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Posted on Fri Jun 7th, 2013 @ 4:51am by

Despite repeated efforts, I have been unable to get a straight answer out of Starfleet about possible subversive activities in our area. Therefore, I have decided to send Commander Burkeson on a mission to reconnoitre the border area and see what is actually happening. Being a Defiant class, the Steadfast is ideally suited for this type of mission. It is quick enough to get out of danger if any arises but has enough fire power to hold its own against any but the largest ships should it be challenged.

Lieutenant Haqtaj will accompany Commander Burkeson. A Klingon presence might give the Cardassians pause if they think the High Council has an interest in their ‘war games’. It is not too much of a stretch given the all too recent bad history between the two powers.

Their mission is to be only of a month’s duration but they will be largely incommunicado during that time. I wish them luck; it is all I can do now.


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