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Reconstructing the Scene

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Current/ Recent Past


Xander stood up and began pacing. His concern over Brianna and Mac at the forefront of his mind. Granted, they were relatively safe and sound he was sure. Plus they weren't due back for a little longer. It was just that he had done so much, sacrificed so much to be with them that every minute they were away from him felt like torture. His natural instinct was to ask the station's computer to locate them for him, but that felt a little too much like stalking. He wasn't the same man he was before and picking up old habits was only going to make him regress.

He walked over to the mirror and stared hard at the face gazing back at him. It was unfamiliar. Like a mask hiding his true self. Something to keep himself from facing the reality of his situation and the choices he had made along the way. Choices he wished he could take back at times. But it was too late for that now. He had done all the work right down to the last detail. Calling favors to create this new identity. This Xander Summers. This man of a false past and an uncertain future.



Eight Months Ago...
Zarinn 2 Orbital Station

Alex led Jadzia once more to the bookstore of Kardos in time to see a small group of Starfleet officers leave. They weren't dressed as Starfleet, but the way they carried themselves told him exactly who they were. The female was good. She'd definitely had experience undercover. Had it not been for her companions, he might have even missed who they were. Then again they way they traveled in a pack was a dead giveaway considering he had never seen a gang this side of a holo who looked like they did. Once the not so undercover away team had left Alex took Jadzia's arm and headed toward the bookshop.

"This just keeps getting better and better," he said sarcastically wondering if the officers were here for the same reasons they were or if it was all just coincidence. Whatever the answer, he wouldn't find out standing around watching. "Come along honey. We've still got a lot of shopping left to do."

Jadzia nearly pulled her arm away. "I am coming darling, there is no need pull me along. I like shopping as much as the next woman." She smiled warmly and opened the door to the bookshop stopping dead in her tracks. "Um...Alex? I don't remember the store looking like this. This looks like Craig's work." She whispered, her body was shaking.

"Doubtful," Alex grimaced as he looked over the mess of books strewn across the shop, "This place was taken apart by someone who wasn't the Moriarty type Kardos has led us to believe Craig is. More than likely this was done by that group of Starfleet officers that just left. My guess is they were bored. Come one, let's see if we can find the old man."

Alex led her cautiously toward the back of the shop where a panel had been left open revealing a long corridor. Quietly the pair made their way down the hallway until finally they came to an open door. Beyond which lay a single chair stained with blood surrounded by four men lying motionless on the floor. Alex stopped at the doorway and let his eyes take in the view making what he could of the scene before stepping into even more trouble.

Jadzia hung onto his arm, "I don't like this Alex..." She whispered in his ear. Jadzia nearly screamed when she saw the blood and the men laying around the bloodied chair. She tugged at his arm, "Come on! Let's get out of here!!" She hissed.

"Not yet," he said calmly bringing his free hand up to rest on the one she had around his arm. He wasn't sure what motivated him to comfort her he didn't know. She had been nothing more than a means to an end. A tool to use to get to Craig. So why did he feel the need to calm her? He chalked it up to the idea of it being strategically a bad idea if she lost her nerve. He let her go and finally moved into the room letting the idea of what might have happened replay in his mind based upon the evidence he saw.

A man tied down in a chair. Kardos. Four men standing around beating him. Suddenly, a phaser hits one of them followed by another shot and another until all four men are down. The Starfleet officers. At least two of them entered the room and freed Kardos based on the way the bonds were severed. He stood up and took a few steps away from the chair to be beamed out of the room a few steps away given the way the blood trail ended. A dead end. Kardos could be anywhere by now.

Alex shifted his attention to one of the fallen and began searching him. ID, an oddity, anything that would give him an idea of who they were and what they were doing there. He found nothing of any use until he reached the third victim. A single chip from one of the local dabo tables with the name Winters etched into it. Alex turned and looked back at Jadzia. A hint of worry in his eyes, "We have to get out of here. Now."

"Yes...I said that already!" She hissed pulling on his arm. "I can sense Craig here...let's go!" Jadzia was in such a hurry to leave she didn't judge her footing well enough and tripped over one of the male corpses hitting her head against the edge of the chair and splitting her forehead wide open. Tears stung her eyes but she refused to let Alex to see her cry. She had never cried in front of a man before and she wasn't about to start now.

"Someone is coming Alex...or my telepathy is out of whack from hitting my head." She looked up at him only to flinch when the blood from her forehead seeped into her eyes.

Alex pursed his lips tightly as he leaned down to grab the woman by the arm and lift her back to her feet. He didn't need her to tell him they walked right into a trap. Granted a trap not exactly set up the way it was supposed to go off thanks to the intervention of the Starfleet officers, but a trap nonetheless. "Come on. I've got you," he said wrapping an arm around her slender waist to help support her.

