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One to Another

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

"Commander", Lieutenant Fletcher called from the Strategic Operations post on the bridge, beckoning Mason away from the Ops table were she looked as if she was about to fall asleep. The grey rings under her eyes were visible from the opposite end of the large command center, as was the increasingly bad mood she was in. "I've just received a report from Medical. Commanders Lam and Ulonova as well as Captain Romano have just been taken into the Infirmary. Each with different symptoms."

With a groan of protest she crossed toward the assistant and lent fully on the console not trusting her exhausted body to stand upright any longer. "What?" she blinked at the news. ""I just spoke to the captain a moment ago..." the day dream of finally falling into bed popped like a bubble. This really couldn't be happening. "You're pulling my leg."

"I'm sorry Commander. Doctor Chang just called explaining that he has been infected with one of the pathogens".
Fletcher instinctively leaned back slightly as he delivered the news incase she decided she needed to lash out at someone, namely him.

She swore softly striking the console with her palm and stared at the red mark upon her skin for a moment. "Erect a quarantine field around ops, since none of us have been affected I think it should stay that way,"

"Aye sir!", Fletcher flinched as she had stuck the console half expecting it to be his cheek to receive the high volume impact, but he was more than a little relieved when the pain was not forth coming.

"Contact Starfleet medical too," Mason added. "We're going to need as much advice was we can,"

Fletcher's hands moved like lightning across the console calling up the protocol for the long range communications array and patching a call through the different relays between here and Earth and directing the call to Starfleet Medical. It took a few minuets but eventually he was put through to the Virology department at Starfleet Medical Research.
"Commander, I have Starfleet Medical for you!"

"Thank you lieutenant," Mason turned to face the illuminated view screen feeling a little unsure how to address the situation. "Excuse the interruption Doctor, she began. "My name is Commander Kristina Mason from Deep Space Seven, and I have a situation on my hands that I hope you can help is with. We currently have a number highly continuous and potentially fatal pathogens infecting all personnel upon the station since the medical transporter containing them collided with our docking pylon. We are working around the clock to both identify and cure these illness but are in need of extra thinking power since a large volume of the medical staff have already been affected."

The visage on the screen was that of an inplacable vulcan female who oozed distain at the fact she was being pulled away from her work by someone who couldn't handle a situation.
"We are aware Commander".

"I see," Mason replied flatly crossing her arms at the stoic face before. She pondered for a moment if this was Fletcher's doing to find the most unattached person at Starfleet medical for her to talk too. She'd ask him later. "And do you intended to assist us in any form?" She asked cutting through the dribble.

"What assistance do you require Commander. Without a frame of reference it would be improper for me to make assumptions!".
Came the cold hard reply.

"I can forward you all the information we have gathered so far on the pathagens known to carried on the freighter. What I like in return as all and anything you may have in reagards to treating them."

"Very well Commander. We will contact you once we have made our analysis. please forward all of your data".
With no more chance for preamble the vulcan Officer closed the line leaving Ops in a stunned silence.

Mason felt her mouth fall open. "Thanks a million," she turned from the blackened screen fumming slightly. She cast her eyes across the room feeling a pang of sorrow that each and every one would now be contained in Ops with her until the crisis had passed. A gilded cage, she shuddered.

"Luitenant," she turned to Fletcher. "Please submit everything we have so far."

Fletcher was already a head of her having pulled together most of the data already and compressing into a subspace transmission data packet.
"Sending now Commander."

Munro remained quiet for the time being, swiftly double checking his findings on the PADD in his hands. He have never made a wrong report before, and he didn't want to make a wrong one now, considering the seriousness of it. So as his fingers shot across the PADD he prepared to give his report.

With the channel now closed and the cogs of work in motion Mason turned to officer she barley recalled seeing at the start of the downhill drama. Although his name may have eluded her she was able to remember the task Captain Romano had given him prior to becoming ill himself.
"Lieutenant," she addressed him. "How is your investigation progressing? Do you have anything you wish to send via sub space?"

"What I've found is beginning to point towards owners of this station" Munro replied "I'll transmit what findings I've made, but some I would prefer not to transmit via Subspace channels"

"Understood, although I suspect both the captain and I would like to hear what it is you have to say first" Mason nodded in reply beginning to understand the delicate nature of the topic and how it was not fit for all ears in the room.


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