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The Continued Hunt For Moriarty

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Recent Past


Three Months Ago...
USS Serenity

Brianna wasn't looking at him as he spoke to her but felt his eyes keenly on her as she held their son. She snuggled her baby close to her and smiled. Brianna counted her breaths and the moments as she formulated her response to him. She knew that he wouldn't like it but she hoped that Alex would trust her decision. It wasn't so much as a decision but what she had to do. "I have to make my way to the Bridge. I know I can be of some help." She finally said looking up at him.

"Then you'd better hand me Mac. I'll take care of him," Xander said calmly trying not to give any emotional indication of whether or not he approved of her decision. The last thing he wanted to do was undermine her intentions with his own personal views and strategies. "Stick to the center of the ship if you're going to go. That's where the least amount of damage should be. If you need, there are a number of different ladders and jeffries tubes you can crawl through that will take you directly to the bridge if you need them, but given the quiet, I would assume that the worst is over for now. The main lift should be functional and there are always the transporters that can be utilized if absolutely necessary. Just be careful. Be safe."

Brianna handed the baby to Alex and cupped his cheek before she kissed him. "I'll be fine Alex. You taught me how to take care of myself and to not be afraid." She smiled warmly. "I will always come back...I love you." She replied before she left the two men in her life.



Eight Months Ago...
Zarinn 2 Orbital Station

Alex set the book down on the table nearest the bed. He had read it twice already hoping to find some hidden meaning, some clue within the pages. A secret message in the words. Even a scan of the book proved it to be nothing more than what it was. It was just a book. Ink on paper bound by glue.

"I don't understand it," he finally huffed, "I've been through this book over and over and I still don't understand what Kardos is trying to tell me. The story talks about how Holmes pursued his foe only to find himself pursued in the process. But Craig is certainly no Moriarty. So what is he trying to say?"

"Perhaps exactly what you said...I do think that Craig is Moriarty. Have you thought that perhaps the reason that we haven't found Craig yet is because he is back tracking and following us from a distance? He is your foe after all...I mean he nearly killed Brianna...he then sent me to get into her head and send her over the edge and then in turn you..."

"Craig Munroe is nothing but a sick animal that needs to be put down once and for all," Alex snapped not even considering for a moment that the man they were after may have been stringing them along this entire time. Maybe it was pride, maybe it was something else, but Alex was in no mood to entertain the idea that this man could equal him intellectually. A fact he knew could be his undoing, but he resisted giving into it nonetheless, "Even if he were Moriarty, where does that leave us? If we run like Holmes did, his minions would pursue. If we stay we are certainly to meet with an ending we may not like. If this is Kardos' way of telling me I'm in over my head, then that means he's in trouble too. Regardless, if Craig knows we're here then that will make finding him that much easier. We'll proceed as if we have no idea he is on to us. He'll make his move when he's ready. It just means we need to be ready for anything. That includes you not being out of my sight for a second. Whether I trust you or not is not the issue here. I will not take chances. Not now. Understand?"

"Yes dad...of course I understand." Jadzia replied sarcastically. She was getting tired of Alex and his ways...she wondered how Brianna had put up with it as long as she had. Jadzia got up from her seat and looked out the porthole at the stars. Jadzia wondered if she was better off on her own...or would Craig come after her and kill her. ~Perhaps he would think that Alex had kidnapped me like he did Brianna.~


Deep Space Four

Xander stood up and began pacing. His concern over Brianna and Mac at the forefront of his mind. Granted, they were relatively safe and sound he was sure. Plus they weren't due back for a little longer. It was just that he had done so much, sacrificed so much to be with them that every minute they were away from him felt like torture. His natural instinct was to ask the station's computer to locate them for him, but that felt a little too much like stalking. He wasn't the same man he was before and picking up old habits was only going to make him regress.

He walked over to the mirror and stared hard at the face gazing back at him. It was unfamiliar. Like a mask hiding his true self. Something to keep himself from facing the reality of his situation and the choices he had made along the way. Choices he wished he could take back at times. But it was too late for that now. He had done all the work right down to the last detail. Calling favors to create this new identity. This Xander Summers. This man of a false past and an uncertain future.


To Be Continued...


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