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Mission: Remembrance

OOC: Memorial. We can each take our turn talking about Zeek and our memories of him. On the promenade by the Bajoran Shrine. Would anyone like to officiate the service? If so message me.

Haqtaj hung back. She was uncomfortable for perhaps the first time on the station. Klingons did not havfe any burial rites or rituals beyond the Death Yell. For them the Body was an empty husk to be disposed of without ceremony. For Humans it was different though. They had a fear of death and clung to life with a ferocious tenacity. When one of their kind finally succumbed they were mourned for many days or weeks. Often humans found it difficult to continue with everyday tasks.

This was a sacred moment for them and, in deference, Haqtaj had worn her dress armour. She was warry of creating some incident through some unintentional breach of etiquite. And so she hung back, watching quietly from the door of her Embassy, at the gathering on the Promenade.

Nadezhda walked in dressed in her full Sirrian Red and Black Uniform, which looked like an Ambassadors uniform and she also had an Ambassador Sirrian Sword in it's holster as it was customary for her to wear at ceremonies such as this.

Jrez walked along the Promenade in full dress uniform. He had not felt this uncomfortable since way back on the Explorer. He knew he cut a fine figure in the black pants. The white dinner jacket with its gold trim fitted well enough and he liked the look of the shoulder pads of Sciences silver-grey. It was just that the material was stiff and the cut of the cloth restricted movement. He felt like it was pressing in on his ribs, suffocating him.

Still, this was an important occasion. All races had their funeral rites and it was part of his role as Command Chief on the station to represent the crew at this particular ceremony. He was also aware that the ceremony was as much for the living as for the dead comrade. It gave those close to him a chance to grieve in public and to say goodbye without the restrictions normally placed on personal relations by protocol and the chain of command.

Leanne hung towards the back, she wasn't good at this and didn't want to let on how shook up she was actually becoming from all of this. Zeek was the pinnacle to the tragic events that had taken place recently. She saw the others around her and took a slight bit of solace in the fact that they were together.

Fastening the last button on the white overcoat on the dress uniform Kristina Mason took a steady breath to calm the ocean of emotions raging through her body. Previous to the incident that caused Zeek's untimely demise she had always been able to keep her emotions in check, shut down tight, expect her underlaying bitterness and anger that motivated her. Recently however, that self control had been broken, and like a burst dam everything came pouring out.

It was still very hard to swallow that he was dead, a man who'd accomplished the impossible in melting her cold heat and begin to mold her into a very different type of women, one that felt complete and whole rather then empty.

Regarding the hollow face reflected in the mirror Mason sighed one last time before turning sharply upon her heel and leaving the accommodation Beverly had arranged for her until her future had been decided.

The walk along the promenade reflected the somber mood of the station's population as they moved restlessly and respectfully around in silence, many officer dressed accordingly for the service peppered the crowd. Inside the shrine Mason's eyes drew to the sleek casket instantly, hitting her senses hard enough to make her eyes burn once more. Blinking back the tears she nestled herself into the gather officers without much acknowledgment.

Deanna walked onto the prominade with the rest of the officers and gave her respects to Zeak. She did not get a chance to know him. Still, she wanted to be there for some sort of support for them all. She found a seat and sat down and listed as the preceding started happening.

Kriss Maxx and Jamie stood to the side in dress uniforms. They had not met Zeek but both had come to pay their respects. He had been one of them after all and it was right and proper to be there to say goodbye to a fellow comrade.

Gin didn't know Zeek very well, but showed up to pay her respects to him. She wore her dress uniform, but wore her hair in the style that all Kakorians wore when they were mourning.

Beverly seemed to be one of the last to arrive having spent most of the morning agonizing over what to wear. In the end she had decided that, with how close the two of them had become and with the fact that both had been closer than First Officer and Commanding Officer, she had decided to honor him as the friend he was. Instead of going for the ceremonial Dress Uniform, she had chosen an elegant yet respectfully cut black dress with clean lines. Neither of the two would have wanted the other to honor them as an Officer so that is how she would approach this.

She cut her way through the crowd to stand by the raised area that was now the open memorial point of the days sad events.
She nodded with a slight smile at Admiral Baker as she came to a stand next to him.

