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Posted on Sun Jan 25th, 2009 @ 9:51am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Mike had just left engineering and was heading for a turbolift. He kept playing with his collar and his cuffs so that he looked respectable. He kept remembering that "first impressions count" and that every Starfleet officer was required to look their best, all the time. When the cocksure young officer arrived at the turbolift, he pressed the command on the panel to call the lift. He waited for a few seconds and then the doors popped open and slid to both sides of the doorway. As he stepped in he was greeted by a male crewman who smiled, Mike nodded him one and took his space in the cramped area. He looked at the ceiling and slowly blinked and slid his eyes back down to normal sight level "Bridge." he ordered.
He looked at the crewman who was in the turbolift with him, who kept quite a 'dodgy salesman' smile on until they got to around deck 15. Mike frowned "What!?" he said in quite an annoying tone, sternly looking through the man.
"I'm sorry, sir... I wouldn't be able to ask you who our new CO is?" he asked sliding towards him.

Mike shook his head "No, I don't and even if I did know, you wouldn't be finding out from me if it hadn't been released to the crew."

The crewman half heartedly 'friend punched' Mike in the shoulder, still with that cheesy grin on his face "I am Jeremy Partners, the assistant chief operations officer."

Mike raised an eyebrow, he couldn't believe that such a mole could be on his team, that aside, Mike did extend his arm to shake his hand "Mike Lake, chief operations officer. Ever pull this crap again, and I'll have you working as the quartermaster."

That stupid grin was wiped from the mans face "Of course, Sir, whatever you say."

Mike gave a quick nod "Right, now we got that down. What are you going to do on the bridge?"

Partners shrugged his shoulders "I will probably sit at an aft station and do some research, now that you will be on the bridge."

Mike gave a very quick nod that consisted of him jolting his head on his neck "Right."

the turbolift finally arrived at the bridge, relieving Mike to no end. As he stepped off he looked for Commander DeVour or Lieutenant Mason, both of which weren't there, in fact, no one that outranked him was there, which struck him as odd. Mike looked at the 4 officers working on the bridge "Who was left in charge, guys?"

A chief petty officer piped up from the helm "Me sir."

Mike bit his lip and then jolted his head up to acknowledge his answer "Uh huh."

The helm officer turned back to Mike "Sir, may I remind you that you are the ranking officer here."

Mike smiled "Yes, thank you, chief."

The chief smiled at him "Any time, sir."

Mike looked over the tactical console's large railings to the science one aft station "Mr Partners, take operations."

Partners looked back to Mike "Aye, sir"

Mike looked at the new command seat, he couldn't resist a sit. He moved towards it and turned around to look at the large view screen. He slowly lowered his arms so that his hands could reach the arm rests. Then he put his entire body weight onto his hands and sat down. He shifted around a little to get comfortable, and there was no doubt in his mind that the chair was more comfortable than he thought it would be.

::30 minutes later::

Mike was still in command, no one had bothered to remove him from the seat at all. He was having an interesting time playing with the arm rest's interface panels, he never knew that they had access to so many things.

He heard the aft turbolift's doors slide open and he looked behind him, it was only Podi and he was pretty relieved of that. "Lt. Wesdon, welcome to the bridge."

"Thank you." Podi said as he moved over to his panel. "I made it here, finally. Got the ducts finished and fixed. All better."

Mike gave his the thumbs up "Cool, now the ship goes at warp 9.5 instead of 9.3, eh?"

"Almost. That will take a bit more work yet, but we are on a decent 9.4 and a half at the moment, if there was such a thing." Podi turned back to his panels.

Mike laughed "Hell, the Galaxy Class can go 9.9 Podi. We can do 9.8 I reckon."

"Well, I'll see what I can do. Leave it with me."

Mike smiled "Hey Podi, need anything give me a call up here."

"Will do." Podi continued to turn back towards the turbolift and made his way over to its doors.

As Podi left, Mike saw the CO's office door open as the light beamed out onto the ops console. He quickly jumped up from his seat as Commander DeVour walked out with Lieutenant Zhjaeve. Mike put his hands behind his back and waited for the CO to slap him in the face, he knew it was going to happen.

Beverly nodded to Lieutenant Lake, "Its ok Lieutenant, you can retain command. I'm just giving a tour to our first officer. Also Mike, you could do me a favor", she stopped and smiled again, "Starfleet has assigned me command of the Genesis. The crew needs to be informed, if you wouldn't mind?"

