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Something More

Posted on Mon Feb 28th, 2011 @ 8:40am by Lieutenant Commander Soraya Delrisa

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

Staring into the mirror getting a reflection he had come to understand and almost admire despite it being his he finally took the moment to examine the features. By Human standards he was sure it came across as Hansom, if not attractive, but that was just a by product of genetics. It was almost laughable how frail these humanoid forms could be, but now the greying circles under his eyes were paling and the white color to his skin had also started to change back to a healthy flesh color. It was time to move on, push forward and save this place as it held a bigger purpose especially given the crack in space time that now floated off the docking ring that would transport him back to his home if he so wished.

Finally taking one last look at the reflection he turned on his heel and emerged from the small wash room attached to the Infirmary.
"I feel much better Doc. Can I get back to ops now?"

"Tired of my company so soon, Captain?" Soraya said with a weary grin. She put down the padd she'd been holding and rubbed her eyes. "I regret to inform you that you're going to be camping out here for a while."

"Come on Doc, you said once the course was over that I'd be free to go!"
Zor's smile wavered, wondering if the good Doctor had found something else wrong.

"It's not as simple as that," Soraya said. "Ops has been quarantined until further notice, Commander Mason just sent the message."

The first thing to pass through Romano was anger at the brazen move of the strategic operations officer, but then he calmed as he realized he would have done the same thing in her place. So far none in Ops had fallen to any of these bugs that were roaming the station so it made sense to seal of the command center in the hopes of maintaining a presence their while the station fell around them.
The next thing to hit him was his complete lack of purpose without being able to get back to Ops. He felt adrift on the ocean, alone.
"What can I do?", his pointed the question at none in particular but his eyes fell to his first officer, his right hand, his rudder in times of strife.

Leanne had for the most part undone her uniform top and was limping around in the infirmary. She walked up next to Zor and kind of leaned on him, she wasn't feeling one hundred percent and it felt good to be next to someone. "You could make me a sandwich." Leanne smiled as she stared at the panel in front of them. "I might see if I can enlist your help in doing some triage down here."

A chuckle sounded from Zor, unable to help himself at Ulonova's brazen disregard for his rank at a time when it should be the foundation of trust.
"One sandwich coming right up... Have you had any idea's about getting this living hell of my station?". his question was pointed at both women.

Leanne looked at the infected parts of the station. "How about we reprogram some borg nano probes and release them into the ventilation systems, be quicker and more effective individual treatments and we can stamp out the infection in one go." Ulonova was feeling more and more light headed as she stood there. She shook her head and closed her eyes for a moment to focus. "We can program in the genetic sequencing of our particular strains to make it the most effective."

"That's a good idea, but it will take some time to isolate the strains," Soraya said. "I have several cultures in the lab, but they are from different humaniod species. We'll need to sequence the viruses for each species on the station. Too bad we can't just autoclave the whole station."

"That would be ideal, just cook everything in here." Leanne turned to Delrisa, "Sorry if I'm stepping on your toes, still feel like a doctor and not a first officer. I have the nanoprobes in cold magnetic storage if you think we should go forward with that."

Zor wasn't much of a science officer anymore, and those skills had atrophied over for the most part, but something that already operated within the Infirmary gave him an idea.
"What about adapting the forcefield emitters throughout the station. Turn them into sterile field emitters like you have here in the surgical bay!"

Soraya looked up from her now-cold coffee, tapping her fingers on the cup. "Every strain on that ship was altered significantly from the original pathogens, that much we deduced right away. We thought they had mutated due to improper storage, but later we realized they were actually purposefully changed, all in the same way. You already know that a virus is nothing more than a bit of nucleic acid wrapped in a protein coat. But all 6 virus strains have traces of glycogen in the protein coat. I don't know why someone would do that, maybe to allow the viruses to survive longer outside host cells. But it could be enough to let us target only those pathogens."

"In that case it would be a simple matter of focusing the confinement of the emitters to target those particular abnormalities, almost like targeting a phaser bank".
Zor was almost proud of himself in his own ability to work this problem out, but into a manner that a Command Officer could conform too.

"I'll have the nucleic acids sequenced in about an hour. How long would you need to reprogram the emitters?" Soraya asked. She tried to contain her excitement, and suddenly felt her energy coming back.

"Ideally Sara would be able to recalibrate them in just a few minuets, but I'm assuming that she's in no condition!"
Again his eyes shot across to Lam, still she was moving in a restless sleep. "It'll take me about an hour and a half!"


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