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On The Road Again

Posted on Fri Feb 22nd, 2013 @ 5:54am by

I'll admit this is one of my longer trips, though I've spent time stationed on ships much smaller than this for much longer periods of time. I suppose I'm just noting the distance to DS 12. But, hence the name, right? There was a quiet chuckle.

Anyway, I'm certainly enjoying exploring this ship. I've never been on anything as large as this galaxy-class vessel before and I must admit, it's quite impressive. It's a shame I can't get a peak at the deflector array, I understand the security concerns as I'm just a passenger on this particular ship but it's rather humorous to think that I've worked on literally hundreds of them. I did read that the station has a ship "attached" to it, so perhaps I can look at one there. It's not like I've never seen one, even of that size, but I'd just love to see them in action. As opposed to being in pieces and hooked up in my lab.

What I should probably be thinking about is these sub-space anomalies they've been having. I've gotten very little in the way of data so I can't wait to see some sensor logs when I arrive. With some wishful thinking, maybe I can get out and take some myself. Of course it would be nice if they had one of those fancy Nova-class ships, but that's just getting into fantasy land. Some more quiet laughing

Clearly, I've rambled on long enough and have nothing else to add. I'll be arriving at Deep Space Twelve soon enough, then I'll update this again.


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