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He's talkin' with Davy, who's still in the Navy

Posted on Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 @ 9:38pm by Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Earth
Timeline: Several Years Ago

The life of a student is an odd one, day after day forced to sit and listen to the supposed wise recite long held fact back to the students in front of them in a vain hope that those same students could remember a trifle of it on a mundane test. It was ineffectual and seemed to be the only way that places of higher learning wanted it done. Hours of seemingly unimportant lectures and a few choice assignments and a few tests which were often weighted more heavily than any project or group presentation. It was a system that lasted for centuries and was still a common scene in any university in the galaxy. But here in his class it was not going to be so, today on the 4th of September those forty or so students who nearing their graduation would be taught something different something of substance.

His face started to sag with age and he constantly found himself looking in the mirror seeing an unfamiliar scowl glaring back at him daring for a single word to be uttered. He was old, he could admit and had been offered retirement several times by each passing Dean of the School. His face twisted slightly in a grimace when one of his “awaiting replacement” as he called them past by and gave him a friendly wave. His eyes narrowed and he signaled with his index and middle finger, giving the little brat an odd pause. He continued his glare and his gracious V salute until the rat bastard disappeared down the hallway looking startled at the offense salute he had just been given.

“Is anything wrong Professor?” a young cadet asked him, her brown eyes were oddly fascinating to him, the color was different. It was brown but with a touch of darken black that seemed at odds with the shinning white of her sclera”

“Wrong?” he asked rhetorically stepping forward, he could feel her reluctance in standing there, it wasn’t discomfort or even fear but there was an emotion that arose out of her turtle neck and spread across her face.

“....Nothing is wrong, Morgan, please sit down I’d like to start the class” he added bring himself back from the strange abyss that he had leaned over and looked at for a few moments.

“Everyone put away your PADDS and don’t let me catch you recording this class or I speak with your squad leaders.” He added noting with satisfaction that Morgan was sitting at the front, the same expression making her deaf to any of the usual conversations with her pupils. Another student had been taught an important lesson, he could see her eyes reliving the memory trying to make sense of the memory and what he saw was confusion, doubt and uncertainty.

“Can someone explain Causality to me?” he asked motioning his hands to the students who were seated in a large half circle.

“Causality is a cause and effect resulting from an action” a student said from the back of the class.

“Yes, a textbook answer” he nodded pacing from one end to the next of the classroom.

“I want you all to write a ten page essay on Causality and how it has impacted your life and how you live by next Friday” he added ignoring the groans from the students.

“And when I say ten pages, I mean it Mr. Dias” the old man said pointing his fingers menacingly at a student near the back.

“If I get another damn assignment from you written by another fling I’ll have you shot behind the chemical shed”

The student stood up slightly confused, “We have a chemical shed Professor DeCruz?”

The Professor held his head as he sat at his desk, “Oh how I wish Mr. Dias, oh how I wish, and further more its DaCruz you’re from the Iberian Peninsula you should have at least passable Portuguese or Spanish.”

“Now of you go, all of you, remember next Friday and god help any of you who hand it in late” DaCruz added wagging his finger at the students.

As the class emptied the professor was surprised to see Mr. Dias still in his seat patiently staring at him with a serious glance.

“What is it Ivo?” the Professor said with frustration dropping the usual formalities.

“I need a recommendation letter to get aboard the USS Chicago, Marcus” Ivo said walking down the steps of the classroom also dropping the formalities.

“The...the USS Chicago?” Marcus said dumbfounded at the request, Ivo was a good engineer and not a bad historian. But the Chicago was a newly minted Galaxy class starship and the captain was looking for the best of the best. And not to be a bad guy Ivo wasn’t top A material and for starters Marcus had always thought Ivo hated him for the nearly non-stop ribbing that he did in class against him.

“Yes sir, if you give the Captain a recommendation letter with my transcript then I have a shot at getting put as an Ensign under the Engineering department.” Ivo said walking closer and sitting on the professor’s desk.

Marucs looked up confused, “Why not get Professor DiMeo of the Engineering department?”

“I know for a fact that she’s in love with your rehashed theory on warp field stabilization matrixes” he added using the limited knowledge that he had on Engineering. The kid was smart and Janet raved about the theory from her star pupil and nearly declared him the next messiah of the galaxy.

“Professor DiMeo is a great professor but if I get a recommendation letter from her it will look like a swept up Professor caught in the moment of staring her beloved student.” He said smiling his special smile.

“If I get a recommendation from a professor who’s never fawned over me and is constantly ribbing me then it’ll look like I got what it takes to get on the Chicago.”

“Then why both applying for a position on a ship that you might not even qualify for?” Marcus asked

“There’s something on that ship that I want.” Ivo said quietly.

“What would that thing be?” Marcus asked getting more curious by the moment

“Not a thing, but a someone” Ivo said

“Ah, another cougar to chase?” Marucs added picking up his things and placing them in his suitcase
“’s a...well it’s a fox” Ivo said slightly embarrassed at the revelation to a man he only knew through an academic relationship.

Marcus stopped mid way through picking up his papers and looked up at the slightly reddening face of the young man before him. The young man that he had always assumed to be filled with self confidence and vigour was reduced to a small little boy because of new feelings that hadn’t had the time to express themselves.

“Ah I long have you been well...”

“...since I was a kid, it’s just I wanna leave this all behind, start fresh with something new and get to experience those different parts of my soul” Ivo said trying to regain his usual studly composure.

“I’ll have the letter delivered to you with a few days, and Ivo if you are going down this road make good use of your time. I know a man who tried to suppress the side of him because of his mother and his family trying to hold back those feelings so that he could be accepted into society without the dark tint of being different.”

“What happened to him?” Ivo said slightly taken back at the deep emotion that his professor was displaying. If Ivo didn’t know better Marcus was on the verge of tears.

“He couldn’t express his emotions so he buried himself in his work and into the inner workings of journalism but one day he couldn’t take it anymore, his demons that he had shackled in his mind broke free and they destroyed what was left of him.

Ivo said taken aback by the story and the strong emotions that his professor was he himself trying to suppress less he break down in tears in front of a student.

“What was his name?” Ivo asked

“Anthony James Cardel”


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