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Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Various
Timeline: Current/ Recent Past


Brianna nearly laughed, "I hasn't been for awhile. I have already sent my parents off world. They didn't want to go but I told them that they had no choice but to listen to me. Your lessons have rubbed off on me." She smiled against his shoulder. "I will request the transfer once I return from leave. We have the rest of the weekend...come home with me...just for tonight." Brianna couldn't let him go...not yet.

Alex thought about it for a second. "If I stay it will make everything more difficult. I don't know that I will be able to go. I don't know that I will let you go," he finally admitted feeling a small tear beginning to well up in his eye.

She secretly wished she could keep him with her. Brianna wished that Craig didn't exist and they could be the happy family that she dreamed of. "I know...then stay until the stars come out."

"Alright. Until the stars come out," he agreed leaning over to kiss her forehead. It would likely be the last time they would get a chance like this and there was little reason to think a few extra hours would change anything. He found himself slowly increasing his grip on her. Not enough to hurt her, just enough to let her know that he wasn't about to let go.



Seventeen Months Ago...
Triton Seabase

Craig, the man who had claimed he was madly in love with Brianna back on Serena III, during the trial with Jaime, had finally found out where she was stationed. He had stolen a federation runabout, and made his way to the sea base in search of his beloved. Surely, she would see this as a sign of his devotion to her, and finally come home to him.

The incident back at Serena III hadn't gone quite as he had planned. What frustrated him even more, was that she had gotten away from him. No....even worse then that....she had left him

She left him standing, in the middle of that dark hallway, after telling him she didn't love him. How could that be? Surely she could see they were fated to each other. All the time he had spent getting to know her, when she had been working for him. Surely she had to know the connection was there. What was missing? Or was it that there was no connection? That he just wanted to ruin her life, just as she had to him?

He set the shuttle down, out of the Triton's usual sensor scan radius, and he decided he would hike to the base. He had two site to site transporter beacons on him. One to get in the base, and one to get back to the shuttle, with his love at his side, where she belonged.

A few hours later he arrived at the base. He was tired, and nearly dehydrated from the hike, but it would be worth it in the next few minutes, as he activated his transporter device, which beamed him directly inside her quarters. He had discovered where they were from Starfleet HQ, and their ever so readily available personnel database.

He replicated himself a glass of water, which he downed immediately, setting it back in the replicator, and recycling it. He had to be careful not to leave any trace of his identity for what he was about to do.

Brianna punched in the security code to get into her rooms and went through the door. "Computer lights!" Her quarters illuminated. She took the elastic out of her hair and turned to face the couch. She gasped and reached for her comm badge. "Securi!" She didn't get a chance to get the last of the word out before he was next to her and his hand covered her mouth.

"You really...DON'T want to do that." Craig said quietly, with a crooked smile, as he plucked her commbadge off of her jacket. "Now, tell me.....Why did you leave me back there?" He asked, looking at her, with actual tears in his eyes. "That wasn't very...nice" He said slowly.

Brianna moved away from him and back towards the door. "You hurt my arm." She replied, trying to find the console behind her to alert someone of the intruder...

Craig moved to cover the distance quickly, and pushed her way from the console. "Only because you NEVER listen....I didn't want too, but you left me with no choice. I had to make you understand. We really are meant to be...together." he said slowly, as he turned the console off. He turned around and looked at her, his eyes void of any expression. His voice, an eery calm. "You understand don't you?" He asked, as he made his way over to her, one step at a time.

"You stay away from me Craig! Leave me alone!" She grabbed the first thing that was in her reach, her crystal vase full of pink daisies. She threw it missing his head by inches and smashing against the wall.

"You know I can't do that. I'm here to take you back. Back where you belong" he said, his eyes growing cold with anger. "I'll make you see it one way or another. If I have to drag you back....." he. started to say, the crooked grin returning. "Then, I will..." he said, as he moved closer to her. "So, which will it be, darling? The easy way....or MY way?" he whispered, just a few feet from her.

She was trapped, there was no way out but she made a move for the door.

"I was hoping you'd let me take charge of the situation" he said with a dark chuckle, that held no happiness in it's tone. He pushed her to the ground, and put his knee into her back. "Why is it, you always make me out to be the bad guy? All I want is to take you back to our home, and live....happily....ever after. Or whatever it is they say." he said, as he brushed some of the hair out of his face. "Why can't we just every other NORMAL happy couple?" He asked, as he grabbed her arms, pinning them behind her back.

