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Posted on Mon Nov 22nd, 2010 @ 8:25am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Zor's Office
Timeline: After the officer's meeting.

Haqtaj pressed the chime and let her eyes scan the opperations room as she waited for Zor to respond. The Federation officers looked out of place. This room was all about power and who was in charge of who, yet the Federation were about colaboration and working together. It was part of what was holding the repairs and maintenance back. They kept trying to augment subjgated systems so they could run in parrallel.

She smiled to herself. A Federation engineer could turn a bunch of rocks into replicators, but ask them to command a group of subordinates and they came appart. The did not like command, as a general rule. It would eb interesting to see how this new one, this Zor Romano, managed it. According to his file he was typical of the Federation; a Diplomat and a peace keeper who would rather befriend and compromise than attack and dominate.

Perhaps that would be a good thing for now, perhaps not.

Yet again the chime had interrupted his attempted unpacking of the multitude of crates scattering the room, have of which were now emptied.
He plopped down an old Iconian Vase, one of the very few known to have survived this long, and turned back to his desk calling "Enter" as he landed himself in the chair behind the black polished desk.

Haqtaj stepped through and noticed the chaos but made no comment. She moved to stand in front of the desk.

"I have come to follow up on the matter of discipline reguarding the theft of property and person by a member of my staff."

"Yes... Please take a seat ", he motioned to the seating across from the windows facing out on the ops center. "Now, as I'm new here, you might have to explain whats actually happened, and is the human counterpart to your rank General?", he asked, wanting to honor her with her rank, but not fully sure how to pronounce the Klingon adaption.

"Hardly," Haqtaj growled. "Sogh is Klingon for your rank of Lieutenant, la' for Commander. so Soghla' is closest to Lt. Commander. I am sorry if I seem angry about it. I used to be an 'aj... er Admiral... amongst my own people, but taking htis post i needed to acept a demotion for diplomatic reasons."

"As for what happened, a member of my staff kindapped one of your science officers and stole a Type 15 Shuttlepod. They flew it into the transwarp conduit near the station to explore the other side, without permission or logging a flight plan. Naturally if a Klingon ship had been at the station they would not have felt these steps were necessary."

"The situation is regretable and, as I stated, I have a written appology from the individual in question. Mr Jrez has been returned unharmed, as has the shuttle pod. Diplomatic immunity technically protects the individual from Federation action, unless you wish them expelled, but I wanted you to know I take the matter seriously and, if you feel further action is warrented, I will take this matter further."

"I will need to discuss the matter with Mister Jrez as this really affects him more than it does me. May I get back to you on this matter Ambassador?"
Zor maintained the smile, but was defiantly beginning to wonder what he had taken on with this station.

Haqtaj stood, "Of course, Captain. As I said, politically there is nothing else that needs to be done about this. I offer my aide in it purely as a courtesy. I want you to continue to feel free to call upon House Matlh and the Klingon people if you have a need that we can meet."

She bowed slightly and began to move towards teh door before stoping again, 'For example, I understand you may soon be needing trained warriors to maintain a military presence on the other side of the transwarp conduit. You will need to speak to Jrez more about what I am referring to but, once you are resolved, I am sure I can arrange for a significant Klingon detachment to protect any Federation forces you dispatch to the area. Good day to you, Captain."

Zor watched the imposing, yet alluring Klingon step back out into Ops and confidently stride across the Command Deck. He had no idea what she had been talking about, but this seemed like the right moment to really meet with the his Chief Science Officer.
Tapping his com-badge he placed the request. "Romano to Jrez. Please report to my office".


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