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All Reality

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Current/ Recent Past

Deep Space 4

Xander stared at the PADD in his hands letting each and every detail imprint upon his mind. He had always found technical drawings a bit boring, but necessary evil. Chances were, there were bound to be mistakes as changes are constantly being made by engineers. Still, it was a start. As always, he had to know just what it was he was getting into so that he had a way to get out of it if the need arose. Particularly if the rumors he had been hearing lately were in fact true despite how improbable they sounded.

Deep Space 7. Or Roark Nor as it was originally called appeared to be one of the stations the Federation had come into possession of before the Dominion War. After seeing the benefits of Deep Space Nine, it seemed Starfleet had decided to not let the old Cardassian outposts go to waste. Xander found himself frowning. It was going to take some hands on experience to get used to the Cardassian technology. Not something he was looking forward to. Not when so much hinged upon his ability to stay out of sight out in the open. He would have to be more careful than ever from this point on. Especially with Brianna and Mac at his side.


Three Months Ago...
USS Serenity

Xander slammed against the bulkhead hard. He hadn't planned to have it end this way. Not after all he had been through to get to this place. Not now. If he was going to go out, it was on his terms, not by some freak accident in space. His first reaction led him up a series of ladders through the jeffries tubes he had studied so closely even before stepping aboard the ship. It was a lesson he had learned a long time ago. Or at least part of him had learned. Always have an exit strategy.


Nine Months Ago....
USS Samurai

Alex Winters set the combadge and pips upon his desk. Where he was going there would be no turning back. Not anymore. This chapter of his life had ended and he was about to embark on what could quite possibly be the final chapter of his journey. It was somewhat disheartening. He had spent so much time here. Had made so many memories. Some of them good. Others not as much, but overall, he had never felt like he was leaving home as much as he felt he was now. Striding across the room he came upon the round table with it's holographic interface which constituted the centerpiece of his office. This would be the final time he saw this room. Or at least he had a sneaking suspicion it was. After his soon to come to fruition actions, it would be a miracle if he ever saw a window again. Assuming he survived his mission.

A half eaten bag of sunflower seeds lay strewn across the control console bringing a smile to the spook's face even as he started to turn off the security measures he had so carefully set up over his time aboard the Samurai. He took pride in the fact that there was no safer place on the ship than his office. "Computer. Scorch Earth," he said. His voice full of melancholy. "Authorization Winters. Zero. Zero. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead. Zero."

The computer comprising the central table of the room began to fill with static soon followed by the blinking of lights in the room as every electrical device began to act as if a giant magnet was slowly coursing through their systems wiping every piece of information while concurrently frying every microchip inside. It was always meant as a last ditch maneuver in case someone dangerous actually tried to get a hold of his files, but considering the situation he felt it necessary. Whoever his replacement was to be would need to start their own legacy. Just as he was about to start his.


Three Months Ago...
USS Serenity

Xander rounded a corner in a cold sweat. Worry distorted his very sense of control. Worry for the woman he loved and the child he was unable to be there for. Lights flickered in the corridor and he almost wished for the days of having instant access to every little detail happening around him. Unfortunately, living a life on the lam had its drawbacks and this was just another in the long list of sacrifices he had made in his own twisted mindset of protection. Static crackled over the comms as bits and pieces of information filtered through the airways. From his best guess, it seemed as if they must have hit something they weren't meant to. Regardless, it wasn't his responsibility. Not anymore. He rounded another corner and nearly lost all of his breath when he saw her there. Brianna.

Brianna felt the ship lurch again and she fell flat on her face. "Shit!" She exclaimed, she had been trying to get to the Bridge but it was blocked off by debris. Brianna looked up from where she had landed and saw Xander. "Xander!" She picked herself up and ran to him hugging him fiercely. "Thank God you are ok!! I couldn't reach you on the comm..." Tears blurred her vision. "I can't get to the Bridge."

"Yeah, looks like whatever is going on is wreaking havoc all over the ship. Brianna. Where's Mac?" Xander asked intensely. He could care less about what was happening on the bridge at this moment. He had family to take care of.

"He's in my quarters! Come on! We have to go make sure he is ok!" Xander had brought her near panic with his intensity. Brianna grabbed his hand and pulled his arm, running down the corridor, the ship continuing to shudder. "Oh God...please let him be alright!" She cried.


Nine Months Ago...
Civilian Cargo Transport Lost Pearl

Alex entered the small room with a bowl of soup and a glass of what passed for water aboard the dilapidated old cargo ship. It wasn't exactly glamorous, but considering the fact that they were flying under the radar it seemed to work out perfectly. The crew itself had been just fine with minding their own business. Mostly due to how well he had paid them for this little trip. With the exception of an awkward moment when one of the crew stopped by his quarters and found him with Jadzia handcuffed to the bed, they had managed to mind their own business. Considering the one who stopped by, he supposed that the man assumed he and Jadzia were doing some kind of sexual roleplaying instead of the truth which was that Alex had kept the woman imprisoned due to the fact that he still didn't trust her. Not that he cared what the crew thought. He had his own mission and this woman was the means to an end.

