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Brief Moment Of Joy

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2009 @ 4:15pm by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Captains Ready Room
Timeline: ETA At Starbase 982: T-Minus 3 Hours

::Captains Ready Room::

The smile on Beverly face was again genuine. Her next duty was one she had been looking forward to carrying out. In her opinion, and in her previous CO's, Captain Jennings, it didn't happen enough.
"Red Leaf Tea", she ordered at the replicator before heading over to the over stuffed sofa along the far wall of the room, under a beautiful painting of the Genesis, blasting out of orbit of a large blue and purple gas giant.

She made herself comfortable before tapping her com-badge. "Lieutenant Mason, Lake and Wesdon, please report to my ready room immediately", she put a slightly stern undertone into her voice. She wasn't going to make this easy for them.

::Mike's quarters::

Mike looked up when he got the call, he was still sitting in the same spot that he was for about twenty minutes after he was told that Stadi had died, his grief stricken heart almost wasn't "in it", he almost lacked the motivation to move, but the call from Bev was enough to provide a small amount of movement, so he tapped his comm badge "On... on the way." the sadness was evident in his voice, and as he got up, and saw small bits of himself in the reflection of a shattered mirror, he realized he needed to clean himself up a little. He made his way to his basin and threw some puddled water over his face and then wiped the moisture off with a hand towel, once he had finished that, he dropped the towel and walked out of his quarters.

::Podi's quarters::

Podi was fast asleep on his bed, passed out landscape with his head over the edge of the left hand side of the bed. He had woke violently when his com badge went off and he rolled off of the end of the bed. After letting an "ow" escape his dribbled-on face he tapped it. "Lieutenant Mason, Lake and Wesdon, please report to my ready room immediately." Podi wiped his face dry and managed to moan that he would be there soon. He moved as if he was wounded into his refreshing room and washed his face. after drying his face he dried his hands and felt rejuvenated. He stretched his upper body slightly and moved off to Beverly's ready room.

::Krissy's quarters::

Despite everything that had happened Krissy moved restlessly around her quarters unable to sleep or sit still. She felt human again after the shower and was now pacing shuffling the thoughts in her head into some sort of order. She would be happier when they finally made it to the station, even more so when what ever it was that had been infecting the crew was eradicated.
The only indication she made that she had heard Beverly's announcement was her steady pace faltered and changed direction towards the door.

::Ready Room::

Beverly had seated herself comfortably, and was now waiting on the first arrival, or maybe all would arrive at once. She gently sipped the aromatic tea, something she had found on Bajor, a local equivalent to earths Tea, but a stronger flavor. She felt totally normal, as if nothing was eating away at her, changing her into... into God knows what.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the chime from the door. "Enter", she placed a suitably stern look on her face, and stared pointedly out of the window behind her desk.

Stepping into the room Krissy crinkled her nose at the smell of Bev's awful tea, fortunately her look was missed by her friend who was still looking blankly through the window out towards the stars that streaked past them.
Striding towards the desk Krissy waited chewing on her tongue. She hadn't had an opportunity to speak to Beverly since they left the planet and was keen to hear how she was, but Krissy could read the body language. Beverly was completely in business mode, that normally didn't mean anything good.

Mike looked out onto the bridge, the junior officers he saw doing nothing, like he usually did, provided some humorous comfort to his suffering. He made a dash for the ready room door and smiled at the acting duty CO, who was some ensign he had never seen before that moment, he then turned his head to the ready room door and slammed his finger against the control panel to ring the doorbell.

Again she called 'Enter' and the doors parted, giving entry to Mister Lake. Still wearing her dower and business like mask, she had to wait for one more to arrive.

Podi was just behind Mike. He came to the door not ten seconds later and alerted his commanding officer to his presence at her ready room. He straightened himself up to make himself more presentable and awaited a response.

Once again she allowed entry to another officer. "Your late Mister Wesdon", a stern crack to her voice.
"You three have a lot to answer for, and wipe that smirk of your face Lieutenant Mason!"
Her inward amusement was mounting, watching the nervous responses to her uncharacteristic barking.

Krissy cringed as she felt certain she had jumped out of her skin at Beverly hash tone. This was very out of character, and she was wondering if the events from the planet were taking a toll on her friend.

Mike thought a quick "What the hell!?!?!" before looking a Krissy and Podi. Mike's frail temper was about to snap, but he remained calm not revealing his actual feelings. Wanting to get it over with, Mike spoke up, possibly delivering a career shattering blow to himself: "Ma'am, perhaps you would explain--" before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the Commander.

Barley managing to hide her smile, "I intend to Lieutenant", she stood from her sitting position, and proceeded to move around the room, putting her back to them, so she could smile openly without being seen.
"You three are the longest standing senior officers this ship has, and I want an explanation from all three of you", covering the smile, she wheeled around on them. "You have consistently, and repeatedly gone above and beyond the call of duty", all composure faded with the confused expressions on their faces, "So, full Lieutenant Lake and Wesdon, and Lieutenant Commander Mason, I would like all three of you to report to the mess hall for a celebration. The crew needs something to celebrate after what we have been through".
She was now beaming at all three of them.

Mike raised a slightly sarcastic eyebrow "Don't... ever do that again." he felt like smiling, but he couldn't crack it. "Congrats to you two." he turned slightly and then back to Beverly "Thank you, Ma'am."

Convinced there were going to receive an earful Krissy had slipped on a blank expression which suddenly sprung into life as Beverly began to smile deeply. She couldn't believe her ears, if she didn't know Bev better she would have said this was a game. Instead she stretched up and neatly pinned their new rank upon their collar with a larger grin then Podi's.
Krissy willed herself to smile even if it looked fake. The promotions had been a long time coming and were deserved for Lake and Wesdon but Krissy felt no joy for herself. Later she would voice her thoughts on this, but she doubted they would make much of a difference.

Podi had nearly fainted. With everything going on, no one aside from Mike in the ruins on the Latanna surface no one had been harsh with him for...actually he had just remembered another time not too long ago. He beamed at Beverly. "Bah, if I could find the right thing to say, it would be a sincere thank you. Ooh, like this: thank you, thank you so much." His grin became even bigger. He got a shooting pain and every memory of the explosion came back to him. No one saw and he tried to mask it.

"Well, I'm sure you all have work to do. Dismissed", she spotted the look that Krissy had given her, and knew that she had something to say. "Commander Mason stay one moment please".
With this Beverly moved behind her desk and took her seat again.
"Spit it out Krissy, whats on your mind."

Once Lake and Wesden had departed Krissy crossed over to the table and lent upon it with her fists. "I endorse your decision to promote the other two, but why me? I cannot accept this, I've only been doing mu role nothing spectacular." She was pulling at the new pip on her collar like an unwanted spot.
"Quite frankly I feel I have failed you.I should have been with you in the caves, I should have made you safety my top priority, then perhaps this might have ended differently."

Her smile still in place, she laced her fingers together on the table top. "Krissy... Shut up".
A laugh escaped her lips. "You do deserve it what ever else you may say, so just live with it. Ok?"
Her amusement at her old friend spread across her face like notes on a song sheet.

Beverly's direct attitude tickled her. She had learned over time how to soften her thorny exterior, and she couldn't help but laugh as Beverly beamed from across the table.
Falling into a chair Krissy recomposed herself. "I suppose this is my repayment for saving your behind - I was beginning to wonder what would come first, My thirtieth or a promotion!" she smiled broadly.

The women spent the rest of the evening talking, remembering and getting reacquainted. Both were surprised how quickly someone can change within a new role, and the past month had changed both women irrevocably, profoundly and for the better.


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