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Crocodile Tears

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Various


Jadzia pretended that her body reacted to his touch and she smiled before she turned her head to look at Alex laying on the floor. Her face carefully void of emotion as she looked at him. Somehow she had come to love him even though she knew it was wrong...he loved Brianna...she still didn't want any harm to come to him. "Show him what you did to Brianna?"

"As you wish," A wicked smile crossed Craig's lips as he turned away from Jadzia and walked over to pick up Alex. He dragged the body of the other man over to the empty biobed sitting next to Jadzia and like her, strapped him down on it. He then walked over to a short table to retrieve a pair of hyposprays. For what felt like forever, but was really only a minute he stared at the medical marvels before turning and walking back to his captives. Starting with Jadzia, "Now don't mind this. It's just a little suppressant. Wouldn't want that mind reading gift of yours going places it shouldn't." He kissed her neck and then jabbed the hypospray into the same spot letting it's inhibitive properties flow through the Betazoid.

Her mind went instantly silent and she felt panicked. It was as if she was partially deaf. "Craig..."

"Oh don't worry. This is for your own good," Craig said as he picked up the other hypospray and moved over to Alex, "Besides, this is going to hurt him more than it's going to hurt you." He stopped and turned his head back to her adding the ominous word, "Probably." The sound of a hypospray depressing putting the exclamation on that last word.

Her mind screamed but she remained still. She sent a silent prayer to The Fates to ask for forgiveness and to protect Alex and herself from Craig. What had she done?



Deep Space Four

"So we're headed to Deep Space 7, huh?" Xander asked as he grabbed another set of clothes from the closet. He couldn't believe how many clothes Brianna owned. It was almost as if she needed a different outfit for every day of the month. Granted that was an exaggeration, but compared to what he had it was not too far off, "You realize that Deep Space 7 is out in the middle of no where?"

"And somewhere where we can all remain safe...unless it is a Section 31 stronghold?" She asked quizzically. "I have been thinking Al...Xander that I could resign my commission and we could go to that mountain retreat we last met before you went off to face Craig. It's quiet...secluded. It is fortified enough that we can protect ourselves and Mac..." She replied tickling Mac as he lay in his bassinet.

"And deny you of your future? I don't think so," Xander replied with a smile, "I know you would drop everything at the drop of a hat for us, but having you live your life is all I ever wanted. I am here for you. For Mac. We can't live our lives in hiding. It's not fair to us and it's not fair to Mac."

"I resolve people's problems Xander...and I can't even solve ours? How is this fair to you and Mac? We move every few months or so just to try and stay one step ahead...not that we are really doing that now that I think about it. With me staying in Starfleet Section 31 always knows where we are."

"You are safer within Starfleet even if they know where you are," Xander tried to explain, "They won't make a move against you if you are still a part of the fleet. Not without bringing attention to themselves."

"How do you figure? I am placed in situations, even in negotiations where the parties are so volatile that I could be killed, they could make it look like it was one of the parties involved in negotiations was the one that killed me...then they could then come after Mac...what then?"

"I would never let that happen and you know it," Xander said firmly as he moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, "I love you. You are my life. My everything. No matter how much danger you ever think you might be in, I will always be there to protect you. I promise you that."

Brianna leaned into him, he was different since he had disposed of Craig and who wouldn't be? Brianna couldn't even handle the tales of what he had endured...she still could barely handle what Craig had done to her. Most of the physical scars where gone...but she still limped when she was tired and her leg ached when she was cold. "You sent me away." She said quietly.

"I had to," Xander said solemnly, "I couldn't take the risk of something happening to you. I know how difficult it would would have been to put you in a situation where you would have to face him again. I couldn't live with myself if I would have put you in a situation like that. You are too important to me."

"I faced him many times and I came out on top each and everytime. I would of killed him myself if it meant we could be together and safe." She replied, her voice full of raw emotion.

