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Breaking the Fallen

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2009 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: USS Genesis- Mike's Quarters

Broken glass, upturned furniture and a thick layer of smokey haze was about the only thing that Mike could see in his post-accident struck quarters. He was slightly upset he had to cancel his date with Eline Stadi because of the mission that he would've been at had the ship not run into the problem, but he was sure that he could reschedule on that.
The second he placed his hand on a chair to put it back in its normal place, where the carpet was slightly warn, his doorchime rang, he smiled, he knew that it could only be Eline.
He put the chair back on four feet and looked up towards the door, clearing his slightly choked throat that was full of the smoke around him "Its not locked."

Tori slowly strode into the room with a straight face, the ususal comforting smile she often provided was lacking "Hey, Mike."

Mike slightly frowned, she had never come to his quarters before, he was mulling over what she was there for "Tori, whats up?"

She stepped over the broken glass and rubble on the floor and stopped about two feet from Mike. She took in a deep breath, what she was going to tell him was going to kill him, but it had to be done "Mike... Eline... Eline was... killed, when the blast hit the ship."

Mike closed his eyes, he felt like a knife was being stabbed in and out deeply in his chest "How the hell did she die?"

"She was thrown from her chair, she hit her head hard on the ground, she would've died instantly, there was nothing that we could've done." Tori said, placing her hand on Mike's shoulder for comfort, probably also to insure he didn't fall over and injure himself, the last thing Leanne needed was another patient, let alone Mike.

"We were going to meet up tonight, looks like that'll never happen now." he looked at Tori with a thankful look, despite his pain "Thanks."

She lowered her hand from his shoulder "If you need to talk to someone, I'm always availiable."

Mike nodded "Thanks, Tori."

Tori stood infront of Mike for a moment, staring deep into his sorrowful eyes "Oh, Mike." she broke down and slammed her face right into Mike's chest and wrapping her arms around him.

Although he felt a bit uncomfortable and disconcerted about her hugging him, he let her cry it out, he understood what she was going through.
"Tori," she still had her head burried deep in his chest, she was still crying, just like before on the bridge, he knew why she was so upset now. Mike always felt weird and uptight when people cried on him "Tori..." what he was about to do would probably upset her more "Could I have a minute alone."

She looked up, and nodded, letting her tight grip around his body relax and slowly move off. She took a few steps back, minding the coffee table before stepping on a photo frame "Oops." she knelt down and picked it up, taking a quick peek at the picture of Eline "She was a good girl, don't forget her." Tori placed the photo on the shelf where it sat before, she took a quick glance at it before moving towards the door. She took one last glance at Mike before leaving the room.

When the door closed, a space of time that seemed like eternity when his guilt set in, Mike slumped down into the recliner that he just turned back up the right way just before.


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