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Times Of Change

Posted on Tue Mar 15th, 2011 @ 7:19am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Flawed. Season 2, Episode 3

Things were once again starting to return to normal with the usual amount of activity now back in Ops and for the first time, the senior Operations team all seemed to be busy at their stations, or so he could see from the turbolift as it came to a stop.

With an almost meandering course around Ops, Zor took in the sight. Jrez with his head down at the science console, Lam also on the upper level working away with something on the Operations and engineering console, a Lieutenant behind her working at one of the aft terminals in a Grey collared uniform who he had yet to meet, Kristina behind the vertical pillar next to the opposite turbolift and finally his first officer at the ops table looking significantly better off than she had been in the Infirmary only two days ago.

"Report Commander", he asked as he descended the small set of stairs between the science and Ops positions and came to be seated next to Leanne at the Operations table.

"Station has a clean bill of health, no traces of disease anywhere, shipping operations are getting back to normal, businesses on the Promenade are opening again and the natives are fairly calm." She put down the padd and swiveled her chair to face him. "I still would like to get a crew out to the Cardassian world, see if we can be any help. Maybe what we used here could be used there on a larger scale." She still wasn't feeling great, when she looked in the mirror this morning she noticed gray hairs. The infections had taken a lot out of her, and she was still recovering.

"We are getting back to normal would be the digest version of it Captain."

"I like the thought of converting this procedure to help the Cardassians... Any takers on working with the Commander?"
Zor through the question to ops wondering if any of the senior officers would be willing to assist.

Jrez suddenly bent double, deep raking coughs sending him into spasms.

Leanne stood up and grabbed a medical kit from the wall and started over to the chief, it looked great that she just said the station was clean.

As quickly as the attack had come, it was over. Jrez looked round Ops. "Well," he said. "You're all such a dour lot today, I thought a bit of excitement might cheer you up. Count me in on the mission to the Cardassians. I've dealt with them before but never actually ventured out in one of their worlds."

"Thanks chief, I'll remember that the next time you have a phaser wound to your chest." She smiled as she put the kit back into the wall. Sitting down, she was secretly glad the chief was only having a bit of fun. "Talk to me after this and we'll see what we can do about scaling it up."

With a smile and slight chuckle at the Chiefs less than appropriate humor he started speaking again.
"Good, get started immediately and see what you can do. You can use any of the runabouts as needed for this Commander". Now Zor leaned in a little closer to Leanne turning the conversation more private and conspiratorial.
"I've had word from Starfleet Command that some minor changes may be happening in the sector to the Command structure. I wanted to make you aware before things started to change".

"Ohhh?" Leanne leaned in next to Zor, as if she were about to here juicy gossip on the playground. "Someone getting sacked?" She could only guess who it might be or who was moving in and out of the chain of command.

"Tell you what, why don't we discuss this more over dinner...", Zor dropped in a slight wink of one eye as if to cover his meaning before she could misread him. "We can also look over the crew evaluation reports", his last said with a slightly raised voice so the rest of the senior officers could hear.

"Ohh, That sounds fine, I could use some good food after all of this." Leanne picked up the padd on the desk and made a note of the newly noted meeting. "I suppose going over evaluations will be better with some tasty food. Promenade?"

"I hear the Bajoran Cafe on the upper level is pretty good, or even the Klingon Restaurant!"

Zor's smile was almost beaming as he continued the discussion with his first officer, both enjoying the banter and the added prospect of bringing Leanne into the fold with the plan for the sector.

Leanne leaned back in her chair. It was nice to see Zor not carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. This was a complete reversal from the height of the infection when she nearly had to throw him out of ops. "Let's get the Bajoran food, Klingon does something terrible to me, and the thought of living worms and still beating Targ hearts just makes me squirm."

He had kind of hoped that she was going to suggest the Klingon Restaurant as live food was far more to his taste than any other option on the Promenade, but he would make do.
"Lets say about nineteen hundred hours on the Promenade?"

"Sounds great, I'll contact the cafe and get a reservation for us." Leanne added that to the running list on her padd. "Anything else?"

His mind jumped tracks realizing that he still had no heard anything about how the recent problem had been landed on them.
"Do we have any information about how or why the Cardassian freighter impacted the station?"

"The investigation is ongoing, if I had to guess though from what I saw over there, it probably had to do with the dilapidated state of their equipment. The medical containers that stored the pathogens weren't nearly rated for that type of containment. If that is what they were using to store deadly agents like that, I'd hate to see what the rest of the bucket looked like." Leanne tried to recall more information and detail about it. "From what I understand the Union is in rough shape still, I'm surprised they haven't torn themselves apart yet."

"I don't have any love of the Cardassian, but its a sorry state of affairs to see such a once powerful state reduced to what they are now... ", Again Zor looked round the room noticing that most eyes were on the two of them and that they might have some information that could shed some light on the subject. "Does anyone have any data about what happened?"

Dragging her tired, sore body from her seat Sara moved to her normal seat outside the Captains office, "from what we can tell so far there appears to be a power spike in their secondary power relays causing an overload but beyond that...." She shrugged, "I'd be speculating if I knew what caused it so far, we're still checking over the sensor data."

"Not information as such, Sir," Jrez replied, once more the consummate professional. "As with Commander Ulanova, it is only an impression I gained but I would say that a sizeable explosion ripped a hole in the docking pylon. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that something on the Cardassian ship caused it but.... I would not rule out sabotage, Sir. I am currently running diagnostics to get some firm data one way or the other. I will tie in information on the power spikes to see how that enters the picture."

"Keep me informed", Romano once again stood and started to move across Operations towards his office. "Now to tackle the paperwork for the last few days!"


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