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Time to move

Posted on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 @ 4:35am by Legate Vadrek
Edited on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 @ 4:51am

Roark Nor continues to undergo personnel changes at the top. Lieutenant Commander Harrison is still in command but he is now onto his third Executive Officer in only a few short months. Commander Ra-Movraii, who was an able officer, was re-assigned not long after Harrison assumed command. The next incumbent, Commander Kent, lasted barely a month before she too was shipped out. Now Harrison has been forced to promote a bumbling Science Officer to the position.

Do not mistake me, Lieutenant Maschnost is a capable scientist. Some say he is brilliant but I will reserve judgement on that. That notwithstanding, he is not command material.

Remember too that all this is taking place against a backdrop of uncertainty. Officially, Commander T’Rena is still the base CO and Commander Ra-Movraii is her Executive Officer. However, nothing has been heard from them in some time; or, if it has, I am not party to it. My sources as good. If word had come through from them, I would be aware of it.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that we step up diplomatic endeavours to reclaim Roark Nor for Cardassia. Given the state of flux that our base finds itself in currently – and especially given the inexperience in key command positions – I also believe that some military posturing might not go astray. Nothing major; we do not want Starfleet getting spooked and replacing Harrison with someone more competent. We certainly do not want them biting the bullet and putting a proper Executive Officer in place; someone who can provide Harrison with some much needed backbone.


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