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Chief Operations Officers log: Stardate Unknown

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2010 @ 11:28pm by

"Well there we have it, the repairs are almost complete, the fusion reactors are nearly running at full capacity should we need them, the weapons towers are fully functioning and the torpedo magazines are ready to receive the first shipments from Starfleet Logistics. The tragedy of it all, my sonic shower is still waiting for a part to be fixed, luckily my quarters on the Anubis has its own shower I guess." Sara walked over to her bed, the large Cardassian bed was designed for a frame significantly larger than hers.

As she sat down on the bed and curled up she forgot about her log entry, the computer auto saving it until she awoke, sadly for her it wasn't to be that long as the comm chirped into life. Another disrupted nights sleep, yet again the station was going into a meltdown and for some reason she was the only person who could fix it, her nerves were beginning to wear thin with some of her so called officers. The three hours sleep she had weren't going to see her through this latest crisis that was for sure, "go ahead!" she snapped.

"Sorry to bother you Commander but we need authorisation to over ride a magnetic interlock on shield generator four, for some reason its locking us out." It was Evans, she had thought him a competent non com, perhaps she was wrong, "I'll be down in five, just leave things as they are for now, Lam out." The channel closed and as she got changed she opened the top drawer of her bedside dresser, looking in she knew it had to stop but for now she had no choice. Grabbing the hypo-spray she injected her left thigh, a sense of order returning to her thoughts and the gentle nagging of tiredness ebbing away.

Sorting her hair and leaving the room the computer once again stopped recording, awaiting her return to complete the log entry.


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