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Change of command

Posted on Wed Oct 17th, 2012 @ 12:44am by Legate Vadrek

We've had a change of command here at DS12. Captain T'Rena has left in mysterious circumstances. That is to say, she has left the post but no-one is saying why or to go where.

I had heard there was some friction between her and Starfleet Command – something about not being up to the job of commanding this station – but I had dismissed that as the usual contretemps between desk bound officers and those out in the field. Perhaps there was more to it than I thought.

The new captain is Lieutenant Commander Nelson Harrison. It is not official yet, he is merely acting in the position but I expect the appointment to be ratified. Who else would want to come out here? DS9 is close and has much more cachet as an appointment, being on the doorstep of the wormhole. This station is viewed by many in Starfleet at second best, if that.

I know little of this Harrison person. He has only been here a short while and appears to have spent most of that time sulking about being here. All I can say is that he's a xenobiologist and a Tactical officer. I'll have to contact what remains of our Intelligence Service to find out more. If I'm to do my job as the diplomatic representative of Cardassia I'll need all the information I can get. I'll especially have to ascertain his position on handing back control of the station to Cardassia.

Meanwhile, I will make an appointment to congratulate him and present my credentials. I'd best make it quick before that Klingon woman does so. She already wields too much influence around here. Rumour has it she's to be our new Chief of Security. I'll have to nip that one in the bud. Maybe Harrison can be persuaded to appoint someone else.

All the more need for information.


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