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Is there no end to this misery?

Posted on Tue Jul 31st, 2012 @ 1:11am by

What is wrong with this base?

The Science Officer is an NCO. An NCO! Can’t they get anyone better qualified? Are they so far out in the sticks that they can’t even get an officer to fill the position?

At least the CMO is an officer but she’s only a Lieutenant so that barely qualifies.

The Security Officer is packing to depart for a new posting so she refused to take my message. The new one hasn’t officially been appointed yet so she seemed disinclined to help. The CO isn’t here so I can’t deliver it to her either.

No-one talks to me. Half the command staff is away on some mission no-one wants to discuss so the ones remaining are trying to do two jobs at once. And not succeeding!

To cap it all off, with the command staff absent, there’s no-one to issue orders. No-one wants to take responsibility for even so simple a task as to issue a travel permit so that I can return to civilization.

God help me but I’m stuck here!


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