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Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.

Genesis lay dormant in the now busy docking port, while Beverly stood in the observation lounge within the starbase complex. Absently she was staring out at her vessel, noticing the carbon scoring that peppered the hull, the hull breaches that had been temporally plugged with force fields. Non of that showed the damage done to the ships interior, let alone the emotional damage done to so many of her crew. Lieutenant Lake had lost his fiancee, Leanne had been landed with a near impossible task, her new helmsman had deep rooted trouble ingrained on him from his time on Lantanna. Then there was herself, a strong, confident women who was now suffering, descending into an unknown. The disease was consuming her body, slowly, efficiently. All she could do was stand by and watch, observe as the malevolent force slowly took away everything that made her Beverly DeVuor.

Focusing her attention back to the view from the panoramic window, she spotted a small fleet of workerbee's swarming towards Genesis. Over a hundred of them all set to repair the exterior damage. The sight memorized her, captivating her in the simplicity and yet intricate dance that each pilot engaged in. Dodging and weaving between each other. In a funny way she found it beautiful.

Gentle foot falls brought her back, plus her extra sense, given to her by the T'Kon Queen's virus, made her aware that someone was approaching.
She turned to greet them, and found Admiral T'Lar, an extraordinarily beautiful women, with long cascading hair that framed almost perfect features. Beverly had met her only once before, during the Holographic CO's meeting. She had taken an instant liking to the women, and now here she was in the flesh.
"Admiral, its a pleasure to meet you finally", she smiled as best she could under the circumstances. "I didn't realize you were in this neck of the woods".

Deela felt that the holograph image didn't really show the extent of her ailment, "I had some supplies to pick up. When I heard that you were en route here, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and get your report first hand." She observed the woman, "How are you feeling?"

Beverly tried, but didn't etierly manage a smile. "I'm feeling better than I was. My Doctor has been able to stabilize the condition. However a cure is something different".
Beverly returned her gaze back to the view of her ship. Its graceful lines obscured by the workerbee's or the hull damage that peppered the hull. "I'm surprised that we survived to be honest. It was savage, brutal. I lost so many good people", she was unable to stop the solitary tear that ran down her cheek, the tear that had been threatening to shed since she had returned to Genesis. The ship had almost lost its Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, how would the crew have coped with loosing another CO and XO.
She decided to berry the thought in the deep recesses of her mind.

Deela wasn't fooled by her words and demeanor. She was hurting in more ways than one. She had been there, well, not the DNA changing part but losing a great deal of your crew. "I've been there. The last time I lost a great deal of my crew, it took the life of my XO who was also my husband. We were boarded and before I could get to him, he was unconscious and left for dead. He lived long enough to say our goodbyes and then" she choked up, "he was gone and there was nothing I could do about it."

Deela had to stop and compose herself, "It still hurts and I still feel guilty but we knew that when we joined Starfleet, that there was a chance that we could be killed. It still doesn't make it easier to lose crew but sometimes you have to remember why we joined in the first place."

She tried desperately to fight back the tears that threatened to spill, and almost succeeded. However, a single tear escaped down her cheek. "The loss of the crew is what hurts the most".
She choked again, feeling not only her own emotions, but those of the Admiral stood next to her, but only by way of the left over ability that the Alien queen had given her. One that still hung over her like a black cloud that could return at any time.
"Would you like something to drink Admiral?"

"Yes, thank you. Anything is fine." As she waited for the drink, she continued to inform her of what is going on right now. "The Klingon empire is asking our help in the matter of a missing attack cruiser. It's a Vor'cha class. It was last reported being seen in the Ufandi system."

"That's not far from here", Beverly returned to the Admiral, a steaming cup of coffee in hand.

"And then of course, there is the mission to Linta. In order to be at two places at once, I do have a suggestion if I may."

"Please. Any advice would be greatly appreciated". Beverly took her seat again as she watched the Admiral before her, trying to gauge her. Beverly had a sneaking suspicion that Admiral T'Lar was about to drop an investigation mission into the mix.

"As you can tell from what I just said, Starfleet wants you to investigate the disappearance. So in order to do both, I suggest you divide the tasks between your senior staff. Half of them can take a runabout to the Ufandi system and the other half can remain on the Genesis to Linta. Also, a few security guards wouldn't hurt either." She watched Bev's expression.

She nodded, "Genesis isn't in any state to go anywhere. I'll have to assign the two teams a runabout each".
She turned to face the Admiral head on. "I'll set course immediatly Admiral". She was about to leave, but before the Admiral could exit the room, Beverly caught her arm, "Thank you".
The simple statment was heartfelt and genuine, words spoken from the heart coveying the gratitude that she felt for the Admiral and her sensitivity in handeling Beverly.

Without any further fanfare, Beverly left the observation suit and the panaramic view of the Genesis. She had to split her crew in two, and get things moving.


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