"That's not a burden I wanted you to carry," Xander explained calmly. It was true. He had seen the best and the worst of Brianna. He had known better than anyone the pain and suffering she had been through. More than anything, he wanted her to be able to put the past behind her. If she had killed Craig, she would have had to live with that knowledge, that moral and ethical guilt, for the rest of her life. She may have thought she could handle it and maybe she could have. Lord knows she was strong enough, but he knew from personal experience how treacherous a road one traveled once they took a life in cold blood, "I couldn't let you live the rest of your life with that pain. No matter how much you may have wanted to. When you think about it what kind of man would that have made me had I let you go?"

"I know...dont you see though...that if I step the wrong way on my leg I am still in pain...I still sleep with a phaser under my pillow...even though he is dead I still fricking sleep with one under my pillow..."

"That's just a smart thing to do," Xander said with a smile, "You never know when someone might show up that you may need to deter. But that's neither here nor there. You know as well as I that the man known as Craig is gone and I am here. You never have to worry about him ever again."

~And yet there are times when I feel like he is still watching me.~ She thought to herself. "Of course...I know you are right." She mumbled.


Eight Months Ago...
Zarinn 2 Orbital Station

Alex stirred groggily then suddenly began to flail about against the restraints holding him down to no avail. His head turned to see Jadzia in a similar situation and he cursed himself for being so careless. Kardas' words and book coming to the forefront of his mind. They hadn't been hunting Craig. He had been hunting them. They just didn't realize it.

"Good. You're awake," Craig said like a snake, "I hope you're comfortable. You're going to be here for a while and I'd hate to inconvenience you too much."

Alex glared at the other man. If looks could kill, Craig would have been dead on the spot. "Jadzia. Are you alright?"

"She's fine," Craig answered.

"I wasn't talking to you," Alex spat back.

"Don't worry about me." She whispered, her eyes tried to tell him what Craig was going to do. Jade wanted to apologise.

"As I said. She's fine. Although, for how long is going to depend upon you," Craig said ominously, "You see, she has chosen your fate and by extension her own. So while I wouldn't wish to deny her of this unique position of having a choice I offer you one in exchange."

"If you are going to kill us why don't you just get it over with," Alex jumped in angrily.

"Because I don't just want to kill you," Craig snapped back, "I want to see you suffer. Both of you. Then when you can take no more suffering and only then, will I end you."

Jadzia finally broke down and sobbed. "I'm sorry Alex..." she cried. "Craig let him go! I'll stay...punish me the way you did Brianna..." Jadzia begged.

"Oh now don't go crying on me already Jade," Craig said with a little disappointment in his tone, "We haven't even started and while I may have dulled your telepathy, I have to admit... You read my mind." He touched a control on her bed that forced her up into a sitting position.

"You maniac! Leave her alone!" Alex growled. If he could have gotten free he knew for a fact that he would have no hesitation in choking the life out of him. "When I get free I'm going to destroy you."

"Brave words. For a dead man," Craig responded with a smile. He turned his attention back to Jadzia, "You know, my dear Jade, I thought you were different. You see, Brianna left me. Cheated on me. Tried to kill me. So I had to teach her a lesson. You knew all of this and yet you still tried to follow in her footsteps. Very foolish my dear. Still, you did make your choice. Just as you are going to choose how Mr. Winters over there is going to suffer for stealing the heart of not only my true love, but you my dear Jade... You brought this on yourself," For the briefest of moments Craig appeared sad. Almost regretful of the situation they had all been put in. However the moment quickly passed and the Craig of old returned. That confident man who used to stroll the courtrooms. He reset his stance and looked back to Alex, "Pay particular attention to the details here, Alex. I'm sure you'll recognize the method. I used this on Brianna, but you already knew that. Still, I think a first hand demonstration is in order." He faked a step toward Alex then turned back around and struck Jadzia hard in the face with his fist.

Jadzia didn't give him the pleasure of hearing her scream. She simply braced herself for the punch and turned her head, blood poured from her nose and her mouth and she saw stars. Jadzia had taken worse beatings in her life and she had a feeling today would be the last beating she would ever get. Se hoped The Fates would welcome her with open arms.

