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Putting on a Brave Face (Back post)

Posted on Fri Jan 21st, 2011 @ 1:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

Today, Deanna was seeing Mason. The door chimed and Mason came in.

"Hi Commander," said Deanna.

"Afternoon counselour," Krissy responded sourly automatically taking the same seat as previously.

Deanna looked at Krissy. "Have you had anything to eat today?" asked Deanna.

Mason looked up genuine surprised. "Not since breakfast. Why do you ask?"

"I thought maybe you would like to eat somewhere on base rather than being stuck in this stuffy office of mine," said Deanna with a smile.

Attending these sessions were not among Mason's most pleasureable use of time. So the offer of something against the norm could be blessed. "That would be fine."

"Lets come on," said Deanna with a smile.

Obediently Mason followed in the wake of the shorter woman and fell into step, lapsing into silence before the counselor spoke:

"Would you like me to choose, or do you want to choose?" Deanna asked.

"Choose?" Krissy quizzed. "Do you mean a location?" Then seeing King give a nod Mason continued, "I do not mind, I have no preference."
Truth be told the various eating spots had all lost their appealing charm since the realism that she'd be dinning alone had struck home.

"Okay, then. Lets try this nice little cafe that I had seen."

Holding back the urge to sigh or roller her eyes sarcastically Mason continued to follow as if being pulled on an invisible leash.

They then walked there. Within moments, they had found their way to the café. Nobody was there but the people that ran, which was perfect so that she could talk with Krissy.

The deserted space simply seemed to reflect how Krissy felt recently - void of motivation and life. She sat stiffly opposite counselor King maintaining her moody silence.

Deanna could sense Krissy senses. She wished she could do more, but it was all on Krissy. She was there though to help her through it all? "Commander would you mind me ordering some food for us?"

The deep growl from Mason stomach seemed to reply first. She smiled apologetically, "No, of course. Please do."

Deanna looked at the menu and ordered some food that they both could enjoy. 'So commander, how are you doing?"

"About the same," Krissy sighed knowing sooner or later King would ask: "Though returning back to duty has helped take my mind off."

"That is good, about returning to duty," said Deanna with a curt nod. "How about sleep?" she pressed knowing the Commander had previously struggled to find peace to rest.

"That's still an issue," Krissy said lowly wishing the topic would change to something less personal. Then again this was her counseling session.

The platter of food had arrive. "So tell me. What do you do for fun these days?"

If possible Mason's gaze hardened further disliking the necessary digging into her personal life. Reluctantly she picked at the platter before them, chewing on a suitable answer. "Chief Jrez created some exercising holo programs which I use on occasion."

The platter of food arrived with a variety of items she ordered. "Okay dig in," said Deanna.

"I not trying to press you," said Deanna. "I just wanted to see if there was something you can do to keep your mind off things outside of work. Surprising enough, it does wonders most of the time."

"I have had plenty of time to explore other means of entertainment," the commander half turned to the counselor. "Within the last four months I have suspended from duty placed under house arrest, faced trail for a make believe crime and suffered a great personal loss. I'm sure you can see why work gives me great stability."

Deanna didn't want to push it this time. She knew that she needed to take it slow.

Mason was glad for the silence from King, not because she disliked the women but for everything she stood for. She did not believe Denna could help her, that she was wasting her time with a lost cause where elsewhere on the station other individuals needed her skills.

Life had been cruel to Krissy since she could remember, and she'd dealt with those the only way she knew how, and would again here. Once she'd mastered the ache in hear heart, or better still found some way of ripping it from her chest.


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