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Pulling Together All The Pieces

Posted on Wed Nov 17th, 2010 @ 7:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

Zor had finished his meeting with Doctor Ulonova, or as she now was, Commander Leanne Ulonova his new first officer. His decision had been motivated by the fact that she had been here longer than any other officer, other than Kristina Mason, but in essense she was no longer an officer here on the station, however he had yet to catch her and ask her if she would care to remain. First however he needed to call a meeting of the senior officers as well as the stand in for the Chief Medical Officer.
He brought himself up to his full height and smiled over at some Lieutenant Junior Grade that was just entering Ops.
"Lieutenant, would you mind taking over for me. I need to call a meeting!"

He smiled again when she moved towards him, looking somewhat stunned that he would trust a junior officer with the responsibility of commanding something as large as a station.
His next move was to tap his com badge and tie in with the stations public address system.
"Captain Romano to all senior officers and Ambassador Haqtaj, please report to the Ward Room on deck seven, habitat ring".

Finally, he patted the nervous young Lieutenant on the shoulder as he wove around her to make for the turbolift and down to the meeting that had been needed for more than a few days now, but with the memorial service for the stations previous Commanding Officer taking place, it wasn't the time to force himself on the crew, not until now anyway.

Again he tapped his com badge. "Romano to Doctor Brenari. Can you please attend the meeting in the ward room? We will need you there"


Doctor Brenari glanced up briefly at the booming sound Captain Zor being emitted over the station wide communications before returning to her study through the microscope.
For the first time in a what felt like an age Sickbay was quiet giving the staff a well deserved break and offered the surgeon a chance to study the complex contents of the Drone's blood in detail. It was fascination to say the lest.

However her concentration was punctured once more by Zor, this time his voice chirping from the sleek combadge pinned to her uniform. The request had surprised her somewhat, but further thought he must have wanted her to brief the senior team on Cullen.

Lightly she touched the pin in response: "Affirmative Captain, I'm on my way."


The feeling of sorrow was palpable as Jrez stepped out of the cargo bay. He shook himself to try and rid himself of it but to no avail. It was strange how now, days after the funeral for Commander Aerelon, it still hung like a miasma over the station.

He turned to walk towards the habitat rings, wanting no more than a shower to wash the dirt of that Borg planet off his skin and to try to forget that he’d been kidnapped in the first place. It was not to be. Just as he was about to instruct the turbolift to go to the deck his quarters were on, the call came through from Captain Romano.

“Deck 7,” he requested instead. That shower would just have to wait.

Ward Room

Being close at hand, Jrez was the first to enter the wardroom. He nodded to Romano then sat quietly towards the back of the room.

The silence was shattered, Sara had thought that by using the quarters on the Phaeton she could get some peace away from the hussle and bussle of the station, sadly staff meetings knew no boundaries, her day off wasn't over, merely on hold she told herself. As she made her way to the wardroom she felt oddly refreshed, the difference a good nights sleep made was a wonder. With a quick smile she acknowledged her good friend Leanne and the new Commanding Officer, Romano, he seemed like a good officer, he listened to those around him, not a great surprise given his El-Aurian heritage. Jrez sat at the far end of the table, he seemed very different from the man who came to talk to her only a few weeks earlier, how things had changed.

Haqtaj strode in next. She was filthy with a fine brown grey dust, the same that had clung to Jrez. In her hand she held a Klingon PADD. She strode quickly past the others and leant down so only Romano and Zoe could hear.

"It has come to my attention that a member of the Klingon embassy has kidnapped a Starfleet officer and stolen Federation property. Both have been returned unharmed and I have here a formal appology for the action. If you wish to take the matter further i will see to it that it is raised before the High Council. However, in light of the services that the Klingon people have provided to this crew, both in ships and man power, at a moments notice, I hope you will see fit to let the matter pass."

Zor took the PADD, slightly surprised at the briskness of the Klingon officer. She was forthright, as with most Klingon's, but at the same time there was a softness to her, maybe one she had developed over the time she had been working with Starfleet.
"Thank you Ambassador. I'll catch you after the meeting and we can address this!"

Haqtaj nodded and withdrew, taking a seat half way along the table, facing the entrance.

It was that slightly forbidding face that greeted Doctor Brenari when she arrived at the briefing room next. Doused the fine dull dust she saw Jrez sitting toward the back looking, and feeling exhausted. Though the now Warrant Office had an unbounded level of ideas and merriness the Doctor has a lot time for him, and often scolded herself for now plucking up the courage to speak to him.

