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Getting the hell out of dodge

Posted on Fri Mar 11th, 2011 @ 12:05am by Jillian Forst & Ryan Horgan

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Mars
Timeline: Current

It was hot...

The kind of hot that made you stick to your seat, and sweat drip off of your brow.

Jill sat flayed out in her chair, shirt unbuttoned, tie undone, arms hanging down to the side of the chair, watching a fly buzz around the inoperable ceiling fan...

The buzzing, deafening.

Jill watched as the fly went about its business, obviously not bothered by the stifling heat.

"Ryan, are you out there?" Without looking up Jill yelled into the other end of the office. "If you are get in here. We've got to talk."

In had been two months since their last case. She should have known that it was the Actress's agent trying to drum up work for his client. But since then, all of their leads and job opportunities had dried up.

Dragging himself from his high backed chair Horgan stretched before making his way through to Jill's officer, the door wide open as it always seemed to be these days as the meetings with clients were becoming fewer and further between, "yeah" he croaked as he walked into her office, "whats up?"

"See that fly up there? I didn't know Mars had them." her attention was still focused on the insect crawling around on the ceiling.

Taking a moment to figure out what she was gesturing he then smiled, "the little buggers probably leave larvae in boxes or on fresh food brought in from off world."

"You know, I can handle bugs, I can handle being shot at, I can even handle nearly starving to death, but there is one thing that I can stand it is cooking to death in this sweltering heat." She finally sat up, taking her attention away from the fly and looking at Ryan. "I've finally gotten a good lead on some prime real estate, actual work mind you... it just involves a relocation.." Jill undid the last button on her shirt and swung it over the desk but not before using it to wipe her head, a white camisole remained, and if Ryan wasn't there with her, she considered taking that off as well.

Ryan was oblivious to the sweltering heat as all he heard was the word 'relocate', "where to exactly, I mean with transports we can get anywhere in the system in under 6 hours so I'm guessing somewhere a little further away?" Traveling was never an issue for Horgan, he had spend over a decade of his life doing it but some parts of the Galaxy were more inviting than others.

"Ever heard of a place called Roark Station?" Jill opened up a bottom drawer in her desk and produced a data padd. "Literally out on the ass end of the galaxy. Well, some opportunities have opened up out there on both sides of the border. From what I understand, there is lots of cases to be solved, lots of work." She trailed off as the fly landed on her desk.

Sitting up in his chair Ryan thought about his travels, "nope never heard of it, so ass end of which part of the Galaxy? I mean it must be near some sort of major population center?" He had traveled far and wide but the name meant nothing to him, he just hoped to get some steady work again and if it happened to be somewhere cooler then that was fine by him too.

"Out by the Cardassian border from my contact says. Though, right now it is under quarantine." She finally took her attention back to Ryan. "All kinds of nefarious bugs and contagions. Some are even calling it a terrorist attack." Jill stood up, walked over to the small food storage unit and started to dig around in the freezer portion looking for ice. "I've been able to get a very good deal on an office located right on the promenade."

"What kind of infection are we talking about, I mean if its a deadly plague that'll probably explain the good prices?" Ryan's tone was dripping with sarcasm, he was up for a good adventure but this plan was already sounding dubious.

"Nothing worse than what is in this fridge." She turned around and came back to the table. "I've already got a lead on a tracking case. Turns out there is this preacher running around on the station. No one can seem to get a hold of him. I figure anything beats this place right now."

"Well you won't hear me argue that point" he said letting out a slight sigh, "so, when we heading out?" This wasn't the time to beat about the bush, all he wanted to know though was would it be worth him upping sticks and moving several sectors away.

"Well as soon as the station gets a clean bill of health we can move in. I figure by the time we" Her sentence was cut off by a loud banging at the front door.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Jill looked at her partner as the door exploded in a shower of sparks and shrapnel. Phaser fire rained into the office hitting the was and erupting in a fiery plume.

"BERNIE SENDS HIS REGARDS!!" A voice yelled through the charred remains of the door as someone behind him started shooting again.

Rolling across the floor Ryan drew his Phase Pistol and came up firing, the shots blowing pieces of plaster off the wall as he traded shots with what he could only assume was some hired muscle. "Give it up wise crack, if we have to take you out its not going to be pleasant!" he shouted but some of his words were probably lost in the shriek of phaser blasts.

Jill grabbed the phaser from under he desk and then looked over at Ryan. "Go around to the side door behind them, I'll keep them distracted."

With a quick nod Ryan let loose a few shots to force them to keep their heads down as he circled, waiting for Jillian to lay down another burst of fire before making his move. Ducking into the side room he picked up his trusty rifle, now it was time for them to send a message. Setting the weapon to heavy stun he kicked the door and charged head long into the hallway shots ringing out and catching their would be assassins by surprise, "Go on make a move, I dare you!" he said coolly and calmly as the last two henchmen stood with their pistols pointing into Forsts office, "throw your weapons on the ground" he said as he gestured with his weapon.

The lead thug stuck his hands up, tossing the pistol to the side, as did the other. "You should have killed me when you had the chance. Bernie isn't done with you."

Jill popped out from behind the desk and into the hallway with the men.

"Whatever, you tell him that we aren't through either. We'll find his ass and bring him in. Now get out of here before I let Ryan Vaporize you."

A look of determination, anger and sheer menace played across Horgan's face as the stooges left, making their way down the stairs Jill stood next to him as they made sure they left, "we need to get out of here as next time" he glanced over "well, you know."

"Pack up your things, we'll get out on the first transport off this rock." Jill nudged him a little bit. "Good work, hopefully we won't get shot at too much." Jill smiled and headed into her office and started packing.


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