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Posted on Fri Jan 21st, 2011 @ 12:52pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

"Lam to Jrez, we need to do a Level 3 airborne contaminant test, are you anywhere near environmental control?" Her brisk pace taking her past dozens of crew members as she made her way to an access tube, it was twelve decks down so she wanted to waste as little time getting there from the Promenade.

“Jrez to Lam. No, I’m not, but we’re already onto it. I’ll have someone in place in a matter of minutes. I’m heading down to Sickbay as we speak. They have equipment I’ll need to run a full scan for airborne contaminants. Jrez out.”

“Jrez to Moore, where are you?”

A woman’s voice came back crisp and assured. -^-Almost in place, Chief. The main environmental station is just down the corridor.-^-

“Good. You know what to do. Keep me posted.”

Jrez to Lovak. Have you got the equipment we need?”

-^-Reguba has already set out with the most urgently needed tools. I am bringing back up and secondary diagnostic devices.”

“Well done. We’ll meet you at the docking ring” Or what’s left of it, he added to himself.

He turned to Shannon Carver, running along beside him. She was puffing and clutching at her waist.
“Keep up. I need you to fetch and carry in Sickbay.”

“I’m a geologist, Chief, not a gropo!”

“When this is over, remind me to book you time in one of my running holoprograms. I’ll have you knocked into shape in no time.”

Carver sucked in a deep breath by way of answer. Jrez smiled. He liked the geologist but he knew he was going to have to push her. If this accident was even half as bad as he feared it would be a long time before any of them would be running merely for the pleasure of it.

Crawling through the bowels of the station was something Sara had hoped to take a break from but the situation meant there was no other option, the service hatch bursting open as she neared her destination and drew the attention of three crewmen stranded in the central core. "Okay folks you're with me, lets gather people as we go." They made a motley crew, an engineer, scientist, nurse and a security officer, surely they'd be ready for anything she jokingly thought to herself.

By chance the next group they encountered was being led by De Franco, clearly he had a similar idea about gathering useful crew, "good to see you Lieutenant, we've got a major situation developing from what I've heard, so I want you to work your way to upper pylon two co-ordinate our efforts and set up a command post if possible."

As the officers exchanged a few quick glances they got on with their duties, no time for the usual pleasantries, Sara started to make her way back up to Ops as the Science team were on top of the airborne threat, co-ordination however would be key and the sooner the comm network was fully up and running the better no doubt some minor damage to secondary relays causing the sporadic coverage. The damage control teams would now be on their way using runabouts and work bee units to get into position, patching up the damage as best they could. "Romano to all senior officers, report to Ops" the sound of the comm bursting into life almost startled her, it seemed as if her team were on top of things as well, 'on my way' she thought as she removed a jefferies tube hatch.


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