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Captains Personal Log- Stardate 63611.3

Posted on Thu Apr 28th, 2011 @ 1:38pm by

"As ordered by Captain Romano the Magellan has begun a tactical patrol of Sector 22104, so far all appears to be quiet, this morning we detected a pair of Cardassian Cruisers on their side of the border at the extent of our sensor range, beyond that I'm not sure why we've been sent out here?" Vince wasn't one to question orders but after four days of patrolling a tactically insignificant area of space with little in the way of trade lanes or habitable worlds he couldn't help that he was either being punished for something or deliberately being kept out of the way.

Shaking off the thoughts he reminded himself that being a starship Captain wasn't all space battles and first contact missions, sometimes a patrol would be uneventful and this one was ticking all the boxes for dullness and boredom. "Contact with DS7 has been sporadic due to an Ion Storm moving though the Keldos system therefore all communications and reports are being directed to Starbase 211" tapping the save button on his desktop console Albright wondered if things on the station were any more interesting.


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