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New Beginnings

Posted on Wed Apr 22nd, 2009 @ 6:15pm by

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Beverly had been stewing for some time, and she knew her first officer would be along shortly to console her, chat with her. She still didn't know him that well, but he seemed to have a beat on her, knows her and understands her, so she expected him soon.

Currently she was reviewing the starfleet records of Henka and Ensign T'Arjia. Both were very impressive records, and as it happened the ship was looking for someone with Henks ability, and the ship wouldn't go amiss with a Science Officer with T'Arjia's skills. She tapped her com-badge, "Henk O'Brien, please report to my ready room".
She severed the link and now waited. Things may improve and bring fresh hope and spirit to an otherwise broken crew.

Henk was sitting in ten forward when he heard the call. He stood up and walked to a turbo lift. After a few seconds it appeared. He stepped.
“Bridge” Henk said and the lift started to move.
After a few seconds Henk walked unto the bridge. He walked over to the Captain ready room and took a deep breath. He pressed the doorbell.

"Enter", came the crisp reply to the chime. Beverly was now sat behind her desk, covering her downtrodden spirit and weariness with a winning smile. The sort of smile that someone adopts when they don't want others to notice the pain that pierced right down to the soul.

As the doors opened Henk walked inside.
"You wanted to see me Captain?" Henk said. "How are you feeling by the way?"

"I'm well thank you", she smiled her way through his question, unable and unwilling to let the crew know that her life still hung in the balance. "Mister O'Brien, I have been looking over your Starfleet record and I'm impressed", she swiveled the console on her desk around, so Henk could see the data she currently had on the screen to review. "It tells me that you were in Starfleet for a time, but left the pilot the Colony ship West Ridge".

A soft smile appeared on Henk's face.
"I was getting tired of flying those admirals around. So I made it clear and requested a transfer. When I heard it was refused because of my pilot skills I left. I thought I had some luck on a colony. The rest is old news.”
Henk took a seat and looked at Beverly.
“So where do you want to talk about?” Henk asked

"I want to talk about you coming back to Starfleet", gently she lifted a small black box onto the table and pushed it towards him. "My conn officer was killed", her eyes echoing the pain she felt over the loss, "And I could use a new one. You will be reinstated at the rank of Ensign, if your up to the challenge".

Henk looked at the box and picked it up. When he opened it he looked at an gold pin.
"I must say that I sometimes speak my mind. It's not personal, it's just how I am." Henk said.
He slowly looked up at Beverly.
"When do I start Captain?" Henk asked with a smile.

"Your duty shift started about fifteen minuets ago", she said with a playful smirk. "But we'll skip the court martial this time. Get yourself settle in Ensign. I'm not expecting you on duty until tomorrow".
She pulled herself out of her chair and rounded the table until she was stood infront of Henk. "And welcome home", extending a hand to shake his.

"Thank you Ma'am."Henk said with a smile. "I will get dressed and start my shift. I might want to work on the engines. They might be sluggish by my taste."
Henk turned around and walked to the door. he stood still and turned around.
"If you don't mind of course?"

This brought a warm genuine smile to her face. "Of course not, just don't upset our chief engineer, he's rather eccentric"

"Captain, That engine will run so smooth, you'll almost forget we are flying through space." Henk said.

She nodded in his direction, "Welcome to the family Ensign".
She patted his shoulder before heading back around her desk, nd with mock authority, "Dismissed Ensign".
She plopped back down in her chair, just as Henk left the room, still looking somewhat dazed at the speed in which he was accepted back into Starfleet.
Now her mind went back to reports and figuring out what the hieroglyphics's translated too.


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