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Love and Babies

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Current/ Recent Past


One Year Ago...
Unknown location

Jadzia told Craig that Brianna had found someone Alex Winters, he was furious with her and began beating her before throwing her in the cellar and beating her again and again until she screamed. She tried to keep her screams from escaping from her throat but she couldn't, Craig had a way of making her scream even when she didn't want to show the pain she was was his speciality.

"CRAIG!!! PLEASE!!" She begged but the beating only continued. Jadzia had once loved the man that was currently whipping her. She knew he was getting off but couldn't help but scream.

Craig had nearly broken Brianna and would have succeeded had it not been for her then boss Michael Kingsley. Michael had rescued her from his clutches and Jadzia was jealous...there was no one that could save her from Craig. She let the blackness consume her, she would be cold when she woke up but for now...her body and mind would escape Craig...for now.



Three Weeks Ago...
Deep Space Four

Brianna had left Mac with Xander and had gone to her office. Once she had gotten to her desk there was a message waiting for her. It was a message from Admiral Gretty giving her her new orders. Gretty was a friend since her time in the Academy and felt protective over Brianna. She was sending her somewhere where the threat of the past was least likely to reach her, Deep Space 7.

"How interesting." She said to herself after reading all she could about the new assignment. "Won't this thrill Xander..." At least they were together. He nearly didn't make it to the birth of their son. Her mind went back to that day when Xander nearly had to deliver the baby.


Four Months Ago...
USS Serenity

Xander was tired. He couldn't imagine how exhausted Brianna must have been feeling. There seemed to be no end to it despite the doctor constantly telling them she was almost there. It reminded him of those signs in shops that offered something free tomorrow. Thing was, you could return to the same shop the next day and see the same sign offering the same thing for free only to find that the giveaway was tomorrow once more so no matter how many days in a row you visited the shop tomorrow never truly came. He took her hand in his and immediately realized that despite his desire to comfort her, maybe a rubber stress ball would have been better to put in her hand given that he could have sworn a few of his bones in his hands were on the verge of breaking. Not that he didn't want to share in the pain of childbirth with her, he just didn't figure the sharing would be of the literal sense.

"You're doing great Brianna," he lied. He wasn't truly sure how she was doing. He could only guess by paying attention to her physically. Still, the point was to try to give her some form of support and comfort even if it was a miniscule amount in the grand scheme of things. "Just keep pushing. You're almost there," he cringed even as he said the words.

Brianna pushed against the pain, there was a strange sense relief when she pushed. She heard Melanie telling her that she could see the baby's head. Brianna was completely exhausted and fell back against the pillows. She wanted it to be over but she was too tired to push anymore.

"Come on Brianna. You're almost there. Just a little more," Xander tried to encourage the woman. He truly felt sorry for her. Even though he'd been there all along, he couldn't imagine how wore out she must have been. Now that she was near the finish line he found it even more important that she kept going rather than stumble and fall. His free hand wrapped around the one of hers he held in his hand. A sense of excitement had begun to swell inside him. For all his hesitance when it came to the whole birthing process, he was finally starting to see it for the miracle it really was. "A few more pushes Brianna. You can do it."

"How about you do this instead?!" Brianna exclaimed through clenched teeth as another contraction took her over. She leaned into it and pushed, screaming as she pushed out the baby's head.

"Breathe now, I have to check for the cord...pant Brianna." Melanie said and reached down to find the cord wrapped twice around the baby's neck. "Don't push Brianna..." Melanie said as Brianna started pushing again without meaning too. Melanie unwrapped the cord.

"Ok honey...push!"

Brianna screamed and shuddered as she pushed again feeling as if her body was going to rip apart in two. "One more time Bri..." With one last push she pushed out her baby and collapsed against the bed breathing hard.

Melanie put the baby on Brianna's chest and loosely wrapped it in a blanket rubbing it so that it would cry. As soon as the baby let out their cry Brianna cried along with it. "Oh Xander..." She sobbed craddling the newborn.