Craig moved in and kissed Jadzia hard on the mouth allowing him to taste the sweet nectar of blood coming from it. Alex's protests merely noise in the background of Craig's endorphin filled fantasy. Slowly he backed away licking his lips in pleasure as he pressed the control to lay the bed flat again. "We'll continue this later my dear," he oozed turning around and walking off toward the one visible exit of the room. "For now why don't the two of you think about what you've done for a while. I'll be back later... and I'm bringing a very special guest. Computer. Security protocol Munroe 2."

The light of stasis forcefields lit up briefly above both of the prisoners. "Now you two behave yourselves while I'm gone. Ciao." With that Craig exited the room. The doors behind him swooshing shut followed by the sound of another forcefield going up.

Jade turned her head slowly towards Alex. "I am sorry." She whispered hoarsely. "He is going to try and break you like he did Brianna. I don't love him...I promise I don't. " Tears fell down her face smudging the blood. "I can still feel the knife in my boot but I cant get out of the restraints..."

"Stay calm," Alex said monotonously sounding almost mechanical in the way he was breaking down the situation not only in his mind but to Jadzia, "There's nothing we can do right now. Our only hope is to wait this out and be ready to make a move when he makes his mistake. And trust me when I say he will make a mistake. He's far too driven and one track minded right now to be able to take into account all of the variables. We just have to survive until the time comes."

Alex looked over to Jadzia and watched the tears roll down her cheeks. It was obvious that she was feeling guilty for this situation however misguided that thought truly was. "Listen Jadzia. This isn't your fault and I'm not that easy to break. Comes with my training. You should be more worried about yourself. From the looks of things, he's going to use you to get to me and vice versa. The only advice I can give you is to hold onto whatever you have inside yourself that is precious and don't let go. It's those things that define who we are. If you give up on that, then you will lose yourself and that is a fate far worse than death. I should know. So! Got any plans for what you want to do when we get out of this?" The change of conversation hopefully would get her mind off the inevitable horror awaiting them in the near future. A horror Alex while seemingly confident about overcoming was truly terrified of inside.

Jadzia closed her eyes and held onto the night that she had shared with Alex. She knew that what they did was wrong and her feelings for him were just as wrong...but it was the only thing she could hold onto that was in the slightest bit tangeable to her. Jadzia hoped that Alex would never tell Brianna about what had happened between them and she would never have to face her. It was a coward's way out but she never wanted to hurt Brianna, she looked up to the woman as a role a survivor. "Get my nose fixed." She smiled through her tears.


Seventeen Months Ago...
Runabout USS Amazon

Craig laughed hysterically. "You think...." he started to say, as he started in another fit of laughter, which sounded more as though he was losing his sanity, then he had found what she said amusing. He caught his breath, and calmed down a bit before replying. "You think I don't realize you despise me? I might be a little off my rocker, but I'm not stupid. I know you would love to see me burn. I know this, because I would like to see the same happen to you" he said, his face going slack with emotion.

"However....that isn't my goal here on this trip. I have other ideas for you" he said, his crooked smile returning.

"And what ideas are those?" She asked sweetly.

Craig went to tell her for a second, before he realized what she was up too. "I told you, I'm no fool. You'll see when the time comes" he said, laughing. "You'll see."

"I look forward to it." She smiled.

Craig laughed at her response. "We'll see" he said,as he checked his sensors. "In about 4 more hours, we will be intercepted by a "borrowed" starship. From there, we will continue our journey. The shuttle you saw warp out with your commbadge, as I'm sure you know by now, is a decoy, which will never touch down on a planet. It will be destroyed, enroute" he explained, as he took pride in the thoroughness of his plan. "At which point, your precious friends will have no idea where to look for you, and you will be WELL out of reach of any Federation resource" he explained, as he adjusted the shuttles course.