Next she acknowledged the stern, new face of Zor, whom thankfully looked more controlled then previous in sickbay. She understood the long, bloody history between his race and of the Borg, but Cullen was an individual now - she was innocent in that massacre.

Feeling out of her depth Brenari skirted around the table taking a seat in silence.

Deanna was meeting with some of the crew members when she heard the announcement. She finished up with what she was doing and then headed off to the ward room on deck seven. She looked around the room and then found a seat to sit at and sat there.

Lt Kriss Maxx was facing a particular reoccurring in one of the communication relays. This one had suddenly developed a nasty habit of burning itself out when capacity reached a certain limit. The power to this one had been cut off at the junction and Maxx sat cross legged on the floor as his mind tried to trace the problem. It was not a vital relay but Maxx hated to leave a riddle unsolved. When the message came through for him to report to the ward room on deck seven he was startled. Perhaps he needed to have a break form this mystery and come back a fresh to it in a few hours.

"Lt Maxx on my way" he replied and crawled out of the access tube to the nearest turbo lift. "Deck 7" he asked.

He would be off duty soon but the problematic relay would play on his mind, that and the pestering mind of Kriss in the background. When he walked into the ward room he saw that some of the other senior staff were there. He took a seat at the table.

"Well..", Zor stood from the head of the table, looking at the gathering of officers he still had yet to get to know. "Thank you all for coming. I've called this meeting for a number of reasons. First I want to hear were all of the departments are at, so if we can start their please!"

Haqtaj stood up to make her report, "We are off the main trade lines so there is little Klingon through traffic. However, I have hopes that this may change in the near future if the opportunities through the Transwarp conduit develop in the way I imagine. Otherwise things are quiet."

Jrez expected Haqtaj to have more to say. From the look on the other faces, no-one was ready to give their report – they all appeared to be hoping someone else would go first. He decided to step into the breach.

“The crew is getting back to full compliment. I’ll leave it to department heads to detail where numbers are down but replacements are still coming in. With this transwarp conduit on our doorstep, the Federation is moving as fast as I’ve seen a bureaucracy move to get the gaps plugged but that means pulling in crew from right across the Federation. It will take time. My priority as Command Chief is to get them all settled into quarters and put through basic orientation about the base and the situation we face. Most have not seen a Cardassian base before but the thought of one conjures up images of DS9 and the Dominion War. As if that’s not enough, the thought of a transwarp conduit scares them...well, best maybe not to be too explicit but they don’t like what they see and they like what they don’t see even less.

“As for the Science section, I’ve transferred a lot of resources to analysing the data brought back by the Ambassador and myself. I figure that right now, while we’re in a phase of relative peace, we should use our time to see if we can use the conduit for our own purposes or, if not, how we can close it down. There’s also the question of what we found at the other end. I do not propose to go into that here. It will be the subject of a separate, written, report and that report will, I imagine, be assigned top classification.”

Brenari was trying not to stare at Leanne as she sat beside Zor in a new uniform and glistening golden pips. She felt her little world shudder at the sight. Leanne it seemed was leaving the matters of medical behind in another persons capable hands. The idea filled the surgeon with dread.
Snapping back ti attention at the sound of the senior staff voices Brenari made her report.

"All hands from the Arizona have been cleared, many it seems have already received new orders including Commander Solis. With the recent incursion we, thankfully did not take many causalities, though sadly there was one fatality." She paused always finding it hard to speak of those that had passed away under her care. "On a separate note the drone rescued by Commander Fletcher from the Borg cube is making a steady recovery. A little research has uncovered her true identity as Lymari Cullen, an officer aboard the USS Kadosca. The ship was lost in the battle of Wolf 359 when she was assimilated by the Borg. I believe once she has made more progress with her environment and personal changes that she maybe able to return to duty. But we'll come to that bridge a little later, with your permission of course Captain."

"Communications is up to nearly 100%." reported Maxx "Though we do have a couple of relay problems on some of the older systems. These are being updated and in some cases replaced altogether. So you might experience the odd feedback or echo now and then until the problem is sorted out. The communications array is running at full capacity since the improved fleet installations and the new dialectric insulators. Apart from those little minor hiccups were doing ok so far."

"Operations has completed all structural repairs, we're concentrating on getting life supports for all crew quarters up and running. Defensive systems are online however the upgrade to the weapons grid has slowed, with current manpower we're on course to have it completed within the next three months. For now we're holding our own, any extra commitments will have a major impact on the repair efforts however." It was stark but also true, Zor knew Operations was stretched pretty thin trying to repair, maintain and operate the station, her private concerns having already been shared with him.

