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Posted on Sun Dec 9th, 2012 @ 5:29am by

Personal log, Stardate 64560.1.

Well, that could have been a lot worse. I have just attended a briefing on the supernova of Hobus, the main star in the Romulan Star Empire. Commander T'Rena was summoned to attend but in her absence on a mission inside Cardassian space, I went in her stead.

I got a few glares and looks of astonishment when I walked into the briefing room but no outright hostility. A couple of officers even commented favourably on my presence.

I think they were genuine.

Napier sneered in his usual fashion when he saw me but I expected nothing less. At least he did not try to approach me. Probably he did not care to be seen in my presence.

Thankfully Father was not there. He would undoubtedly have made a scene. I was spared that much misery at least.

The briefing itself was short. The most that could be said of Starfleet intelligence on the Hobus Incident – as it has come to be called – is that Starfleet knows very little of substance. Reports coming out of the Romulan Star Empire in the wake of Hobus going supernova are fragmented and often contradictory.

There is no clear indication of the extent of the disaster. The Hobus system has been annihilated but what has happened to other systems is unclear. Nor is there any clear indication of the numbers of lives lost. The toll on the Romulans themselves is huge but other races would have been present in the main Romulan system – diplomats, traders and the like.

We might never know how many died.

However, a picture seems to be forming.

Initial reports suggested the Praetor and Proconsul survived but it now appears that that was either wishful thinking or an attempt to portray government as carrying on as usual while it was being re-established. If the latter, it seems to have worked as order seems to be being maintained in the face of disaster. Both are now listed as missing, presumed dead. What is left of the Romulan Senate has regrouped and is setting up a provisional government on Rator III.

Relief efforts are centred around Task Force 93, under Rear Admiral Kara Thrace. I offered the services of Deep Space 12 as a staging post for supplies coming in from outlying areas of the Federation. We are not in an area of space conducive to direct intervention in the relief effort but we can forward supplies to Qualor III which is TF93's base of operations.

I will suggest to Commander T'Rena that we hold a memorial service for victims of the Hobus Incident. It's not much but it might offer some solace to those directly affected by it. On a station the size of Deep Space 12 there are sure to be many of those.


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