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Healing the Hearts

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Mission: Remembrance

Snatches of life beyond the dark veil of her consciousness penetrated her senses for the first time in years. The former drone cracked open her dark eye slowly, wincing as the artificial light in the medical ward struck the sedative organ causing the iris and pupil to shrink as it battled to adjust.

Something felt wrong. Everything felt wrong, yet correct in the same instant. Stiffly she lifted the once heavy, amour plated arms and stared at the dark, sort flesh, peppered with scars from the recent corrective surgery having loosed all the Borg implants revealing the 'real' woman beneath, the woman that had been lost for decades of gloom.

She lifted her arm higher still to touch the smooth lines of her face and traced the slender fingers down the newly created length of hair that lay across the pillow.

A being moved into her filed of vision, a humanoid much liker herself, dressed in a blue uniform that looked vaguely familiar. It was the Doctor that tried to help her earlier. Rather the woman that butchered her.

"I am Doctor Brenari," the woman said inching closer with some strange hand held device the former drone did not recognize. "You're upon the Federation Starbase Roark Nor. How do you feel?" she asked lifting the device so that it passed before the drones face with soft bleeps.

The patient did not respond just watched the device in the doctor's hand as it passed her by.

"I have removed all your Borg implants, your natural immunity has reasserted itself and I've taken the liberty of stimulating your hair follicles." The Doctor continued reviewing the data upon the tricorder before shutting it closed. "Additionally I've been doing some digging into the Federation data banks and found something that might interest you."

She extracted from the depths of the white overcoat a smooth, sleek padd and slide it across to the second woman.

With the lightest of touches the device came to life revealing the smiling, yet stiff face of a dark skinned Federation officer: Lieutenant Lymari Cullen, marked deceased some years previous. Reporting missing in action at the battle of Wolf 359.

"Does she remind you of anyone?" the doctor asked gently.

"Cullen," the drone repeated the name awkwardly as if learning a new language.

"Yes, Lymari Cullen, " Bella paused. "She's you. Your DNA matches one hundred present. Her ship and entire crew were assimilated by the Borg, no trace of them was every found again, until now."

The drone lowered lowered the padd. "I am Three of Eleven," the woman repeated clutching her throat for the voice that was emitted did not sound like her own.

"That name is nothing more then a shadow now," the doctor continued sensing the building of conflict in her patient, "A memory that will fade in time allowing the previous lost life come back much like your voice is now. It will feel strange at first, but please be patient and give it time. You'll find your feet once more..."

"Doctor?" A distance voice sounded from the adjacent room causing Bella to turn. "At least read the information, it might help. I'll be back momentarily."

Brenari strode quickly back into main sickbay to find her next patient restlessly pacing, her eyes red and cheeks strained with tears.

It was Mason.

The Doctor did a double take. This wasn't the fiery woman she remember having to restrain from skinning Lieutenant Jenkins months previous. She looked dejected and broken as she tugged open the white tunic of her dress uniform and flopped defeatedly on the end of a bio bed.

Of course, Bella recalled. Today was the remembrance service for Zeek, the only man known to find a way to melt the Queen of Ice's cold heart. His death had touched so many of the population but none more then Krissy who'd been with him the day he died.

Brenari had overhead Mason and Ulonova talking when the final survivor's returned from the Arizona. Naturally the team were treated for shock at the time, and by all appearances the Lieutenant Commander still seemed to be suffering.

"Commander Mason, how can I help you?" the doctor asked coolly crossing the gap between the two.

Krissy looked up at the sound of her name being called and waved an arm loosely. "I know its something you'd don't do often Doc, but I haven't slept since we came back..." her voice broke off and Bernair waited patiently for her to continue if she could.
"I don't want to forget... I just want to sleep, ease the ache, or at least dull it for a while."

Gently Brenari sat beside the officer and sighed for her. "There is only such much medicine can help. You should speak to Lieutenant King when you're ready - I know counselors aren't your thing" she added having seen Mason face change and her lip curl. "But trust me, it helps and I speak from personal experience."

The sentence gave Mason pause a sudden thought returned. Brenari had lost her sister recently she recalled upon the USS Al Batni some where in a pocket of uncharted space. The ship was lucky to survive in once piece after dueling with rifts of time and space splintering around them.

"Right now, Bell all I want to do is sleep. I'm so tired I can't even think straight any more. I will speak to King soon, I promise... I just need to straighten a few things out first."

The Doctor regarded Mason carefully, gently testing her resolve with her telephonic abilities. "Alright, just for tonight," she sighned. "Providing you make an apportionment with King to see her in the morning."


"Yes, I want to bear witness."

Now it was Mason's turn to sigh. "Fine, you win. Patch me though."


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