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Tests and results...

Posted on Fri Mar 27th, 2009 @ 5:59pm by

Chief Medical Officers Log Stardate 61842.49
Location: Planet Surface

I have conducted blood tests on the crewman that attacked me. I don't have a clear picture of what is going on since I don't have any of the medical diagnostic tools that are usually at my disposal, but this is what I do know:

1. Only patients that have been physically attacked by the creatures seem to be at risk for developing symptoms. This eliminates airborne transmission for now.
2. Patient initially presents with abnormally high fever, in the human crewman that have been infected upwards of 38/39 degrees C.
3. Patient experiences localized burning sensation around point of contact, which follows into convulsions and rapid eye movement.
4. Patient enters first phase of transformation, the host continues to exhibit normal outward characteristics, but gains superhuman strength and their eyes turn a vivid "Blue" color.

The "Disease" for the lack of a better word currently attacks the lymphatic system to allow rapid distribution to the body. During the course of infection, it rapidly changes the hosts DNA to that of one of the creatures that we have been fighting. At point of first contact the disease acts like a bacterium to reproduce quickly and then "morphs" into a viral agent to attack the body's system.

Any crew member that has been attacked by one of the monsters is a potential carrier including myself, I was attacked by a "Girl" who was in the initial phases of transformation. Incubation time for my first patient was only a few hours. I'm not sure if some people have a natural immunity to it, or if a certain race does, but so far we have put 10 crewman into solitary confinement and chemically induced coma until we can get back to Genesis but I'm not sure if that will even hold them. The first patient was injected with enough tranquilizer to declare him medically dead. If my scan of the fallen aliens are any indication, the virus in late stages of infection seem to permanantly transform the victim into one of the creatures.

I am going to contact Dr. Menze back on Mars once we get off this god forsaken planet to get her assistance in this matter, she has some of the best researchers and Doctors in Starfleet available to her. Hopefully she can suggest something.

On a personal note, I've almost died twice on this mission so far. Have I gotten in over my head? Maybe I should go back to Jupiter Station and run the lab there like before, at least then I didn't have to worry about faceless monsters ripping out my throat on an away mission, I only had to deal with Dr. Zimmerman hitting on me occasionaly. Such a dirty old man...

I also have had a "Moment" with Commander Lorran, it just kind of happened after the meeting on the bridge of the Colony Ship, once we get back to Genesis I need to think clearly about this. He is absolutely amazing in everyway I can think of... but... I've only been on this ship for a few days... I don't want to rush into something that either of us aren't going to be ready for. I might of just been the stress of everything, or maybe it is something more. I'm going to talk to him when we get back...


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