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In the deep end

Posted on Thu Jan 6th, 2011 @ 10:50am by Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Central Core

Adam jumped out of his bed feeling that even an hour or so more of sleep was long gone and it wasn't likely that he would get his thoughts cleared fast enough to fall back into a normal sleep. As he did the checklist of things that he always did in the morning he caught glimpses of himself in the mirror. His face stared back at him, it was odd he wasn't sure why he was looking at himself this way. Course he was feeling strange, the memories of Ivo had stirred in him feelings and emotions that had long since cold off. His first official duty on this Cardassian monstrosity was to report to a Lt. Commander Lam and get himself orientated with her and the dozens of new officers that had been arriving to repair this space station into a modern and workable Federation starbase.

He quickly entered into a turbolift and was soon moving along with the rest of the station, it was beginning to look the part of a busy station with crowds of people getting onto his turbolift each eager to reach his or her destination this Monday morning. Centuries had changed the human race but it hadn't changed his distaste for the morning commute sure it took him the better part of 15 minutes to get to his department heads office but he still felt annoyed with the process.

He chimed the door hoping that his department head was busy at work and expecting him.

The door opened but instead of being greeted and welcomed in Lam was almost face to face with her new deputy as the door opened, "ah Lieutenant, um you fancy going for a walk" it wasn't so much a question as a suggestion as she picked up her toolkit before making her way into the corridor leaving De Franco to catch only a brief glimpse of the parts and schematics strewn across her desk. As they walked Lam kept the conversation moving, almost as briskly as she moved, "welcome to the station Lieutenant, I take it you had a safe journey?"

Adam was taken back as he saw the door close behind his superior and he had to jog to catch up with her.

"It wasn't what I would recall safe, with the constant threat of either Borg or Cardassian attacks but I made it back in one piece" he added side stepping an ensign who was repairing a conduit.

"How far along are we in the repair of DS7?" he asked not entirely sure what kind of working relationship this Lt. Commander Lam wanted.

Darting between a few science officers who were meandering their way to their posts she glanced over her shoulder to make sure her newest crewmember was keeping pace, "the power systems are up and running so we're now focusing on the defensive systems and crew quarters, this afternoon we're getting about twenty more crew which should allow us to put on a standard three shift rotation. Would you rather run the station from Ops or get stuck into the repairs as one of us needs to be co-ordinating from Ops going forward?"

"If it all the same Lt. Commander I'd rather be getting acquainted with the ground crews and other officers." He said knowing that he would have to quickly make his presence as an Assistant Department head to the junior officers.

"What kind of shape is the station in?" he asked unsure of how rundown the former Cardassian spacestation was.

"To be honest I'm not to sure, several parts of the station are still unexplored, perhaps its something you'd like to take on, best to co-ordinate with security in fact. Beyond that, well from I've read she's in better shape than DS9 was which can only be a good thing. I'll get this job done then head up to Ops to get draw up a long term maintenance and repair schedule" Lam paused just long enough to catch her breath, "how about a working lunch later so we see how the morning has treated you, say 1300 in the replimat?"

"That sounds fine, nothing too foreign" he said holding his stomach slightly.

"I passed the new Klingon restaurant and nearly lost my breakfast." he said carefully avoiding the crowd of people passing by.

"Lets call it a plan, I'll finish up the work with the crews on lower pylon one then head up to Ops to get a run down of what's left to do, if you run into any issues I'm just a comm call away" finishing with a smile Lam stepped onto the service elevator, now it was time to see how her newest officer would get on.


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