As the ranking officer, it feel on Ethan to ensure that the Commodore was given the proper respect he deserved. As the casket, draped in the UFP flag lay next to the small podium, Ethan paused to gather his thoughts. The trip to DS7 had given him much time to reflect on the words he would chose, but now they all seemed to be meaningless. Regardless, he had a duty to preform.

"Friends, colleagues, fellow officers, and honored guests. I wish to thank you for being in attendance today." Ethan began "We are gathered today to honor the life of a great friend, dedicated officer, and outstanding leader. Zeek Aerelon. I remember when I first met Zeek. He was transferred to my vessel as an engineering specialist. I thought he was cocky, immature, and loud from first impressions. He proved my assessment wrong over the years. I owe my life to Zeek, in no exaggeration. He not only saved my life by ending the Romulan who was seconds away from killing me, he did what I was unable to do. He made a decision that destroyed an entire planet. Decisions like that are not made lightly, but for the greater good of the galaxy, it needed to be done. Such qualities are rare in today's leaders. I watched his career blossom under Admiral DeVuor's command, and never did I think that one day he would be working directly under me again, but fate seem to tie us together. I was astounded when I hear he was taking up command of Task Force 29, moving up the chain in such a short time, but as anyone who really knew him can attest, the promotion was well earned. He was a great friend, and he will be sorely missed. In recognition of his accomplishments, I hereby promote Commodore Aerelon to the rank of Rear Admiral." Ethan stepped down from the podium, and placed a pair of Rear Admiral pips on the casket. "Now, I believe a few of those in attendance have prepared a few words to honor Admiral Aerelon's life. Beverly, would you like to start?"

Pressing back the tears that once again threatened to cut swaths down her soft skin she stepped up next to her Commanding Officer. Gently she squeezed his upper arm as that of a friend who shared her grief and sorrow.
"Commodore Aerelon was more than just an excellent Officer who had surpassed every expectation that she had of him... He was my friend. I come here today not to honor the Officer he was, but the person he was. The first time I met Zeek was during the Borg Incursion of Starbase 611 and instantly I knew him to be someone of upstanding character, honor and deep set personal morals and his actions during that time spoke volumes of the person he was...", she took a moment to pull hand slender finger across her cheek wiping away the tear that silently cut its path across her skin.

"He was building relations with people I though incapable of building those types of relationships. He cut down every shield or personal defense that someone would have until he found the core being of the people around him".
Once again she paused, trying to compose herself before the emotion took hold and broke her down in front of the onlooking mourners. "I stand before you today as a testament of the resolve and impeccable character that Zeek Aerelon had been... I will miss him dearly!"
Her final words cut to her core and no more could she hold back the tears and sobs that accompanied each other. She turned, making way for the next speaker, but kept her back turned to the crowd for a moment as she brought her upset under control once more.

Unable to met Beverly's teary eyes as she spoke knowing full well sections of Beverly's statement was targeted at her Kristina stood silent as her friend sucommed to her grief that was tearing each women apart.

Former Federation Ambassador Daniel Ryci stood up spoke a few words. "I only met Admiral Arelon briefly when he was stationed on 611 at that time the station was assigned to the 4th fleet when sb611 was transferred to antares fleet he was a great man his legacy will continue on Admiral Aerelon you will be missed"Daniel stepped down from the podium.

Kriss Maxx stepped up.

"I didn't know Zeek very well but he is, was one of us and I would like to say farewell.

He is Gone
You can shed tears that he is gone or you can smile because he has lived.
You can close your eyes and pray that he'll come back or you can open your eyes and see all he's left.
Your heart can be empty because you can't see him or you can be full of the love you shared.
You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday.
You can remember him and only that he's gone or you can cherish his memory and let it live on.
You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back or you can do what he'd want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on."

Jrez stepped up to the podium and looked out at the faces before him. They betrayed a range of emotions " some raw, some more subdued. All showed sadness and regret of one shade or another.

