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Command decisions

Posted on Mon Mar 7th, 2011 @ 6:33pm by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Opperations

Haqtaj was stalking again and she hated that. Her normal stride had become more stooped as if she were hunting, or being hunted. It was instinctive and hard to overcome. People, Klingon and alien, hurried out of her way when they saw her comming. She got to a turbo lift and began the ascent to Opperations.

Her mind raced. Klingons were not used to dealing with pathogens. This was the Federation's realm, even more so than the Romulans. If they were stumped then it might truely be the ned for everyone on board.

The lift came to a stop but she was not yet at opperations. Instead she was at the level bellow.

"Computer, Take me to Opperations!"

- Unable to comply. A Level 5 Quarantine Containment is in place. -

Haqtaj's brow furrowed. The command staff had locked themselves behind an ivory wall. This was NOT good.

"Where is Captain Zor?"

- Captain Zor is in Medical. He is not currently available. -

The computers polite way to say he had been removed from active duty by the medical staff.

"What about Commander Ulonova?"

- Commander Ulonova is in Medical. She is not... -

"Enough. Who is ranking officer?"

- Commander Mason is currently the senior ranking officer. -

Haqtaj exhaled. Mason. The two of them had found it very difficult to find a common ground, and this situation was not likely to improve things. She pulled her belt communicator out and patched through to Opps.

"This is Ambassador Haqtaj Matlh to Opperations. Put me through to Commander Mason."

"Commander?" a timid voice asked shaking Kristina awake from her nap in the Captain's ready room. "I have Ambassador Haqtaj who wishes to talk to you. I tried to explain but she's very persistent."

Groggily Mason rose with a groan: "When isn't she," she muttered stretching for her badge she'd unpinned in the light sleep: "Yes, Ambassador how can I help?"

,'. Hello, Commander, ,'. Haqtaj's voice came back. ,'. There are a number of the civilian population who would benefit from a command presence moving about the station, reassuring them that there is no need for panic. Apart form the lock down there is no cause for concern. It is what we in the KDF call a lie. ,'.

Wearily the human rubbed her red eyes and blinked heavily: "I see. Unfortunately given the current standings with the captain and commanders Lam and Ulonova under quarantine in the infirmary, the stroll is out of the question at the moment. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

Haqtaj closed her eyes, and thought quickly. Romano, Ulonova, Lam all in Quarantine. Jrez in the Pylon with Vartog and Harlan. Delrisa run off her feet in medical. Cain only newly arrived.

,'. That just leaves you and me, Commander. ,'. she observed over the communicator. ,'. With you locked in Opps that means you need me on the coal face. You and I have to land this on our own. How do you want to play it? ,'.

The Commander blinked, perhaps she was more groggy then she'd first thought as Haqtaj was baffling her. "We'll in regular contact with Starfleet medical whom are assisting in creating a cure that can be distributed. Plus we others working on the origin of the freighter and the nature to why it rammed the station. Until we have a break through in any of the cases I believe our hands are rather tied. May I suggest that you pray?"

The noise that followed may have been a laugh. Mason hoped it was a laugh.

,'. We Klingons killed our gods generations ago. They were too much trouble. ToH! While you are in there praying and talking to Starfleet Command, I will see what I can do about rallying the civilian population. They need a banner to rally behind and a cause to fight for. Now you will see how it was I came to command a fleet in the KDF... ,'.

"Brilliant," Mason uttered lowly as the Ambassador closed the channel. "As if I didn't have enough to worry about." She sighed and punched the makeshift pillow with new anger. "So much for a nap. I don't know how Zor manages to do this everyday."


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