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Posted on Thu Oct 21st, 2010 @ 12:26pm by Lieutenant JG Jade Coleby

Mission: Remembrance
Location: USS Sorak/DS7

"I hope this new assignment of yours isn't going to be like the curious case of DS9, Jade. I didn't agree to pull myself off the Yamato to live it rough like Jake Sisko did back in the 60's." The screeching, arrogant, incessant natter of Jade's sister, Tara was all that graced her ears since she boarded the Sorak on Earth.

Naturally after a few days, Jade was just about ready to throttle the 'teenage train wreck'.

"Look, I assure you, we'll be comfortable." Jade mumbled for something like the seventeenth time that day alone, in a futile attempt to get her little sister to finally stop worrying about her new life on the Space Station.

Jade's words silenced Tara... for the moment.

Jade put an arm around her sister. "Now, we'll be docking with the station soon, so get your gear packed. I want to be out of here at the earliest convenience, these quarters seem to be getting smaller with each passing hour."

Tara broke free of her sister's embrace and made her way into her small sleeping alcove. Jade shifted herself forward a little so she could see past the doorway. Of course, Tara was carelessly stuffing the clothes that were sprawled out on the floor into her dufflebag, disregarding whether they were soiled or not, and whether they would get creased or not.

"You know, Jade. Maybe these quarters are getting smaller because you haven't left them to do as much as go for a morning run." Tara stated, trying to compound her mountain of clothes to fit one more garment into the bag, once she had managed to, she dragged the bag out and dumped it in the centre of the living room, right at Jade's feet. "Weren't there other people heading to the Station that took this transport?"

Jade rolled her eyes, the child was right for once. There were DS7 transferees. She probably should have at least attempted to make a few friends before she got to the station. "Yes, there were. Unfortunately it seems that if I take an eye off of you for as much as a microsecond, you are getting up to no good."

"Sorry, I forgot you were never a teenager." Tara spat.

"Oh, no, I was your age, but far better behaved. Just remember I was living under your father's thumb. Y'know, I still don't quite understand why he never did try and drag you through the mud in the hopes of making you the perfect marine."

Tara despised it when her sister made sure she knew that she lacked discipline, because her father went easier on her. "I made it quite clear to him that I was a lover, not a fighter. Maybe you should've done the same thing when you were a kid."

With a sigh, Jade stood and went to her own room, frustrated by the antics of the young woman, but also to pack away her own things. "You really think he'd listen to me?"

"Absolutely." The girl's voice came from the living room.

Jade turned and leaned against the door frame, looking directly at her sister with hateful disdain. "You know, to take the wool out of your ears and pull it over your eyes would be child's play."

Tara pouted and repeated Jade's phrase in a high pitched voice and a screwed up face, quietly imitating her sister.

Jade decided not to retaliate. Instead she carefully and, precisely packed her own bag, quickly and efficiently. Only moments later, she unzipped the bag and pulled out her running outfit.

A minute or so later, Jade emerged from her room in her usual form fitting, grey exercise outfit. Tara had grabbed a PADD in the meantime and had 'taken to plunge', as Tara would say, to read the news. When she heard the footsteps, she looked up. "Time for the morning run, then."

Jade did a few leg stretches. "Wanna come along?"

"I'd rather look at the Ferengi stock reports." Tara mused.

Raising an eyebrow, giving a nod, Jade began to make her way to the door. "Suit yourself, then."

Tara shot her glance up. "Hey, look, the FCA shut down a prominent Ferengi fashion house!"

"Goodbye, Tara." Jade then began to make her way out of the room, picking up a slothful pace, once the doors behind her closed, she picked up speed. On the best days, the Sorak's corridors weren't the ideal place to be running, they were narrow by most standards, and it was often the case that she'd be stopping and starting to let people past, or to get around them. At least the Nor Class had wider corridors, so her morning jog wouldn't become an issue.

Her morning run was a good chance to clear her head, and release her frustrations at Tara. Just not thinking about the girl made her happier, and her not being around was a soothing grace for the ears. That said, the run was also a good chance to think in depth about anything. Today it was solely her worries that she might not be able to settle in on the Station.

"Pre-mission jitters, huh Jade?" She muttered to herself, recalling the words of the man who sent her on that undercover mission so long ago.

Once she reassured herself that she'd be okay, she started to loose her train of thought, and from that was sent into a bit of a trance, and from there, she started to forget she was running. Between her state thoughtlessness and her closing her eyes, she went off balance, tripping over a small raise in the deck and falling forward into a wall.

Her eyes shot open, and she pushed herself up off the ground, and quickly got to her feet with the help of someone, who what wrapped their hand around her small right bicept to pull her up.

She smiled at the stranger. "Uh, th-thankyou, Sir. I don't know what came over me. I've probably made an ass of myself now."

The command division officer gave her a half laugh, his youthful appearance and smile seemed to remind her of someone from a long time ago, it put her at ease. "Eh, I wouldn't worry, no one else saw it. You're heading DS7's way, aren't you?"

Jade simply nodded.

He seemed to mull over what he was about to say in a lengthy pause. "You wouldn't mind doing me a big favour?"

"I don't even know who you are!" She though to herself, but her mouth was miles ahead of her thoughts as it was. "I guess I could."

He offered her a PADD. "Uh, there is a memorial tomorrow on the Station for an old friend of mine, he tragically passed away the other day... I know this is a bit of a strange request, but could you read this out?"

Jade accepted the PADD from the man. "No, no it's ok... hang on, you're heading DS7's way anyway..."

"Well, yeah, but the Sorak won't be sticking around for long, and I've gotta go elsewhere. New assignment and such. I was supposed to be there a few days ago." The man said, stroking his goatee.

"I see. Well," she waved the PADD around for a moment. "I'll read this out then."

"Thankyou kindly." He said, before smiling again, and making his way down the corridor to turbolift. It was at that point that Jade decided to turn around and head back to her quarters, she figured there was no point to running about the ship with a bulky piece of equipment.

When she returned to her quarters, Tara was waiting there for her.

"Did someone drop something?" The young woman asked.

Jade looked down at the device in her hand. "Uh, no... someone asked me to do them a favour when I get to DS7."

::Docking with DS7- 4 hours later::
There was a soft thud as the Sorak's docking platform joined with Roark, accompanied by a slightly worrying, nevertheless minor shake. There was a soft beep, indicating the small corridor was made habitable. The doors opened, Jade being the first to step through, the change of scenery was a welcome sight, and it was only meters away.

When Jade stepped onto Roark's docking ring, the slightly warmer temperature change was a welcome one, so was that less clinical scent of a Starfleet vessel.

"I think I like this place already." Tara said with something that was scarcely present on her face, a smile.

Jade started making her way towards the end of the hallway, her sister closely following. They entered the turbolift moments later.

"Promenade." Jade ordered, putting her hands behind her back.

When the turbolift began moving, there was a long silence between the two. "Did I mention that I took the liberty of enrolling you in the school?"

Tara sighed. "Great."

The lift came to a halt. Suddenly the women were hit with the bustling scenery of the Promenade, they were even harder hit by the wave of sound.

"What an amazing place!" Tara exclaimed, her eyes popping as she stepped off the lift.

Jade decided to let go of the apron strings. "Hey, Tara, how about you have a look around. I'm going to go and meet my CO. If you feel really inclined to buy something, put it on my account... I'm talking real inclined."

Tara seemed even happier than before. "I'm not going to argue with you on that one!"



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