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Cries for help

Posted on Thu Mar 10th, 2011 @ 3:54pm by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

Jrez heard a noise in his commlink " indistinct as if coming from afar. Yet nothing should be coming through other than discreet traffic from Ops. It was a secure channel yet....

He turned to Harlan, "Did you hear that?"

Harlan glanced around at the chaos of metal wielding and work crews yelling. He looked back to the human with an expresion that tried to communicate he could hear very well but was not sure which noise Jrez was refering to.

Then another voice cut in. He didn't recognise it yet he knew immediately who it was. Harlan was unable to save the Klingon. He concentrated. One word - hegh'bat. No, not a word; a plea.

Jrez turned to look back down the corridor where the Klingon was lying. Nothing about him indicated pain, let alone the desire to end it all. He was, to all appearances, the epitome of a warrior. Yet Jrez could hear him crying out.

He shook himself. How could he be hearing this? It made no....

Danzin Jrez forced herself to the forefront of his mind. Someone nearby is transmitting uncontrolled thoughts. It happened to me once. I was near a young Betazoid who was gifted but erratic. A bit like Tam Elbrun. He protected himself by dumping images into people's other minds. Someone is doing that around here. There's a Betazoid nearby or...maybe there's a part-Betazoid; one who is feeling overwhelmed by the raw emotions they're feeling."

=^=Jrez to Lieutenant Delrisa. I think there's a telepath up here in the containment area. All sorts of thoughts are filling my head and I'm not telepathic - nor have any of my former hosts been so. I think someone's transmitting but I don't know how to shut them up.=^=

As Soraya listened to the message she felt something touch her leg.

"Mommy, he needs help," Annabella said, looking up at her mother and leaning slightly against her leg.

"Who needs help, baby," Soraya asked, checking her daughter's face and hands. The blue/green patches were gone.

"The man, mommy. He's stuck."

Soraya got down on her knees and looked the child in the eyes, "Annabella, I need you to try something for me. I want you to think, 'where are you.' Can you do that?"

The girl nodded. Where are you? Mommy needs to know.

The response was a flood of images and feeling, no words the girl understood; great pain, shame, grief, longing for release, pleading. The only sound was the one word, a Klingon word.

"Mommy, what's a 'hek-bat'?"

Soraya could not serve as a Medic on a Klingon facility without having encountered the term. It was the Klingon ritual suicide, reserved for warriors who are injured beyond hope of recovery, and wish to die with honour and not be a burden to their kin. Their friend, or closest relative, will use a ceremonial knife to end the person's life, wiping the blood on their sleeve. It is a common form of Euthenasia amongst Klingons, and seen as a mercy by those who give and recieve it. As a Doctor it went against so many of Soraya's Hippocratic ethics.

Tears came to Annabella's eyes. Soraya held her close, then tapped her combadge.

=^="Chief, there is an injured Klingon near you, maybe stuck or trapped. Have you notified Ambassador Matih?=^=

Harlan appeared at Jrez's shoulder, "'Trapped' can have a very different meaning for a Klingon."

They both looked at the warrior who was leaning against a bulkhead. It looked as if he were trying to move it, but also as if he was using it to hold himself up.

"Good job, baby," Soraya said, still holdiing her daughter.

"He hurts, mommy. He's sad, I'm sad," Annabella said, crying.

Damn. Well, what's the worst that can happen?

The doctor tapped her combadge again.

=^=Chief, I have a medic in the area, and I'm on my way.=^=

=^=No,=^= Jrez replied swiftly. =^=Don't come yourself. We have enough people up here already who will probably never make it out again. Get your medic here fast and relay instructions through.... Him? Her? Meanwhile, what can we do to calm our telepathic friend down? There must be something major going on down there for whoever it is to be reacting like this.=^=

=^=I'll alert Dr. Fletcher as well, he should still be on the scene. But we still need to message the Ambassador, she needs to know that one of her men has fallen, if she doesn't already.=^=

=^=PO Vartog is up here acting as liaison between the Starfleet personnel and the Ambassador's Klingons. If he's not already alerted her, I'll make sure he does. When Dr. Fletcher gets here, I'll get him to see what he can do. Frankly, I think it's a lost cause.=^=

Soraya closed her eyes, holding her shaking daughter. Giving up on someone was never her first choice, but if the man was beyond hope, the only comfort thay could offer him was to die as a warrior.

=^="Understood, Chief. Sorry I couldn't be more help."=^=

Harlan sighed, "I will go and see if I can find the man's brother."

Annabella loosened her grip on her mother as the sensations flooded through her- desperation, loneliness, and intense physical pain.

Hek-bat.......release me

I don't understand

"I don't understand..." the girl said aloud simultaneously.

The feelings flooded through the child now, and she swooned. Soraya caught her and stood up, holding her.

=^=Chief, we must do something. Can he be transported to the infirmary?=^=

=^=I'm only a Science Officer, not a doctor but my thought is no. Harlan seems to think he is beyond saving and even if he could be saved, I'd be loathe to break the quarantine. We could save one person's life only to endanger the whole station.=^=

Vartog tapped Jrez on the shoulder and whispered in Jrez's ear.

=^=Doctor, I gather you're in some sort of telepathic link with him. Has he mentioned...has he requested hegh'bat?=^=

=^="Yes, Chief, he's in a lot of pain, he wants to die. Annabella seems to be linked to him, but it's too much for her."=^=
Jrez went looking for Vartog. "Our Klingon friend.... Somehow he's linked telepathically to Lieutenant Delrisa's daughter. Anabella says the Klingon wants to die."

"No Klingon wants to die," Vartog replied sternly. "It would be shameful. He would rather...."

"Annabella mentioned what she called 'hek-bat'. I checked with Lieutenant Delrisa. He means hegh'bat."

"I see. Then I will arrange to have it performed."

"I could...."

Vartog loooked his friend in the eye. "Chief, this is an intensely private and personal ritual. I'm sure you have other matters to attend to."

Jrez took the hint. "You, you, you and you," he said, nominating some NCOs standing nearby. "I'll transfer details of the various diseases we're dealing with to your PADDs. Organise teams to work with you. Work systematically through the decks; corridor by corridor, room by room. I want this whole area decontaminated fast. Sickbay is working on inoculations. The sooner we get this mess cleaned up, the sooner we all get out of here."

Without a word they set about their task. Jrez smiled for the first time in ages. They were moving forward at last. The job would get done.

Annabella was still limp in her mother's arms, but conscious. Soraya held her close and wondered how many more lives would be wasted before this day was through.


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