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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Sickbay

As she walked the station searching for answers all she could tell was that she wasn't on the real station, was this some sort of holodeck or perhaps a psychotropic hallucination forming part of an interrogation, but then who was doing it, what were they gaining from it. Then as she looked along the empty promenade it suddenly dawned on her, what if it was an antigen, what if she was infected?

Then as if from nowhere she heard a voice, "What the hell happened to you?" it was Zor's voice, like an echo a faded message coming over the comm system, "Captain!" she screamed, "can you hear me" her voice trailed off as she realised nobody could hear her cries for help, falling to the ground she knelt down and began to cry, was this to be how it ended, not if I can help it she though before dragging herself to her feet, I'm Chief of Operations, my place is in Ops no matter what reality I'm in.

The journey was swift with none of the usual waiting for lifts but as soon as she arrived her console next to the Captain's office was chirping away, as she ran over to it she could tell there was a problem with the EPS network and the fusion reactors were running hot, if she didn't do something there would be an overload and the station would be destroyed. Without a moments hesitation she grabbed her toolkit but unusually she grabbed her Phaser and attached it to her hip, who knows what she would find down there.

As she arrived at the fusion core she began working on the flow regulators, it was a job for an entire engineering crew but she made do and slowly but surely powered down all but one of the reactors allowing her to access the critical systems. The hours seemed to fly by as she finally got the first of the damaged reactors back online but as she primed the system she had a feeling that someone was watching her, as if from the shadows, but she soon dismissed it as she moved on to the next reactor to begin the repairs to it. With emergency lighting only though she couldn't help but stop and look around occasionally, the work progressing at a snails pace until finally the third reactor was ready to be powered up but as she initiated it to bring systems online there was a problem with the first reactor.

Storming over to it and cursing the Cardassians for their backwards technology she found the main power relay completely destroyed, she had seen Phaser damage before, dropping her toolkit she drew her Phaser, "whoever you are I'll make you pay you bastards!" she screamed into the darkness, the isolation and now this finally getting to her. Looking down at her hand Phaser she decided she would need something a little more powerful if she was going to find out whoever was doing this.


Nurse Warden was doing the rounds when the monitor above Lam's bed sounded, "Doctor" she called as the bleeping continued, Ntombi approached to find Lam's vitals had dipped, her fever was higher and now she was dangerously close to slipping away completely, "get me a neural modulator and two cc's of Cordrazine, we need to stabilise her heart before we lose her completely!"


As she approached the security locker she tapped in her access code before the heavy double doors unlocked and slid open, walking in she grabbed a backpack and stuffed her toolkit in along with some spare energy clips and photon grenades, whoever these people were she was going to give them one hell of a fight! Walking down the promenade with the large double grip assault rifle activated the sensor unit and although she hadn't done tactical exercises for some time she knew that an open fight wasn't the way forward, with a sly grin she made her way back to the fusion core, this time though not to make repairs.

Sadly for Lam by the time she arrived it seemed as if her enemies had the same thought, the various engineering consoles were crudely booby trapped, she would have to disarm them before she could continue with the repairs, screw it she thought as she upped the power setting on her rifle, she wasn't out to injure or take hostages, she was out for payback. Just she did she heard a rustling sound but as she spun round there was a blur and before she knew it she was flying through the air landing with a sickening thud, who the hell are these people, picking herself up she faced with the towering figure of Cardassian soldier, his grizzled face looked down on her with contempt.

Scurrying away she drew her pistol and fired, the soldier stumbling before he got back to his feet, Lam frantically put the weapon to the highest setting and fired again, the soldier vanishing as his body was vaporised by the bright orange beam.


"It seems to be working, her heart rate is stabilising" with a sigh of relief Ntombi stood away from the bio bed, "keep a close eye on her vitals, I'm hoping this is the turning point but the next few hours will be critical." Calm returned to one corner of sickbay but it would do, they needed a victory even a small one.


Now she on the front foot Sara was careful to make her repairs and lay a few surprises of her own, she knew that if she could get three of the reactors online the security net could be powered and allow her to truly go on the offensive. Moving on to the next station she knew that walking in through the front door probably wouldn't end and that meant only one thing, crawling through the bowels of the station via the interconnecting jefferies tubes. On a starship it was easy to become disorientated but on a station this size you could get lost for days if you took a wrong turn.

The second reactor was clearly guarded, a pair of Cardassian soldiers clearly standing guard at the entrance to the power node, they had kept their perimeter small allowing them to monitor the only access route to her objective. Now it was time for her to get creative, as she considered her tactical options she stopped, screw this, I'm not a tactical officer she thought as she opened her backpack and grabbed one of the Photon grenades, "this might not be subtle but damn it, it best be effective". Setting the primer she placed the grenade in the ventilation system as close as she dared go, slowly she crawled out and with her rifle in one hand and tricorder in the other she took a deep breath before pressing the detonation signal.

The thunderous explosion sent shrapnel in all directions, Lam not turning the corner until the last moment, the last of the blast wave also buffeting her but before the dust settled she let rip with several volleys of fire into the cloud of smoke before a light yellow beam lanced back at her, she hit the deck and let loose with another volley of shots and another and another. Calm returned but as she dragged herself to her feet she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen, looking down there was a horrible burn on her uniform, she'd been shot!


It was the dead of night on the station but still the medical teams kept their rounds going, treating those with symptoms where they could, for many though all they could do was make them comfortable. The scream of alarms pierced the air, it was coming from the critical care area and was met with a swift response, "its Lam's liver, its beginning to pack up, a minor rupture in the hepatic artery, we need to operate before she bleeds out!"


Staggering into the control room, blood on her hands, Sara began the repairs but it was slow going, there was an energy drain but no matter what she tried the reactors power levels just wouldn't stabilise and the longer she worked the harder it became to stay alert, her concentration fading after a few minutes, "Come on, pull it together, we just need to get this sorted and we can get the main power online." We she laughed to her self, "now I am going crazy, just stay focused Sara, you need to get out of this and nobody else is going to help you this time." It was a bitter reality check, she was alone and for the first time ever there was no security, no medical, nobody at all, but with a steely determination she kept working, albeit slowly.

With her eyes heavy from exhaustion she caught her head as she almost nodded off, the repairs were now at a snails pace, she seemed to have been at it for several hours and was still no closer to fixing the problem. Just then as her eyes began to close again she felt a slight jolt followed by an alarm, the monitor she had set up played back the scene in the other reactor room, another pair of Cardassians had tripped her booby trap, the console and the hall rigged to explode taking out the would be saboteurs, "take that you miserable little shits!" she shouted at the monitor, now wide awake again but the pain continued to increase in intensity, she didn't have long and she knew it, she had to get the power online and activate the defence grid.


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