine. It was strange to feel compassion coming from the opposite sex, normally all I hear are crude advances or pure hard aggression.

Returning to the mission, a large proportion of the crew are to go down to the planet to conduct a search and rescue leaving behind a skeleton crew with an ill amount of experienced. None of us it seems can make Bev back down from her idea, even though we no it too be risky. If something was to happen to the Genesis when we are down the surface could the crew be able enough to fix the error? What if something was to happen to crew on the surface? There is a large weather front moving in as I speak, and if O'Brein's tale is to be true who knows what we'll find down there.

I really don't like the plan. I like it as much as having to deal with an angry Klingon. Despite our mutual agreement when we first met K'Tan has found himself in the brig after brawling with the Marine Captain. He had to be stunned and removed from the fight before anyone else became injured. Despite his colorful record K'Tan is uncontrollable, he's a danger to the crew and hardly in the right mind to be Mission Adviser.
I would imagine Mr Lake would do a better job as adviser then K'Tan would especially as it seems every time I run into him he forces over his opinion if I like it or not.

Despite what the Commander said I didn't need to Micromanage I'll dam well try it. Someone has to keep this rabble in check with or without help or permission I'll see that it is done


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