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Looking in

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Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3
Location: Sickbayish
Timeline: Current

Leanne watched as the Captain started work on the internal sensors, and Delrisa went to work on the pathogen sequencing, hopefully bringing this whole mess to an end. The commander stood there, observing everything, and looking for an opportunity to help out.

Sickbay had turned into room of the dead and dying, people laying about, in various stages of decay. She moved towards the bio beds to see if there was anything she could do to help. It had only been a short time since she had been promoted from this spot as a front line doctor. It was what she was good at, what she had been trained to do.

She was jealous, being first officer was an opportunity, but she wanted to be back in the trenches, did she get a promotion because Zor didn't feel confidant in her ability as a doctor? It was starting to make sense, get her out of sick bay, get someone in who was better, more competent of a person. These thoughts began to run wild. After this fiasco was over, she was going to file a formal complaint with star fleet medical, the command staff, and with Beverly. Beverly, why did she have to leave, the revolving door of captains they've had since her had been laughable.

"Excuse me commander, can you give me a hand with this patient here." A nurse had bumped into her and rustled her out of though.

"Yes, symptoms?" She followed the nurse past the ever growing rows of patients, grabbing a tricorder along the way.

The nurse didn't say anything, just kept moving, farther and farther and at an ever quickening pace, the sick ward seemingly stretching on forever.

"Nurse?" Leanne took a few hurried steps, caught the nurses shoulder and spun her around.

The nurses face had disappeared, replaced with a blank, featureless visage. No form, no definition. Leanne took a step back and horror but was stopped by two more of these featureless beings behind her. Grabbing her, preventing her from fleeing. They grabbed her by the arms, the waist and the neck and pushed her forward, towards the faceless nurse in front of her.

"What! WHO ARE YOU!?" Leanne screamed at the creature in front of her.

"We are you and you are we!" A voice echoed from within her head. "You are we and we shall BE" The two beings behind her pushed her forward, to the edge of the bio bed in front of her.

The chant continued all around, growing in volume, quickening in pace. "We are you and you are we, you are we and we shall be!" More of the faceless things appeared.

On the bed was a black cloaked figure, laying motionless. The cloth was black as space, but had a shimmer to it that appeared ethereal. The nurse had moved to the other side of the bio bed, Leanne continued to struggle against the grip of the two behind her. The grip was starting to suffocate her. The room was starting to turn black, spinning with ever increasing speed.

"BEHOLD YOU ARE WE!" The nurse removed to cover, underneath, from what she could ascertain, an exact replica of her, but featureless, like the beings around her.

"Let... me... go...." she was starting to lose the fight she could feel it, the creatures behind her forced her face down, almost touching the thing on the table.

The tunnel was closing, she was losing consciousness when two eyes opened on the avatar on the table. Two piercing eyes staring through her. With one last gasp, Leanne let out a scream, a blood curdling death scream, a scream of terror.

"Commander, are you alright?" one of the nurses grabbed Leanne, she was screaming in the middle of the office.

She looked around with a blank stare, not certain what was going on. "I, I don't know... I think I need to sit down..." The nurse helped her over to a chair on the side of the room, still not sure what was going on. "I think some of the diseases have finally caught up to me. Can you get me some water?" The nurse nodded and ran to get a drink.

Leanne sat there, motionless staring off into nothingness trying to make sense of it all.


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