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The Return

Posted on Fri Mar 11th, 2011 @ 8:12pm by Rear Admiral Varal

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3


The room was devoid of light, the coolness of the air and the stone slab on which he lay all helping his body to recover from his en
counter with the Priestesses of Gol on Mount Seleya, the discontent in the back of his mind that had been causing his mental barriers to break down, had been vanquished, now he was in state of pure logic but rest was the order of the day for the Vulcan mind and body were far more closely linked when it came to illness or other imbalances.

Sitting up from his bed Varal tightened his robe as he heard the footsteps of someone walking down the hallway, the door opened as he looked round to be met by the gaze of his son, "Vorik, it is agreeable to see you, I was not expecting you to visit today."

Something seemed ever so slightly different about his father, Vorik had known him to be an honourable man with a deftness for diplomacy and an almost intuitive skill for organisation, "father, I hope I have not disturbed you, I thought you would like something to read, mother mentioned you also wanted a report from Strafleet, they gave me this to pass on for you" he handed him three small tablets, the screen on the top pad springing into life as he touched it.

"Thank you, the information will be very informative" he placed the tablets on his small bedside table, appearing more like a stool fashioned from stone. "So how are your studies progressing, your sister passed on a message you sent a few weeks ago about work on a long range stellar array?" Varal rested on his bed as a faint light danced across the floor from the open doorway.

Taking a seat next to his father Vorik considered his words closely, "my studies are going well, I am on track to complete my doctorate within the year however Starfleet has been using a large number of arrays to monitor the Cardassian border, especially after recent events." Vorik knew it was his fathers ship that had recovered the battered remnants of a stricken starship but he couldn't tell if he remembered the details.

"A prudent course of action, the Federation must be ready in case the Cardassians choose to strike again,or are you simply testing me?" Varal could always read his sons intentions and this time was no different but exertion was already taking its toll and he gripped the side of his bed, Vorik grabbing his arm to steady him. "Are you okay?" he asked frantically, his emotions bubbling to the surface which was immediately met with a look of scorn from his father.

"Indeed I am" Varal blinked as his slightly dazed vision cleared, "perhaps I should return to my rest?" Vorik simply nodding in response, his embarrassment at his emotional display still in the forefront of his mind. Taking a moment Varal grabbed the top tablet and began to read it while lying down, Vorik moving quietly towards the doorway, just as he was about to exit Varal shouted, "Wait!"

Vorik turned startled by Varal's outburst, "what is it father?" he asked as he walked back into the room. "The medical incident on Deep Space Seven, has it been resolved?" the question clearly pained him, the further exertion evoking an emotional response deep within him which he was only barely able to contain; this was the reason for his solitude, to ensure nothing disturbed his recovery but now that was over.

"Not yet, the entire system is under quarantine, but we're not supposed to talk about it, Starfleet wants the issue kept quiet for now until they can establish the cause." replied Vorik this time his focus on maintaining his composure. "Pass me my top, we need to get to Denar station." he said standing before slowly walking to the bathroom to get changed.

"But father you need your rest, if you leave now you could be jeopardizing your health" again the calm and measured reasoning that was expected of the young man showed itself.

Rounding on him Varal felt a flash of anger before regaining his composure, "Vorik, I will not lecture you on the needs of the many and those of the few, this is something I must do, as a father I am asking you as my son to help me. I will continue my meditation to rest my mind, I have no intention of risking a relapse. For now though, we must get to the Phaeton and contact Admiral DeVuor."


The sun was warming the skin and baking her hair as Admiral DeVuor took her first leave in almost three years on the coast of one of the most beautiful planets in the Federation. The gentile wash of the purple ocean lapping against the sand only a short distance away. Still something was playing at the back of her mind, a worry that she had been unable to shed after arriving on her leave.

She along with the other Admiralty had been made aware of the situation on DS7, and the fact that she had only narrowly escaped being embroiled in it made her feel all that much worse. If only she had stayed at the station a few hours longer she might have been able to help them. For now though she had been ordered by her superiors to take some time and relax.
'Easier said than done', she thought to herself.

A shadow was cast over her, blocking the sun and instantly she could feel a temperature difference in the shade of the intruder.
"You're in my sun!"

"I'm sorry ma'am... I have an message from the Starship Phaeton... Admiral Varal would like to speak with you!"
The young officer, who she could now see as before the sun had turned him into nothing more than a black shadowed form standing before her, motioned to one side at the complex just behind them. "The Admiral is waiting on the secure channel for you sir!"

With a sigh that she really didn't feel she climbed from the lounger to her feet and collected up her thin Andorian silk jacket and slipped it on before heading into the complex feeling all the more exposed due to her lack of uniform, and only being adorned with a swim suit that showed every curve of her form.

She plopped herself down into a seat and activated the communication device.
"Varal, my old friend, what can I do for you?"

"We have to help them and I have a way" exclaimed Varal, looking pale even for a Vulcan, "all I need is your help and we can save them!" Closing his eyes Varal regained his composure again, the work of the Priestesses slowly unravelling as the pressures of the situation assaulted his mental barriers.

Unnoticed it did not go that Varal seemed to be battling hie own emotions in a very public manner. She had known he was returning to Vulcan for medical help, but for what she had no idea. Still, the important thing was, and her mind just caught onto it, the Station was still in need of help.
"You mean Deep Space Seven?... There still under quaratine... Why hasn't Starfleet done anything about this?", all thought about her friends condition falling away in the face of something far greater.

"I have no idea but from what my reports say it is a case of neutralising only a few pathogens, all I need is your help to breach the quarantine zone." A clarity blew through his mind, he didn't know how long it would last but sitting up in his chair he looked at his friend on the screen, "if you will meet me, I can explain?"

"Are you in orbit?", she asked, pulling the light summer clip coat closer to her, knowing full well that an Admiral in her current attire may draw a few glances as she walked around a Federation Starship. "And could you have a uniform waiting for me?"

"Not at the moment, but we will be passing Risa in one hour forty one minutes and of course I will have a uniform for you, thank you Admiral." Varal was sincere but as his typical calm returned and his body language became all but unreadable.

"Very well. I'll get packed and be ready for your entry into orbit. DeVuor out!"
She clicked the line closed and took just a moment to sigh before moving into action to get ready for beaming out.


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