Leanne sat back listening to the reports coming in and tried to make quick notes on a pad about everything. She only had a cursory knowledge of most of the systems that they officers were speaking about and the learning curve was huge. She'd have to take a moment with each one to get an idea about how everything interacted with everything else.

"Well since up until a few moments ago I was Chief Medical Officer, I'll update from that section. We've recently shipped out medical supplies to colonies on the Cardassian side of the border. They've had some outbreaks of disease that they are currently unprepared for. As a result, our own supplies are low, I've ordered more from Starfleet Medical and in the mean time, ordered replication of essentials. So everyone try not to get any scraped knees for another two weeks." She smiled at everyone and brushed her hair back. "If the situation there gets any worse we should send a medical team there so see if we can do anything."

"Just to clarify, Doctor Ulonova is not leaving the station. You may notice the change in color on the good doctors collar. Commander Ulonova has consented to step up as the stations First Officer... With recent happenings I decided with full backing of Admirals baker and DeVuor that since Leanne knows this station and crew better than almost anyone else in this room that she would be the only choice"

Zor leaned back in his chair, taking in the moods of the officers gathered around him and how they would take this news. Almost everyone else he had spoken to had assumed that Commander Mason would be offered the position. Still, he was convinced that the right choice had been made. Leanne, unlike her counter part in Mason had her wits about her and wasn't the broken women that Kristina had returned as.

Haqtaj inclined her head, "Congratulations, Commander."

"For the time being, Doctor Brenari will assuming acting Chief medical Officer, hence she has been invited here today. Also one last little change to the command staff. Lieutenant Tarke is no longer with us, so Lieutenant Rodriguez will be assuming that position... So, if we can have the report for Security please Lieutenant!"
Zor allowed the moment to pass in regards of the Command change, instead pressing on, wanting to get the meeting over with.

The colour drainned from Brenari's face at the news.

Tom said "I am Happy to report that the security personnel is nearly at 100% Captain"

"And what about the local crime rate. I know Lieutenant Tarke and Shire were having more than a little trouble on that score before she was reassigned".
Zor watched the new officer, trying to gauge his reactions but so far he was unreadable and something of a mystery. He kept his answers short and his questions not forthcoming.

Tom said "The crime rate here on the station is very low right now. I have something the reason my answer is short: I'm new to this station security chief post "

Finally, the only one not to have spoken was the one officer that Zor had hoped would be the first to speak. As an El Aurian, his people were known as listeners, in his position he couldn't do that station wide, he had to rely on the stations Counselors.
"Counselor, whats the crews state like after the changes?", purposefully avoiding mentioning Zeek's name aloud.

Deanna was in her own little world thinking about everyone on the station. "I have been talking with different members of the crew," said Deanna. "Considering, everyone is handling the change well. I still though, have some members that I need to talk with."

The reports complete, and a heavy feeling lifting from around Zor's shoulders he now needed to inform them of the inbound cargo ship that was carry what could potentially turn into a whole station worth of bad.
"We have one last thing. Commander Ulonova and Doctor Brenari, we have a cargo vessel inbound carrying multiple pathogens from the Cardassian Colonies. The hope is for them to be forwarded on the Cold Station twelve, but we have the joy of checking the containment fields before they enter federation space. I want the two of you to work together on this. Mister Rodriquez, we'll need extra security around docking port five, if you could see to that. Commander Lam, I'll need a command level officer on hand in Ops to deal with the docking... If you wouldn't mind". Finally he took a pause in handing out orders and regarded the room once again, allowing his eyes to roam the room. "If their are no other questions, dismissed".

As the meeting disbanded, Jrez eased his way over to Ulonova. “Congratulations, Commander,” he said, offering her his hand. “It is a well deserved promotion.”

"Thanks Chief, hopefully I don't blow up the station or anything in my first couple days." The commander smiled at Jrez. "Is there something that I can help you with?"

“When you have some time, I’d like to have a meeting. There are some things I’d like to discuss about the crew in general and morale specifically.”

"Would love to, I'll stop by later on today after I catch up on a few things." The doctor smiled at him "Hopefully we can get everything back to 100%."

He turned to leave. “Oh and, by the way, if the Science section can help with checking the containment fields, just give a yell.”

"Sounds great chief."


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