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The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants

Posted on Sun Dec 5th, 2010 @ 8:10am by Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: DeFranco Quarters

The mistakes of one’s life often come back to haunt us in our darkest moments. The nagging feel of regret and paths not taken arise out of the mind as we lay on our beds waiting for sleep that seems far away. Mistakes were a badge of honour for some for others it was another stone they had to drag around constantly reminded of its bitter weight. Adam wasn’t a perfect person, he played the part well of being carefree and happy but deep down inside he was regretful of the path he had taken. His life had been mapped out even before he had been born, his father the obsessive engineer and his mother the argumentative lawyer.

It wasn’t that they were bad parents it just that they rarely if ever considered Adam wants or needs. For one he was expected to marry and even worse as an only child he was expected to marry a woman, centuries had passed since most discrimination had been weeded out but like a weed it seemed to sprout whether it had sun or water to survive. His mother never knew and his father was even less involved in his romantic life. He brought home a girlfriend every now and then just to make them feel better when things were going bad at their respective jobs. It just never felt right the hand holding, the kissing and then the sex.

He was often described by his girlfriends as disengaged by any sex act. He would become a zombie and zone out of the mood and leave his female companion at a loss for words when she had to shake him to get into any position. After a few months most of his girlfriends would leave him after finding him at a bar or a disco with another man. It wasn’t his fault, he just wasn’t wired that way worse of all was that he loved to play the flirt game guy or girl which is probably why they would be so gobsmacked when he ignored them to dance or speak with another man.

Oh but his parents were clueless, education always came first but after graduating from Star Fleet Academy and getting a posting on the USS Chicago they would bombarded him with messages about girlfriends and future wives that the CO had him investigated by the Chief of Security. Apparently they thought he was a spy and was giving secret tactical info about the Chicago to the enemy. After he explained his situation to the CO, he apologized and said that he knew that Ensign Ivo Dias a new pickup from Starbase 29 was also looking for a male companion.

Adam lifted himself out of the bed and blew out a sigh.

He was having trouble sleeping, as the saying go the heart wants what the heart wants. And what he wanted was companionship the feeling of having someone near to hold and to feel safe with. Ivo the name itself was great and rolled off the tongue like evil. He was tall, handsome and best of all funny. His smile could light up the corridor it wasn’t a smart or sex smile it was a quirky one that he would attack you with when you were speaking to a superior hoping that you would break into the giggles and embarrass yourself in front of the CO.

Adam smiled at himself in the reflection as he remembered their first mission together a retuning job of an internal sensor. It had been grueling work they spent the better part of three hours tearing into dozens of wires, isolinear chips and even a blue liquid mold they declared was the rotten remains of Lt. Commander Jackson’s funny bone. Nearing the end of the shift Ivo looked him in the eyes and with teh most serious look in his eye said

“I’m really sorry.” He said his eyes slightly watering from some sort of pain released into his eyes.

I had looked at him scared out of my wits about what was wrong with him holding both his hands saying.

“What’s wrong Ivo, you can tell me anything.” He said his fingers tightening around his hands.

Ivo looked again at him and said with his quirky smile.

“I just let one loose, and it’s pretty bad” he said his eyes watering from the smell of his own creation.

Adam smiled, those had been good times and he liked to reminisce about the old times on the USS Chicago everything had been simple even easy.


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