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And so it continues....

Posted on Mon Jan 28th, 2013 @ 10:54am by

It is just as I anticipated. Starfleet was grandiloquent in its assurances that Deep Space 12 is an integral part of their strategy for this sector. Reading between the lines, I believe what they mean is that the role we're playing is vital but that DS12 itself is of purely minor interest.

I am confirmed in this belief by the fact that we will not be getting a replacement First Officer. Instead, they are sending us a Marine Colonel. He/she/(it?) will be charged with maintaining the integrity of the border and ensuring that the Neutral Zone remains neutral. He/she/(it?) will also tasked with taking necessary measures to ensure that piratical activity ceases. Just what constitutes 'necessary measures' has not been spelt out. Presumably, that is to remain in the hands of he/she/(it?).

I have, as yet, no details of whom he/she/(it) is. It will be interesting to gauge just how vital we really are by who they send out. Probably some washed-up, has been to join me in this backwater. That or some jumped-up wannabe who thinks too highly of him/her/(itself?).

Either way, I do not envisage my task getting any easier.


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