He infuriated her, but Brianna didn't let any emotions come across her face or show in her eyes. Would Mike still go looking for her if he thought she was killed into the shuttle that would explode? Brianna would think of something to get out of this situation. She just needed to remain calm and think of a way to get out of here with a broken ankle. She closed her eyes and prayed.

He saw her close her eyes, and laughed. He could tell he was beginning to wear her down. It would probably take a few more days, but he would see her broken yet.Then, when Michael finds her, as Craig would have no doubt the man would. He would finally break her permanently, when he ended the young man's life.

Brianna struggled into a better sitting position, her ankle throbbed and the cuffs were cutting the circulation to her wrists. ~Jeremy please help me get out of this alive.~ He had been her best friend since they were small children, now he was in heaven. Brianna was strong and she would get out of this alive, even it if meant killing her captor.

"Whatever you have planned for me will not break me Craig. You have tried it once before and you failed. I will kill you before you have a chance to have your way with me."

Craig looked at her, tilting his head, still smiling. His eyes locked on her, and full of hate. "I will not be so easily fooled, as I was in the past. I am not the same man you left at the courtroom. I WILL kill you, if it comes to that" he said, laughing, but his eyes never changed. His laughing cut off instantly, as he started speaking again. "Try not to make me lose my patience. Keeping you alive is part of the plan, but killing you won't change anything that is already in motion, either."

"You are are not the same man that I left in the are more pathetic." She replied not looking at him.

"Perhaps, but this could have been avoided if you would have just come with me" he said, as he got up and walked over to her slowly. "Why didn't you just come back with me?" he asked, stopping just feet away from her, crouching down, tilting his head. His hair falling over one of his left eye. He had most of it tied up in an unkempt ponytail, but his bangs kept falling over his face, making him look even more like a mad man.

She stared straight ahead at the gray bulkheads. "I didn't go with you because I am happy on the base. I highly doubt that you would be less controlling and insane if I had come with you. Like you said you don't love me least we agree on one thing." She responded without much emotion.

"I did love you. When you left, something inside....broke......right here" he said, poking her chest, where her heart was. "Now, I can no longer feel what it's like to care, to love, or even what it's like to be happy" he said calmly. "You took that from me" he said, his voice heating with anger. "For that, I'll make you pay tenfold" he said, his breathing haggard, his eyes full of hate. "I'll have you watch your friends ....die, horribly" he finished, as he started a low cackle, that grew to a full out laugh, of a madman.

"I find it hard to believe that I made you this way...I never gave you any reason to have you believe that I loved you. I kept our relationship professional...what about those other women....Laura...Stephanie...Maria? You take them to your 'secret lair' too?"

Craig looked at her carefully, before replying. "I see, we've been a little busy body. If you must know. I tried to use them to make you angry, the thing was though, was that you were never around, so it obviously didn't work. They found out my plan, and put restraining orders on me'"

"Clever women, I like them." She smiled coldly. "I pity the woman that falls for the sick fucker you are."

"You think I plan to live through this?" He asked laughing. "This will be my last mission. I have no use for this life any longer, and I only wish to see you, and everything else in this universe....burn, before I die " he said, smiling that sick smile, as he touched her face gently. "I'll miss seeing your beautiful face the most" he said, with a slight cackle. "The beautiful expression of hopelessness, and fear, so intoxicating" he said, as he traced his finger down her cheek.

She turned her face away from her touch."I would rather see you rot in prison...that is my mission. I will survive, along with my friends and we will put you in some dark little hole where the magpies can't even get to your eyes."

Craig laughed. "If you do live, which you may yet. You will not catch me, I wouldn't allow it. It is my intent to watch Michael try and save you, and die trying, by my own hands" he laughed, as he grabbed her face, turning it back to him. "It isn't personal...., It's just business, love" he said, laughing for a few seconds, before he suddenly snapped back to reality, and glared at her. Her face still between his hand, as he applied unnecessary pressure to her cheek bones.