"Hungry?" he asked as he moved over to the bed and sat down next to Jadzia setting the soup and water on a nightstand to free up his hands so he could remove the cuffs.

"I suppose so." She said rubbing her wrists. They were marked by the handcuffs that he had placed on her. "Are you always this paranoid Alex? Did I not tell you the truth about Craig?" She asked.

"Brianna's not here. We do things my way now or you can travel the rest of the way in the closet," Alex said coldly. He needed to keep her believing that she was not an equal or else risk her ruining his entire plan by acquiring a streak of defiance or doubt. She was already a prisoner even without the handcuffs. She had merely traded one prison for another when she decided to betray Craig. It would only be when she made the decision to free herself of her need for others to tell her what to do that she would truly be free. For now, however, her mindset happened to work to Alex's benefit and true to his training he took every advantage of it. Still, part of his time with Brianna must have rubbed off on him as he asked, "How are you doing? Are you sure you can still do this? Turn against the man you love?"

"How the hell do you think I am? I am a dead woman walking. As soon as he realises that I have betrayed him he will kill me...and he will kill you too Alex. He will then find a way to get to your Brianna. You think what he did to her before was bad? That was only the tip of the iceberg." She said eating the soup. Jadzia looked up at him. "I have heard you talking in your worry about her...and the child you think she is carrying. Have you ever thought about it not being yours?"

Alex narrowed his eyes at the woman for a moment. Silently debating how to deal with her attitude problem. The thought of slapping her was of little use considering the abuse she must have endured in her life to have come to this place. Instead he stayed cold and calm despite being rattled, "Not for a second. I trust Brianna and besides, if it was someone else's child I would know. Medical technology and all." Alex realized after he said it that he probably would have been better off not sharing that particular piece of information. "You really should be getting some rest instead of listening to me at night," he finally said trying to change the subject, "You are going to need to be on your game when we get there."

"Yes...and that is why you sent her away...was it to protect her or to get rid of her?" She smiled wryly. Jadzia did like scratching his last nerve, especially when he came to his beloved. "I get plenty of sleep. You forget that I have spent most of my life with Craig. You learn to live on little sleep...especially when..." She looked away from him and concentrated on the soup in front of her.

"Maybe we should just concentrate on the plan," Alex said trying to ignore her last comment. It still ate him up inside that he did what he did to Brianna, but deep down he knew that it was the only way he would be able to do what was necessary. She most certainly would have insisted on coming along with him to find Craig and that only would have complicated matters to the point of certain failure. As long as he knew she was safe, he was free to do what was necessary without the nagging repercussions of her knowing just what it was he truly had to do. "So your name is...?"

"Jadzia Summers...I'm 24 years old and we were just married."

"Look at me when you say it. Don't shift your eyes," Alex explained calmly, "Lying is an art form. You won't be believable until you believe the lie. You need to reverse your thought process. Think that what you are saying is the truth and the truth is the lie. Keep your focus on me. Don't look away, don't fidget, don't let your body language give you away. Understand? Now tell me again. Who are you?"

Jadzia sighed and looked at him straight in the eyes and smiled. "Hello, my name is Jadzia Summers. Let me introduce you to my husband, Xander Summers."

"Better," Alex approved with a nod. Most field agents spent years training for a mission like this. He had less than two weeks to get both himself and her ready for whatever they might face in their hunt for Craig. For the sake of Brianna and his unborn child, Alex mustn't fail, "Now then we were on our way to...."


Three Months Ago...
USS Serenity

Xander rushed into the Brianna's quarters with quiet intensity and determination. While he thought about laying into Brianna about leaving Mac alone at such a critical moment, he found himself too concerned about making sure his family was safe to take any such action at this moment. He stopped just inside the door to survey the situation before making the mistake of diving into an unsafe situation. "Where is he?" he asked the woman he loved.

"Hannah!!" She cried out, looking at her quarters, her memory flashing back to the last time it was broken into. "Oh God..." Slipped from her lips. "I'm in here!" Hannah called out. Brianna heard her baby cry and ran into the bedroom. "Thank God Hannah!" She grabbed her infant. "Try and get to your station...I am unsure what happened...don't get yourself trapped, come back here if you can't get to it, do you understand me?" She asked and watched the other woman run off.

Brianna frantically checked her son for any injuries and found none. She realised that she had been holding her breath. "I think he is ok.."

"Good," Xander responded as he frantically swept through the quarters to make sure everything was safe. He hadn't gone through hell to reunite with his family only to lose them to some freak accident. If things were bad they would need an exit strategy. Regardless, without any information they were in the dark and in the dark was not a place Xander felt comfortable, "We need to find out what happened."

Brianna went to the porthole still holding Mac close to her. "It looks like a mine field out there...look..." She moved slightly so Xander could see out.

"Well, this certainly complicates things," Xander commented at the sight of the mine field. He had never been the type to put his fate in the hands of others. It made him feel helpless and he was not the type of person to accept feeling helpless. Even when he had to rely on others, he always tended to have a modicum of control. Of foresight. Two steps ahead of everybody else had always been his way of life. Until now...


To Be Continued...


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