"It's beautiful," Xander finished the sentence for her. The look of joy radiating from the new mother warmed him to the core bringing him to the brink of tears filled with happiness. His eyes shifted to the little one cradled in her arms. So tiny. So helpless. So strangely amazing. His hand moved to rest on Brianna's shoulder as he watched the little miracle that was her child.

Brianna laughed, "It's not an 'it' anymore...we have a son." She whispered to him. Brianna had never been so proud...she had given Xander a son. Their son had black curly hair and his daddy's eyes and his mama's lips. Brianna cradled his head and he looked up at her with his grey eyes. "He doesn't look like an Edward..."

To Xander he kind of looked like one of those creepy little aliens from Mars in the old films. Only with a smaller head proportionately and of course no green skin. Which made him wonder what an Orion child might look like. He shook off the thought and focused on the little guy, "Maybe Angus. That's a good Scottish name, right?"

Brianna crinkled her nose. She remembered a conversation they had months ago about what they would name their children if they were ever to have any and she had flatly said no to Angus before. "He doesn't look like an Angus either Xander...What about MacDougal? We could call him Mac for short?"

"Mac..." Xander said quietly letting the name rattle around in his mind as he put the child's face with it, "I think it's perfect."


Eight Months Ago...
Zarinn 2 Orbital Station

"Jadzia get a hold of yourself!" Alex sternly said grabbing hold of her wrists, "I'm not Craig. Hold still or you're only going to make things worse. Listen to me Jadzia. Listen to the sound of my voice. It's me... Alex."

She wanted to fight, he was hurting her and it brought her back to where she was most afraid, Jadzia couldn't find the strength to fight him. Both men had held her prisoner for one reason or another...Her eyes stung almost as bad as her forehead. "Please...let me go..." She whimpered.

Alex frowned. This wasn't working. She was obviously having some kind of traumatic breakdown. All he could hope to do was keep her from hurting herself until it passed. He just hoped it would pass quickly considering he wasn't sure that he was in any condition to even be able to hold her. With not an unconsiderable amount of effort he wrapped his hands around her and held her tightly in an embrace. "Shhh! It'll be alright. Jadzia. It'll be alright. You're safe here. You're safe."

Jadzia clung to him, sobbing blood red tears. "I wont tell anyone...please...please let me go." She hiccuped. She cried until she had no more tears to shed, coming back to the present she looked up at Alex, she felt safe in his arms. "I..." Jadzia kissed him. In some sense she had traded once prison for another but with this captor she felt safe. ~How strange.~ She thought.

Alex felt his eyes go wide in surprise. The last thing he expected was to find himself lip locked with the woman he had been working with to find a killer. They barely seemed to even get along. And then there was Brianna to consider. He loved her with all his heart and yet, right now all he wanted was to feel loved. He backed away for just a second to look Jadzia in the eyes. Then moved back in and passionately kissed her long and hard.

She moaned helplessly against his lips, no one had ever kissed her with such passion. Like Alex, Jadzia needed to feel loved, she felt him push away thoughts of his beloved and simply felt the power of the kiss. They both longed to feel loved. Physical pain mixed with the pleasure as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She needed him.

Alex pulled her tight against his body. His hands took hold of her shirt and nearly ripped it as he lifted it up over her head and off her body. The momentary break in kisses soon engaged once again as he let the tingle of his hands against her soft flash fill him. It all felt so wrong. It all felt so right. All the pressure and stress he had been holding in for months seemed to start slipping away the more he let himself fall into the moment.

The mistrust Jadzia had been feeling against Alex started to slip away...he could be using her again like everyone else had in her life up to this point but for the moment she felt alive...wanted. Her hands struggled with his belt buckle. "Perhaps...we...should move this to the bed?" She whispered against his lips.

Alex didn't answer. Didn't think. He simply held her tight and stood up lifting her along in the process. His muscles didn't fight back. The excitement and endorphins in his body numbing the pain he would have felt otherwise. With a turn he dropped the pair of them on the bed letting his hands explore her nubile body.


To Be Continued...


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