Brianna cried out in pain. "Because you are not 'normal'!" She exclaimed through clench teeth. Brianna tried to struggle away but his knee went deeper into her spine.

"Being normal is vastly overrated. I much prefer the way I am. It's what drew us too each other." he said, as he leaned in to stop her attempts to get away.He held her hands behind her back, with one of his, as the other went for the transporter device in his pocket. He pulled it out, and stuck it on her upper back. The closeness of both of their bodies, would allow the transporter effect to take them both back to his shuttle. "Are you ready to go home, love?" He asked, in a forced caring voice.

"I'm not going anywhere with you!" She shouted. "HELP! SOMEONE HELP!" She screamed.

Craig placed her head into the floor."Shhhh, be quiet love. I'm right here. You'll be fine in a few moments" he said as he roughly brushed a few locks of her hair back. Then he reached to the device and activated the beam, not wanting to risk somebody having heard her screams.

Moments later they were on his shuttle, and they were in the same position he had had her in in her quarters. He reached into his bag, just on the other side of the pad, and pulled out a pair of security handcuffs, and locked them on her wrists, before he got off of her. He stood up slowly, looking at her with pained eyes. "Why do you make me do this? All I want is your love.....WHY do you INSIST on making me do these things? I'm not a bad man....." he said, as he walked over and gently stroked her face. "I'm not" he said, his eyes full of sorrow.


Eight Months Earlier...
Zarinn 2 Orbital Station

Jadzia woke up from whatever he had stuck in her with, her body felt like lead and was thrown over another body, taking a slow breath she knew that she was laying over top of Alex. She could smell another cologne, stronger, Craig...the memories came flooding back to her. She kept her breathing even and shallow and didnt' move even though her muscles and spine were screaming for her to move. Jadzia would play Craig twisted game...she had so many times before.

Craig lifted Jadzia up off the fallen Alex and dragged her over to a bed. A smile crossed his face as he noticed her twitch a little at his touch. She was coming out if, he surmised. Eventually he laid her on a bio bed and began wrapping the old time restraining straps around her wrists and ankles. Once he was finished, he leaned in close to her ear and whispered, "You made a mistake my dear Jade. But I won't hold it against you. In fact, I'm sure we can come up with a few ways for you to make it up to me." He licked the side of her face savoring the taste as if she was a fine wine, "That is, after I teach you the error of your ways."

"I love you...not him." She whispered and cringed inwardly as she said it. Her eyes fluttered opened and tried to smile but her face felt bruised. "I have missed you." Jadzia prayed that Craig would believe her but the way he was treating her now it probably wasn't the case. "Craig...please..."

"I know you do my dear sweet Jade. I know you do," Craig said softly as he ran his hand down the side of her face and neck slowly, "So what do you think we should do about him? Think carefully. His fate could quite well be in your hands." He turned his attention over toward Alex.

Jadzia pretended that her body reacted to his touch and she smiled before she turned her head to look at Alex laying on the floor. Her face carefully void of emotion as she looked at him. Somehow she had come to love him even though she knew it was wrong...he loved Brianna...she still didn't want any harm to come to him. "Show him what you did to Brianna?"

"As you wish," A wicked smile crossed Craig's lips as he turned away from Jadzia and walked over to pick up Alex. He dragged the body of the other man over to the empty biobed sitting next to Jadzia and like her, strapped him down on it. He then walked over to a short table to retrieve a pair of hyposprays. For what felt like forever, but was really only a minute he stared at the medical marvels before turning and walking back to his captives. Starting with Jadzia, "Now don't mind this. It's just a little suppressant. Wouldn't want that mind reading gift of yours going places it shouldn't." He kissed her neck and then jabbed the hypospray into the same spot letting it's inhibitive properties flow through the Betazoid.

Her mind went instantly silent and she felt panicked. It was as if she was partially deaf. "Craig..."

"Oh don't worry. This is for your own good," Craig said as he picked up the other hypospray and moved over to Alex, "Besides, this is going to hurt him more than it's going to hurt you." He stopped and turned his head back to her adding the ominous word, "Probably." The sound of a hypospray depressing putting the exclamation on that last word.

Her mind screamed but she remained still. She sent a silent prayer to The Fates to ask for forgiveness and to protect Alex and herself from Craig. What had she done?


To Be Continued...

OOC: On the Triton Seabase Craig was played by James. We would like to credit this player as the original player of Craig. Craig is now played by Xander.


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