I have come here today not to praise the person but to praise the officer, he began. I did not know Zeek Aerelon but I did know Commander Aerelon. Not as well as I might have but it is not on my behalf that I wish to speak.
Many of the crew have approached me over the last few days. They have spoken of Commander Aerelon. I would like to share their thoughts with you.
Firstly, let me say that Commander Aerelon garnered a lot of respect. Those who went on away missions with him say that he was not a man to be taken lightly. He was hard and demanded total commitment from those under him. Then again, he did not ask of anyone anything that he was not prepared to do himself. That meant a lot to his teams. They knew that they could rely on him as much as he was relying on them. They gave all the more for that because they knew their effort would be repaid in kind " and then some!
Commander Aerelon was never one to be one of the boys but, for that matter, he always regarded the enlisted crew as as much a part of Starfleet as officers. He valued their input and was always prepared to listen to suggestions. His was the final word " always " and he made sure everyone knew it but he never once thought he knew everything. He knew he was surrounded by men and women with far more experience than himself and he was always prepared to draw on that experience.
That willingness saved more than one life. Quite a few crew said they owed their lives to Commander Aerelon. If he was here now, Im sure hed say he owed his life to them. Their biggest regret is that, when he really needed them, they could not be there for him.
With that, Jrez stepped away from the podium.

Jrez's words hit Beverly once again and a fresh wave of tears began to fall, silently. Her instinct was for close Human contact, but the people she would want to be near were all in the same boat as her. Leanne was in the crowd somewhere, Kirstina was lost to her own thoughts, Lorran was gone all of them. The closest person to her she barely knew, but she needed to feel the comfort of someone else who knew what it was like as a commanding Officer who had lost someone who was more than just an officer under her command.

She closed her hand around Admiral Bakers right arm before sliding it through to link his arm. It was a simple move yet conveyed more than just the few shards of raw emotion that she was feeling.

The number of persons wishing to speak dwindled into a heavy, painful silence. Among the throng Kristina Mason had been battling with herself to take to the podium to present herself in a formal manner. Would she regret her actions if she did not stand? Of course, besides shaping her into something new was something Zeek had been challenging to do right up until his death.
Not honoring him would be worse then living without him.

Finally, with a steadying breath to cease her trembling fingers and damp eyes Krissy gently moved through the mourners to the podium, pausing, beside the casket that threatened to turn her courage.
She could feel the eyes of the room upon her, awaiting for her speak, perhaps hoping she would confirm the relationship between herself and Zeek or to here her personal account of his demise. Maybe some willed her to confess that she was behind it.

Sometimes it was best just to shut out the world, but today was not one of those days. It was time to face the music, no matter how tough it was.

"We could stand here for hours praising over the spotless military report behind Zeek, honor him greatly into the next world, but I won't." Krissy turned to face the gathered officers struggling to find peace within herself.
"In my opinion and with several others present his skills outside of the uniform will be the pieces that I shall cherish until it is my time. When I first met Zeek, he struck me as nothing short of arrogant, hot headed, a lady killer with not respect...that, like myself was nothing more than a protective layer covering the real, delicate person beneath. It was that ribbon of vulnerability that showed the wounded human below, and like a moth drawn to light, I was to him like two beaten souls looking for sanctuary. He put me onto a path I never thought I would ever find. A road to challenge everything about myself, acceptance. To finally come to terms with everything that has shaped me into the woman I am to, and this is a route I intend to follow until I reach its end, wherever it may lead me."

Krissy looked over to Beverly with a sorrowful gaze. "Though Zeek's official record will speak highly with a sense of emptiness about the success of his career, it will lack in great volumes the natural ability he had to lead, put at ease and befriend even the most prickly of contestants. A quality that very few posses, and something we shall all miss when we least expect it. While we have lost a comrade, friend, lover today may his image remain in our memories, beheld lovingly with the numbers of fallen before him."

Finally, feeling herself relieved Krissy nodded stiffly to Beverly and Admiral Baker to continue with the final ritual and stepped down.

As the last speaker finished, Ethan returned to the podium "Thank you all. As much as we wish, we cannot replace the life that has been lost. We will mourn, but we will not forget the life of Zeek Aerelon. In true military tradition, we now commit Admiral Aerelon's remains to the stars, so his journey may continue on. Detail, aten-hut!" Ethan and the rest of the Starfleet officers in attendance snapped to attention. With a nod, a noncom standing off in the corner tapped a key on a wall panel, transporting the casket into a torpedo tube. The assembled personnel watched as the casket was shot out into space, carrying their beloved friend into the next life "Smooth sailing, and Gos Speed my friend." Ethan said "That concludes today's ceremony. Dismissed."


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