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Chief Counselor Log - Let It Begin

Posted on Mon Apr 25th, 2011 @ 8:53am by

Begin Log

So I've arrived on DS7 without incident. I already have about seven messages from my dad and I'm sure most of them are going t try an convince me to come home. Dad wants me to be happy and he supports what I'm doing, he just wishes I could do it back on Earth where he says it's safe. You would think that by this point he would understand that living planet side is just as dangerous as being in space. Anyway, he has always been over protective so nothing new here.

As for the station, I just arrived and all I've seen is my quarters so I can't really comment on a lot about it. The sturcture itself is Cardassian so it is extremely industrial and functional so it isn't what one would call asthetic to the eye. Even in my quarters, several decks below the Promanade I can feel the thoughts and emotions of several hundred people, and most of them seem to be in a hurry so I know the place is fairly active. At least I won't get bored, I hate being bored. I can also sense an overall feeling of joy and happiness in most of the beings, after the last few years of helping people pick up the pieces of their lives it will be nice to work with people that are happy and not in crisis mode. I loved the work I did with the FDRA but only seeing the dark part of humanity did get a little depressing. I'm also reserving my final opinion on this post until I meet the rest of my crew mates and the command staff. I've decided that I wasn't going to read any of the crew's past counseling file until I meet them. The last thing I need to do is form assumptions about the people, I want them to tell me who they are and what they are about first, if I need more info after that I'll ask them. Overall, I'm just in a place of anticipation waiting to see how this post turns out and what DS7 has to offer!

Right now my only concern is changing up my counseling style to meet the needs of the crew. My professors at the Academy said I'm a great counselor but I need to remember that not everyone goes to the counselor because they are having a break down, some people just want to take, they tell me it is clear that I've worked with disaster refugees and victims. Everyone I worked with was having some sort of break down so I need to remember that isn't the case here and I should be fine.

So that is where I'm at for now. I thinking I'm gonna head out to get something to eat before my shift.

End Log


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