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Mission: Remembrance
Location: Morgue

"14 inch incision to the lower abdomen, rupturing the lower abdomen"

It was mechanical,




Leanne moved around the table, doing a standard Star Fleet medical postmortem on Fernandez.

"Traumatic blood loss led to death of subject. Computer end recording. Encode Ulonova Alpha Tango Zeta 9 5 8" The doctor took the laser suture off of the tray and closed up the gaping wound on the body. From what her head nurse had told her, the body was being shipped back to Earth for a private burial.

After the gash was closed. Leanne took a tricorder and scanned it over a small barcode on the left foot of the deceased and pulled a clean, white cloth over the still body.

It helped her to not think about who was under that sheet. The person they were. You lost objectivity when you put a backstory to them during an exam. She pushed the exam table back into the wall and locked the freezer. The air was cold, she could see her breath on the side of the wall.

She slowly walked back over to the desk on the other side of the morgue, her boots clicking on the floor of the otherwise silent room. Picking up the last padd, the name on it shook her. She had been putting it off, and intentionally saved it till she couldn't anymore.

"Computer, access medical log, Aerelon, Zeek." The computer beeped. "Record has been closed."

The doctor sighed as she walked back over to the wall.

"Re-open record, authorization Commander Leanne Ulonova, Chief Medical Officer Roark Nor." The computer beeped once again. "Record re-opened."

With both hands on the wall, Ulonova inhaled deeply, the cold air in the room chilled her to the soul. She grabbed the handles and pulled the table out of the wall. Zeek's body was covered in a thick white cloth, just like any other "patient" that found themselves in this lonely room. Leanne grabbed the linen and pulled it down revealing the body.

She stared at him...

He looked peaceful...

She stared at him again, she was losing it, her composure, her machine like ability to detach herself from the situation.

"Oh Zeek, I... I'm sorry that this happened to you, and I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you." She moved in closer to look at him, almost as if he was going to respond to her. His face serene, not showing any emotion.

She knew that he couldn't respond, but, she felt cheated, she never got to say good bye to him. Wiping a tear away from her face she stood up, turned away and engaged the cold part of her, cold like the air, the metal in the room. This was her job, regardless of who it was or what she felt towards him.

The doctor turned around. "Computer, engage full body scan on subject, scan for neural anomalies and confirm cause of death..."

It was so...



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