"It would be tempting, but I'll do this instead..." he said, as he grabbed her wrist lightly, just above the cuff. The he moved his hand down to her slender fingers, and met resistance from her. He laughed, as he roughly uncurled two of them, and broke them at the knuckle. "Never tempt a man to break something, when the chance is offered to him" he said, laughing, as he leaned in, and roughly kissed her on the cheek.

She screamed as he broke her fingers, bringing her good knee up kicking him. "I will see you hung by those bruised balls of yours!"

Craig groaned, as he looked up at her, his eyes burning with hate. "Not before I see your life ruined, before your own eyes" he said, with a forced laugh, as his fist smashed into the right side of her face, not holding back any of his strength. He got to his feet slowly, as he continued his dark laugh, and watched as she tried to stay conscious.

"The hell you will!" She kicked him in the face knocking him out. Brianna curled herself into a tight ball bring her arms forward. She crawled to the front console and sent a message to Mike not to follow her comm badge, that it was a trap.

The console was locked, as Craig had been prepared for her eventual attempt to make contact with Starfleet. He was blinking the dizziness out of his eyes, as he focused on her frantically trying to activate the console. He quietly stood up, trying to steady himself, as he stumbled forward, making it to her, as he roughly grabbed her by the back of her shirt, and slamming her into the nearest bulkhead, as he kept a hold of her, and slammed her into the deck, before he let go. "" he said, breathless, as he wiped the hair out of his face, and brought his leg up, smashing his foot into her ribs. "Better luck next time...." he said, as he stumbled over to his chair.

"" She replied trying to regain her breath. "your encryption codes...are as pathetic as you...did Starfleet not anything?" She started coughing

"Actually they did. We're here, and your communication was jammed" he laughed as he looked at the viewer, and the ship he was looking for had arrived much earlier then he had anticipated. It was an old Constitution class ship, which had been bought by a world government who had asked for Federation protection, and was offered this, as a settlement. It had no markings, and holes where the Starfleet technology once resided. It was outfitted with Klingon, and Romulan technology, which kept it well armed, and capable of keeping most modern day ships at bay, with the exception of the current fleet models of course.

She crumpled on the floor letting him think that she was defeated and she wouldn't fight anymore.~Let him think that he has started to break the victim.~ A voice told her. She laid on the floor, letting tears fall.

"Oh please, just a second ago you were so confident you had won this little game. Now, I suggest you get up, or I will put you down permanently" he said almost sweetly, as he eyed her carefully. She was a handful, and he had to be careful he didn't let her catch him off guard again.

"How am I to do that? You broke my ankle. I canna walk." Her accent grew thick from the tears.

"You did just fine, hobbling to the comm system, when you found the heart to send that message out" he laughed mercilessly. "Now, when I get to three, you won't be able to ever walk again, because I'll break your knee if you don't get up NOW" he shouted.

"One....two...." he started counting, smiling, as he stood up, making his way over to her. He wouldn't play with her this time. He was going to go straight for the knee.

Brianna struggled to her feet, between the broken fingers on her right hand hand her broken ankle it was difficult. She thanked God that she had a leather laced boot on that would keep her ankle in position until she would be able to get the medical treatment that she would need.

"Move to the transporter pad, and get ready to beam over to the other ship" he said calmly, letting her move on her own. Stepping back to show he wouldn't harm her, true to his word. He hit the comm channel, to the other ship. "Craig to Hammer, two to beam to the holding cell" he said as he waited for a reply.

"Acknowledged, came a deep voice, which sounded frustrated and angry.

~Nate?~ She thought to herself, not giving herself away. ~What the hell was he doing here and with Craig...he had been one of her friends.~ And then it hit her. ~Oh was going to kill him too...~

"Energize" he said, as he made it to the transporter pad.


To be continued...


OOC: On the Triton Seabase Craig was played by James. We would like to credit this player as the original player of Craig. Craig is now played by Xander but remains Brianna's NPC.


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