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Bad news

Posted on Fri May 31st, 2013 @ 5:45am by Legate Vadrek

Not another one! They breed worse than voles!

I have just received a coded transmission concerning yet another subversive group. This one calls itself The Order of 12. You would think they would come up with more imaginative names by now. Apparently this one is operating in an area of space between ourselves and the Romulans which was recently ceded to the Federation.

Details were vague as to the intent or nature of the group but, at this point, it seems to be restricting its activities to that sector. Maybe it is the Cardassian equivalent of the Marquis. That would be deliciously ironic!

If Kadesh has links to this group then I need to know. She is the type to foment this type of activity and use it for her own ends. If she’s trying to link the disparate groups up then she must be stopped.

I think I will pay our resident Klingon Ambassador a visit to see if they’ve heard anything. While she is this place’s Security Officer, I might even kill two birds with one stone as the Federation likes to say.


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