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United Force

Posted on Mon Feb 28th, 2011 @ 7:11am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Docking Bay 5

The crowd were ugly, and the man who led them was decidedly ugly.

"I have perishable goods in that freighter that will cost me more than you will earn in your lifetime if they spoil!"

The Marine group stood their ground, but shifted their stance ready for a fight. THere were three of them, including Capt Cain, but there were nine heavy crewmen and a number of others who were hanging onto the outskirts looking for an opportunity to take out their own fears and frustrations.

"The Station is in a lock down, sir," one of the Marines repeated, eager to prove his worth to the Captain. "Medical quarantine dictates...."

The man hefted a solid iron bar in one arm and behind him another drew a knife. "How about we discuss Medical protocols by putting you lot into the infirmary."

The crowd moved forward and the Marines readied themselves. At this point a figure appeared at the far end of the corridor. Haqtaj Matlh, flanked by two other Klingon warriors. She took one look at the scene and bellowed out, "I am going to start walking towards that airlock, and when I get there I am going to hit anyone not wearing Starfleet uniform!"

She began to stride purposely forward, her aides at her side with their Bat'leth brandished. The crowd, now facing six heavily armed and trained warriors began to rethink their tactics. The hangers on vanished in an instant. Many of the threatening crew followed suit. The four command crew of the freighter hesitated till the Klingons were about half way down the corridor then turned and ran. Only the Captain had the grace to move away at a walking pace.

When Haqtaj arrived she nodded at the Marine Captain, "I have brought reinforcements. Ro'a' and Cha'a of House Cha'dich."

She indicated the male and female Klingons beside her and they moved to stand beside Cain's Marines.

Haqtaj addressed the Captain again, "Things are getting worse. I can't find more than a handful of the Stations Security officers, and no one seems to know who is in charge any more. How are your men holding up?"

Marine Captain Cain looked up at the 6 foot 4 Klingon. Slightly shocked by her height but it was no bother, just something to get used too. Cain sheathed her standard issued combat knife back into her boot. She feared she would have used it on civilians, something clearly she did not want to do.

"My men are holding up. Thank you for the assistance. I am Marine Captain Sarah Cain. This to my right is my NCO, Corporal Rico and to my left Marine Private Radick. Pleasure to meet you on such..... tense... surroundings."

"Pah!" the abassador dismissed the issue, "These are frightened civilians. Last station I had to hold the line with one other warrior against a Gorn Tholain invasion. No sooner had we got here than we were faced with Borg and Species 8472. Lost my good Bat'leth in that one."

She looked around at the crowd that was beinging to regather at tht fringes, "We need a figure of authority moving around down here to let people know the commanders are still involved and not hiding in escape pods somewhere. Do you want to go up to Ops or should I?"

Captain Cain nodded her head.

"You may go up to Ops. Me and my men will report to the military baracks and begin to set up shop. I hear its abandoned. If it is, then it is until now. In a weeks time a company of marines will arrives on this station. Hopefully, we will have things under control. I will meet you in Ops later."

NCO Rico didn't stay to hear the rest of the conversation. He started to grab crates and wheel them down the shuttles ramp - enroute to the marine barracks on board.

Haqtaj stepped aside to let them past, then turned to her men, "HIchDal YI'av! Paghlu' lIjuslaH 'a 'ejyo' beq." [Guard this airlock. None shall pass but Starfleet warriors.]

"Luq. DIHoH'a?" [Yes, Ma'am. Do we kill the others?]

Haqtaj glanced at the civillians, "BoHoHHom." [Kill them slightly.]

She headed towards Ops to find out who was in charge now.


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