Mike nodded "Sure, ma'am. And well done." he then smiled and muttered "That's the ships gambling pool in my pocket this month."

Zhjaeve saw the man jump up with great haste, but decided to say nothing of it. After all, he was the ranking officer at the moment. He did look rather bustled though, he thought.

"Ma'am, I was just testing the command seat... It's a very good seat." he said nervously, he then looked to Zhjaeve "And, who's this, the XO?"

"Relax Lieutenant, your a senior officer now, you had every right to be sit there", she looked at her XO, "Lieutenant Zhjaeve, this is our chief of operations".

Zhjaeve extended his hand to the Ops officer. "Well met, Lieutenant."

Mike shook his hand "Pleased to meet you sir, I'm Lt Mike Lake."

She swept her hand around the bridge, "She may be slightly dated in comparison to some starfleet ships, but she's been good to us in the past", Beverly was almost gushing while talking about her ship.

Mike heard what she said and replied "I am confident that Lt Wesdon can push this baby to 9.8. Its all in the purging of plasma ducts and cleaning the hoozimawhatsit filters, He takes great pride in what he does, our new chief engineer. Ma'am, when you are finished with the tour, could I see you in your ready room?"

"Of course Lieutenant", she began to walk to the rear of the bridge, babbaling on about the ship.

Mike nodded "Thankyou ma'am."

Kristina frowned from her position at the turbo lift having watched most of the activity unfold. Lake, she quickly concluded, was far too keen for his own good, and annoying too. Granted he was a senior staff member allowing him to have certain rights on the ship, but Kristina felt he was over stepping the line, taking advantage of the Commander when she was occupied.

"Is there not some work you could be doing Mr Lake?" Kristina hissed as she crossed the room heading to Bev and the newly arrived officer she presumed was Zhjaeve.

Mike raised an eyebrow and headed over to the ops console "You don't have to be such a bitch about it" he thought to himself quietly as he headed past Kristina as he neared the front of the bridge. He took his seat and quietly laughed as the helm officer beside him leaned in and smiled "Superiors." Mike just quietly laughed again.

"Commander," Mason said softly. "The shuttle Davenport has just departed, It had bought with it Ensign O'Leahey and Doctor Wiseman. I've escorted them to their quarters to settle, it still leave the Genesis many hands short before we can depart."

"Thank you Krissy", Looking at her friend she realized that the XO still hadn't been introduced. "Lieutenant Zhjaeve, this is our Chief of Security, Kristina Mason".

Zhjaeve, who had just been taking in the sights and actions on the bridge, snapped back to reality. He extended his hand, once more, this time to the tactical chief. "Well met, Lieutenant."

Shaking his hand firmly Kristina inclined her head politely. "Pleasure to meet you Lieutenant" she smiled.

"Krissy, they gave command to me". Bev waited for Kristina's shocked response, but all she got was a smile back, almost like Kristina was expecting it.

"They choose well. You'll do fine. The crew will support you every step of the way. If they don't I'll make sure the will," she glanced over her shoulder at Lake. "You deserve it after all the hard work you had put into the ship."

Mike looked behind him, he knew someone was looking at him. As his eyes met Lt Mason's he spun his chair around "Sorry, Ma'am, but have I done something wrong?"

Kristina held his eye coolly. "I do not tolerate foolishness Mr Lake. I assure you I will tell you when have done something wrong."

Mike looked at Beverly and then Zhjaeve "Sorry, Ma'am, Sir... I shouldn't speak out on the bridge... I was just curious." he then turned back to his console, feeling like a total ass.

"OK kids, that's enough", Beverly held a tone that meant no messing would be tolerated. "Lets put our best foot forward, lets ease the Lieutenant into the petty bickering".

She glanced at both of her officers, putting an end to the exchange, she also made a note to get these two into a room together to work this out, before it became a problem.
"Mister Lake, would you please inform all senior officers to assemble in the briefing room at sixteen hundred hours for a full briefing". She moved to her command chair and then indicated her her first officer to assume his seat. He look as bewildered as she felt by the whole situation.

Throwing another dirty look towards Lake Kristina slipped behind her console checking for the umpteenth things were in order.

Mike tapped away for a few seconds and sent the high-priority message to all the members of the senior staff.


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