Alex drew a small phaser from his pocket holding it out ahead of him as they traveled back through the corridor. As much as he tried to focus on his surroundings he found himself continually checking on Jadzia. He could have left her behind. He probably should have left her behind. It was against his training to weigh himself down like this when on a mission and in this type of situation and yet, he found himself determined to get them both out of there safe and sound.

The pair reached the end of the corridor stepping out into the bookstore when Alex quickly turned to side to fire only to feel a large hand grip his wrist, twisting it so as to make him lose his grasp on the weapon. Before he knew it he felt another hand grab him by the neck raise him off his feet and toss him across the room into a bookshelf that happened to topple upon the impact of his body against it. The spook shook his head and looked up to see a large green skinned man moving toward him from where he happened to be seconds earlier. A quick glance of his surroundings found another large Orion male standing near a goes without saying attractive green skinned woman dressed in tight leather that just happened to show off her female aspects in just the right ways.

"Now is not the time to get the hots for someone my dear." She said sarcastically. Jadzia was using his vision since she was blinded by the blood in her eyes. She felt the phaser fall near her feet and she quickly grabbed it firing around Alex but never hitting him. She could sense where everyone was in the room with and without his vision. She heard two thuds before the weapon was knocked from her hand and she was backhanded across the face before causing her to fall to her knees.

"I do not take kindly to being hit. Didn't your mother ever teach you it is not nice to hit a girl?" She asked.

Alex pushed himself up rather clumsily. He hit his head a little harder than he thought apparently. Still, he managed to rush toward the man who had tossed him rearing back his clenched fist to deliver a devastating body blow that stopped surprisingly dead against the hard abs of the large Orion man. Alex cringed in pain as he brought his hand back and looked at the man, "Don't they make any of you guys small?" Hoping his question would give him the opening he needed he let loose a pair of haymakers connecting with the muscular man's face. Alex felt a bit of pride in his strategy until he saw the man unmoved, slowly turn his head back to face the spook. Alex's eyes went wide as the man grabbed him once more raising Alex above his head and body slamming him onto the counter. Alex winced in pain. He wasn't sure if he had any broken bones, but he knew that he would be in pain for a month easily.

Jadzia opened her eyes only to have them sting further but she reached for the phaser again. ~Hold still.~ She pushed the thought easily into Alex's mind. She fought to keep her eyes open as she shot the man that had Alex in a strangle hold. Both men fell to the floor. Jadzia scrambled to reach him, this time tears fell down her cheeks. "Are you alright?"

Before Alex could say a single raspy word a female voice answered, "He won't be for long." Alex turned his head to see another Orion woman much like the first one only this one was brandishing a disruptor and seemed to have a much larger posse of men wandering out from behind the bookshelves.

"I think we might we have gotten off on the wrong foot here," Alex said through the pain he was feeling from the cuts and bruises inflicted upon his body just minutes earlier. Slowly he started sitting up, all the while pulling a small black strip from his pocket with the hand hidden behind Jadzia. Without any indication he was even doing anything, he stuck the strip to Jadzia, "Let me explain..."

"I can see your explanation in my fallen comrades," the woman said bitterly. Her free hand raise upward and snapped down signaling her minions to move in.

Alex quickly slapped a band on his wrist activating a beam of lights around the pair. Disruptors fired, but it was too late. The pair vanished into thin air.


Deep Space Four

Brianna sat down in her secure office and was holding Mac in her arms. He was wide awake and smiling up at her, she returned a smile of her own as she grabbed a PADD. "Computer activate secure channel Winters Zero Alpha Zeta Three." The Computer beeped in compliance and she saw a familiar face on the screen.

"I have someone that would like to meet his grandparents." Brianna said to her parents and move Mac into view. "This is MacDougal Alexander Winters. Her mother started crying and her father beamed. "When are ye comin' back?" He asked.

Brianna shook her head. "I cannot. You know the danger that we are all in." She said without any trace of her normal accent.

"But Brianna..." Her mother started.

"No! You know what Craig did to Jeremy and he will get to you too. I am not being paranoid...he didn't die in the transport explosion. We all know that. When it is safe for us all to return can't stay in any place to long. I will contact you again when it is safe. I'm sorry I can't talk longer."

They each said their tearful goodbyes and her parents told her how proud they were that she had given birth to such a strong and healthy looking boy.

Brianna closed the secure channel and sighed. "One day my son...our lives will be normal again. I promise you that." She said looking into the young but intelligent eyes staring up at her.

"Come...let's go find your da."


To Be Continued...


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